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Real Housewives of Atlanta

RHOA Recap: Marc Forces Ken(ya) to Make Nice With Nene as the Ladies Laugh at Kenya’s Transformation to Ken

RHOA Recap: Marc Forces Ken(ya) to Make Nice With Nene as the Ladies Laugh at Kenya's Transformation to Ken

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies are participating in sports like kickball and bowling. Who knew organized sports would result in no fighting and more niceties?

We start off with a baby update with Eva. Thank God, Eva is put on bed rest to prevent early labor. Eva needs to just chill and keep eating those ice chips. She has her hubby Mike handling the parenting duties. Enjoy that bed rest and avoid the drama. But will she?

Cynthia and Mike are still in LA and she is questioning him about the contents of his book. He is gaslighting trying to convince her that he is no longer that man and even accuses Cynthia of “judging” him. Really Mike?! Mike then says “If I mess up, it is entirely my fault.”  Okay, that is not the best way to convince someone that you will remain faithful. That is more like a proactive apology in advance of the transgression.

Cynthia and Mike obviously disagree over the issue.  Cynthia chooses to fight for her relationships and is not a quitter. Mike wants to apologize in advance and is already expecting that he will mess up. They are not on the same page at all. Cynthia and Mike agree to counseling but I am not so sure that is all that is needed as Mike is showing a lot of red flags #RunCynthia.

Kandi’s phone is blowing up with a group text about playing kickball with the ladies.  Kandi and Kenya are supposedly hosting. It is amusing that Kandi isn’t even aware they were planning it together. All she wants to do is eat her lunch! Kandi facetimes Kenya to discuss, of course, Nene being invited. Kandi has to tell Kenya to cover up those big nipples because she can’t unsee them after Kenya suffers a nip-slip!

Nene is chatting with Gregg about the leopard party. She talks about how she was disappointed it wasn’t as fabulous as she expected. Maybe she should have arrived earlier and actually put more effort into planning it? Just sayin.’ She is almost suggesting Eva has a lot of nerve going into early labor. She doesn’t mention how she made everyone wait around for her grand entrance with her paid posse of friends #Delusional.

Gregg shares that Marc has texted him about his upcoming men’s event. Nene claims she was invited by Marc.  The problem is that Kenya posted about it on social media and Nene is persona non grata #Nottaggedinthepost. It is apparent that production puppet masters are using Marc as a puppet to incite drama between Nene and Kenya.

The ladies minus Nene plus Shamea join up for kickball. Really?  Giving this group balls to kick at each other? Whoever thought it was a safe group activity for this group of ladies? We have Team Twirl and Team Hurricane. Porsha predicts she will be picked last and production makes that happen. She ends up on Kandi’s team Hurricane. Kenya is captain of Team Twirl. She picks Marlo? Odd choice.

Poor Eva came despite being on bed rest. She needs to stay behind the glass since balls are going to get kicked all over. This group needs to get out their aggression! Stay clear Eva and protect that belly!

It is funny with Eva in her ITM”s giving her insight on the game. Team Twirl is kicking a$$ literally! It is pretty telling that they gel better as a group when they are allowed to inflict harm upon each other. Team Twirl prevails with a score of 10 to 3.

After the game, Kenya and Kandi announce a trip to Athens, Greece. I don’t know about traveling abroad with this level of dysfunction. It is a recipe for disaster since EVERYONE is invited. Kandi is co-host fall guy and she is being production mandated to make it happen all inclusive. This trip will be a battle of the Titans!

While in Greece, Kenya needs to make sure she keeps her wig by her side or hidden in her bag at all times. She may need a protective covering wig on this trip. When you are trying to hide something you don’t leave it behind for someone else to see it #Justownit.

We get to see Riley doing a public service announcement on childhood obesity. She looks great and does a really professional job. Eva is doing a maternity photo shoot getting all oiled up like a p-rn star. She looks radiant and well lubricated!

Cynthia and Mike discuss their communication issues. Cynthia ponders what would Michelle Obama do? She is the gold standard of couple goals. Mike has found a counselor for them in Atlanta. Did Cynthia just say that it worked well for Porsha and Dennis? Excuse me, what? They are the benchmark for couple goals? Ya’ll need better role models. Stick with Michelle Obama, it is working out much better for her.

Kenya and Marc bring adorable baby Brooklyn to her swim class. Brooklyn looks like she will be a really good little swimmer.  She is a very chill baby despite having such intense parents. They discuss the men’s event and Nene not being invited. Marc hates his wife is totally unsupportive over his wife’s concerns about Nene. It is very clear that Marc and Kenya don’t communicate at all. Does he even care that a sh-t show is going to tarnish his event? He just appears like he wants to rub her nose in the sh-t that will occur. Kenya will then have to beg for his forgiveness when she acts up.

Kenya and Marc discuss bowling being their date night but she thinks they need sexy time. He sees sexy time as almost caveman-like in Kenya’s impersonation of him #primal. What is clear is that these two are very awkward together and thrive on passive aggressiveness to deal with their never-ending tension. Porsha, Dennis. Eva, Cynthia, Kandi and Todd also join the festivities. Kenya announces Nene, Tanya and Marlo were not invited.  Marc clarifies to Kandi that he wanted everyone invited. Talk about throwing your wife under the bus not being on the same page.

Kandi, Porsha, Eva and Cynthia discuss how Kenya is really submissive around Marc. Marc doesn’t play into her nonsense and shuts her down when she acts like a fool… but likes to do it publicly which ends up humiliating his wife… but Marc doesn’t seem to care. Porsha is still upset with Kenya over calling Tanya a c-nt. She claims she can handle being called that but Tanya is too classy for this nasty talk not having it.

Kandi is super competitive about bowling while Kenya has to make a huge scene to celebrate her bowling skills. She literally rubs it in by twerking in Porsha’s face #obnoxious.  Kandi tells Kenya to invite Nene to Marc’s event. Marc wants Kenya aka Ken to rein it in and suck it up. Don’t make the event about themselves that’s not possible do it for the cause!

Nene and Gregg arrive at the bowling alley. Wait, who invited them? Production perhaps? She is smiling very smugly dragging poor Gregg inside! Nene looked maniacal in her enjoyment coming when she was not invited and even tries to hug Kenya who avoids her hug like the plague in an eerily similar fashion to the #PorshaCurve.  Marc won’t divide couples so Nene is invited to everything according to Mr. Daly. Yes, Sir!

Nene finds it amusing Marc acts like Kenya’s principal. Kenya jumps when he calls on her and the other ladies are shocked at how Kenya totally dismisses his condescension and quickly acquiesces to him. Nene tries to assure Kenya they have no issues with absolutely zero sincerity. She tells Kandi she is afraid of Marc. Yeah right, sure you are, Nene.  You are enjoying every minute of watching their relationship combust. Nene wants a front row seat and popcorn to witness the disintegration of their relationship.

Next week, we go to Eva’s baby shower and Marc is at his finest controlling Kenya’s every move. We will be watching the demise of their relationship in slow motion.



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