RHOA Recap: Nene Attacks Kenya During Greece Vacation, Plus Cynthia Confronts Kenya Over Wine Shade

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Nene Attacks Kenya During Greece Vacation, Plus Cynthia Confronts Kenya Over Wine Shade

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we join the ladies back in gorgeous Greece! Will all of the relationships that are left end up in ruins on this trip? This is a longer episode so let’s delve in!

Kenya and Kandi chat about all of the Marc drama. Kenya is not interested in any reconciliation with Nene. She is over and done with her. I am confident Nene feels the same. Kenya just wants to have her “hot girl summer.”  Marlo is getting her makeup done by her own artist and she wishes the ladies were richer. They should have staff there to be able to assist her. Get over yourself, Marlo!

The two Greek Goddesses, Tanya and Cynthia, shoot some beautiful pics of themselves on the beach. Nene is with them but gets scared off by all of the cats.  Nene is like the big bad wolf, but she is scared of some cats? Come on now, when some of these ladies get angry they are much scarier than a bunch of cats!

Kandi mentions she is having a baby shower for her new baby. The surrogate will be in attendance. She has a comfort level with her surrogate and is very thankful for what she has done for her family #blessed.

The ladies discuss having more kids.  Cynthia thinks Mike would be interested in having more kids. Cynthia is suggesting that she might be able to still get pregnant? Hmm, I doubt that, even though you still look fantastic. Some things just don’t age as well, 50 Cynt.

Kandi planned for the ladies to go to the restaurant that rises 50 meters high into the sky. Ms. Leakes is terrified of heights. The floating restaurant looks awesome even though I am wary of heights myself. This is just one of those experiences where you need to just suck it up and enjoy the moment! So zip it, Nene, and focus on something else besides yourself!  The view of the Acropolis is just incredible.

Kenya is questioning Cynthia about her wine knowledge and strongly throwing shade at her for having a Bailey Wine Cellar business and not knowing enough about wine. She is on a nasty roll with the rapid-fire shady questions that Cynthia is unable to answer. Kenya Moore Hair Care is mentioned and she claims she wouldn’t operate a business she knew nothing about. Porsha is actually trying to help Cynthia with the wine pairing questions. When did Porsha get this knowledge of wine? Was it back in the Kordell days when she had to stay home and take care of her man? There are a lot of references to blind mice (Cynthia) and cats. Meow.

It is funny that they’re told to turn at the wooden penises to get to the market. LOL, interesting choice of landmark! I never had Siri give me directions like that! Kenya gives Porsha a hard time over touching the ruins. I hate when she acts all self-righteous when she is such a fraud. They get to do the Greek tradition of smashing plates, which symbolizes driving out evil forces. Smash away — there is lots of evil to drive out! Looks like fun, though. OPA!

The ladies go shopping in the street markets. Tanya purchases an evil eye bracelet and thinks Cynthia could use one to protect her from BFF’s nasty wine shade. Porsha negotiates with one of the store owners to get something for free because you know she has 5 million Instagram followers? Don’t be cheap and short these people, Porsha. They have had some real financial hardships here!

Kenya keeps yelling out Cynthia’s name. Cynthia is probably being prodded by production to confront Kenya over her wine shade. It needs to happen, call her out, Cynthia!

In her ITM, Kenya acts like a total a** to the production assistant. She doesn’t like being called a hypocrite regarding Cynthia. This woman can sure throw out a lot of criticism but can’t handle her actions being questioned. Get over yourself, own the fact you are no one’s friend, and answer the damn questions. It is your JOB to be REAL.

Tanya and Porsha try to open up Cynthia’s eyes regarding Kenya. She gives Cynthia the evil eye bracelet to protect her from evil since she literally is friends with the devil. Cynthia thinks Kenya is just joking and doesn’t wear her shade protector around her. Porsha likens Cynthia’s relationship with Kenya to the one she had with Nene. I agree with her comparison that it is very one-sided. Porsha thinks Kenya should respect Cynthia’s brand just like she DEMANDS everyone respects hers. PREACH.

The ladies are heading to the vineyard. They ask Marlo, “What kind of traits is she looking for in a man other than $$$?” She starts off with, “He must be well off.” Shallow, but not in the good Lady Gaga way!

Marlo doesn’t want a fixer-upper — she wants someone who is presently loaded. She just wants a partner who she can suck his di** on holidays. Sorry, honey, that sounds more like a paid escort. Tanya shares that she does a lot of that, and in her ITM, Nene says that she thinks Paul has it really good. She ponders, “Why won’t he marry her then?”

They ask Nene, “What is her secret to a happy marriage with Gregg?” She thinks a man cheating doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Is Nene trying to convince herself of that since she has been a victim of his cheating?  Nene thinks love and respect are more important than wealth.

Kandi says she recognized her lemon (Todd) and made him into lemonade. She encourages Marlo to find her own bitter fruit and look for a partner to mold into something more profitable.

Someone please tell me what Marlo is wearing? It is flowy with a train and it looks so inappropriate for this type of excursion. I swear her outfits distract me in every scene she is in!  She also has these gladiator boot looking things on with super high heels to walk through a vineyard? Fashion faux pas BIG TIME!

Porsha tells the tour guide that Cynthia owns a wine cellar in Atlanta. He teaches them how to smell, swirl, spit, or swallow. Tanya spits or swallows depending upon the quality of the, ahem, wine. Marlo wants her image on Cynthia’s higher-end brand of wine but Kenya thinks it belongs on wine in a gaudy box the lower-end brand. Cynthia thinks since Kenya is buying wine to give her for her cellar that the bracelet is working its magic #doubtful.

Porsha and Nene go off to talk through their issues. She misses their sisterhood. Production shows the highs and lows of their friendship. The nasty texts are shown. Porsha had a hard time digesting that nasty sandwich that Nene was serving after she had PJ.  She had to take her titty out of PJ’s mouth to have a Twitter war with Nene.

Porsha wants Nene to own her behavior and be willing to apologize to her. Nene tells Porsha, “I am sorry.” Wow, progress, I think?

Nene felt like she was on an island when Gregg was sick with cancer. I can’t believe how mature Porsha comes across in this episode and she knows a few things about wine. Who knew? She articulates her feelings really well in this scene. Good job, Porsha. The counseling is working with Dr. Sherry on someone in your relationship at least.

They have dinner at a local Greek restaurant. Tanya reflects on how well the trip is going, but you know that is a premonition for danger, girl. Nene is terrified of the cats. She wonders why they keep coming around her. If you quit throwing food at them, then they will leave you alone. Porsha said since they are black they don’t allow any animals in the kitchen. What about Dennis and his wandering dog?

Eva calls with a baby update. She is 5cm dilatated so baby Maverick is on his way! Baby blessing!

Porsha and Tanya want to have a “ruins” party. They are going to need more than wine and tapas to clear the air with this group. You can toss all of your resentment and be done with it. They pass the crown around and each share a story about reconciliation.

Kenya isn’t buying Nene and Porsha’s makeup.  She is not liking that Porsha is gunning for that HBIC title! Cynthia wants to talk about the shade Kenya threw regarding her wine knowledge.  Kenya slithers her way out of that one with a bullsh** apology. Nene thinks that Cynthia is Kenya’s punk #truth.

Okay, here comes all of the insults that we have heard during countless clips this episode. Nene calls Kenya a big-a*sed bully. She claims bipolar Kenya made Marc twirl away. I have to admit that is a good one. Negative Betty!  Attention whore. She’s on a nasty roll but still isn’t done.

I need closed captions to be able to keep up with the firebombs being thrown out by these two! Kenya calls Nene bipolar. She thinks Nene is a fake friend. Kenya says Nene is tired and dry. Nene counters with you are tired and your cat is dry. Yikes! Nene says Kenya has fake contacts, a blow-up booty, and she wears a wig.

Time out is called, finally, thank you, Jesus. Kenya and Tanya then discuss their differences. Showing Kenya’s wig justifies trotting out the dried up cookie lady again? Please stop — I will never look at cookies the same way again.

Nene and Kenya then go at it, again.  Nene thinks Kenya deserves to get assaulted. Really, Nene? The battle for HBIC is on. Hold on to your weaves and watch out for flying peanuts or maybe spit? PHEW, we now have a to be continued… See you next week for some more crazy antics!