Kathryn Dennis’ Ex Joseph Abruzzo is Suing Bravo and Southern Charm Cast for $10 Million Over Defamation Claims and for Comparing Him to Thomas Ravenel

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Kathryn Dennis' Ex Joseph Abruzzo is Suing Bravo and Southern Charm Cast for $10 Million Over Comments About His "Pen*s" and for Comparing Him to Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis‘ ex Joseph Abruzzo is suing Bravo and Southern Charm cast members Craig Conover, Chelsea Meissner, and Madison LeCroy.

The Florida politician is apparently suing the network and the aforementioned cast members for intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, negligence, defamation, and more after they talked about his “Ken doll pen*s” on camera and compared him to Kathryn’s other ex, Thomas Ravenel.

The Sun reveals how Joe, 39, met Kathryn, 28, in the fall of 2018 at a Miami Dolphins football game, and the two had a “romantic relationship” before season six of Southern Charm began (fans may remember his short-lived appearance and their “romantic dinner” Kathryn made for him at home).

Joe claimed in South Carolina court papers that Kathryn “begged” him to be on the show and said Bravo would pay “big money” for rights to televise their wedding, honeymoon, and more if they got married.

The lawsuit mentioned the season six episode “Dick Moves and Dick Pics” where Kathryn and Naomie Olindo talked about Kathryn’s new beau — although mainly in the context of his alleged nude photos on the internet.

“Oh. His penis looks like a Ken Doll,” added Madison. “Like, it’s just a bulge. Look at that, it’s like a ‘mangina.”

Joe claimed in his court filing that the “intentional and malicious blurring” of the photos implied his genitals could be seen even though they actually had “no blurring.”

In addition, Joe accused Craig of “falsely” alleging Joe was a “disgraced politician in Florida” who physically abused his ex-wife. He also claimed in the court papers that the Defendants “falsely and maliciously” compared him to Kathryn’s ex Thomas, who has been criminally charged with assault.

Joe also wanted to make clear it was he who ended his relationship with Kathryn in the fall of 2019, not Kathryn out of “concerns from cast members,” as the show portrayed. He alleged the show created “false conflict” and “fabricated” certain scenarios for the purpose of “creating dramatic material for television.”

He is now asking for $10 million, claiming he has suffered “emotional distress” that manifested in “pain, loss of sleep, nervousness, stress, anxiety, damage to reputation” and more.

Joe and Kathryn have apparently never been the best of exes, with Joe accusing her of excessive drinking and poor parenting in the past as a detriment to her custody battle with Thomas.

Craig apparently took to Instagram Live recently regarding the lawsuit: “I just got served. They finally found me.”

He admitted he didn’t read all of it and that he’ll “deal with it another day.” Perhaps Lawyer Craig can help to sort out all this mess?

Bravo has not responded to the lawsuit.

Photos Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo, Twitter