RHOA Star Porsha Williams Claims Kenya Moore Lied About Shamea Morton Contacting Her After Going Into Labor as Shamea Speaks Out and Sets the Record Straight

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RHOA's Porsha Williams Claims Kenya Moore Lied and That Shamea Morton Never Contacted Her After Going Into Labor

Porsha Williams is accusing Kenya Moore of lying about her interaction with Shamea Morton as Shamea is also speaking out and setting the record straight about Kenay’s claims.

In the April 5 episode at the March of Dimes event, Porsha was taken aback after Kenya claimed she was the person Shamea contacted when she went into labor.

“I remember you [Shamea] texted me, and you were like ‘I think my water broke,” Kenya said in front of the group, causing Porsha to have a stunned reaction. “And I said, ‘Do you need me to come to the hospital?’ I don’t know where Porsha was…I think Porsha was doing something else…working that day.”

Porsha picked up on this low-key shade, and in a clip shown in the preview for this Sunday’s finale episode, she tells Nene Leakes, “This girl is making it look like I don’t even care for my best friend who’s the closest to me.”

In an extended preview, Porsha went on to claim that Kenya was actually lying about the interaction.

“I was like, ‘Damn, why would Shamea call her?’ So I’m really feelin’ a little way, but [I kept my face straight],” Porsha stated. “Later on, Shamea walked up to me, pissed. She said, ‘I did not call that girl when my water broke.”

She adds that Shamea showed a post-birth text exchange with Kenya, clarifying the true time frame of their communication and discrediting Kenya’s original story.

Even more, Shamea appears to be confirming Porsha’s version of events as she took to her Instagram page recently to deny Kenya’s claims after a fan asked her why she would call Kenya of all people first, considering she has closer relationships to other women.

Shamea replied: “Now why would I do that? I’ve got a husband, parents, sisters and bffs. Just keep watching.”

RHOA Shamea Morton denies Calling Kenya Moore

While Kenya has yet to respond to Porsha and Shamea’s claims that she wasn’t being truthful, she remains true to the idea that she was never trying to shade Porsha and Shamea’s friendship. She clapped back at a fan on Twitter who implied that was her intention, saying, “You didn’t have to take that shot when making your point.”

“She called me so that’s a question for Shamea,” wrote Kenya, adding: “I have nothing to do with their relationship clearly they love each other. To infer that means ‘I don’t care for her’ … that’s a reach sweetie. Thanks for your input.”

We’ll have to see what goes down in the final episode, but we also might have to wait until the reunion to see if the ladies will call out Kenya for her “supposed” shade.

The season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday, April 19 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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