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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sutton Stracke Explains Why She’s “100 Percent” on Kyle Richards’ Side Amid Kyle’s Drama With Dorit Kemsley and RHOBH Costars

Sutton Stracke Explains Why She's "100 Percent" on Kyle Richards' Side Amid Kyle's Drama With Dorit Kemsley and RHOBH Costars

Sutton Stracke is “all in” when it comes to being Team Kyle Richards.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed in a recent interview that she’s standing behind her new friend and co-star “100 percent” amid all the drama that’s been going down this season and the heat being thrown Kyle’s way.

Speaking with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Sutton shared her thoughts on the recent drama between Kyle and Dorit Kemsey over Dorit’s lateness to Teddi Mellencamp‘s wellness retreat apparently due to “glam.”

“Look, I was 100 percent with Kyle on this one,” Sutton said. “We got up really early and left and honestly I didn’t look my cutest, and I’m just like in normal workout wear. And all of a sudden, Dorit shows up like, you know, workout Barbie, and was late. I am totally on Kyle’s side on this one.”

Sutton also shared how she wasn’t exactly buying Dorit’s story of needing to attend to her children, Jagger and Phoenix, as the reason for her tardiness.

“Dorit, we all left our child,” Sutton explained. “She kept saying, ‘Well, I had my children, and I had to.’ I had my children here, too. I had to have someone take them to school, too. You know, I had to make sure their lunches were made, too. Yet I got here, and it’s a workout thing. I didn’t care so much about what I looked like, I just kind of wanted to be there and be on time.”

Ultimately, though, Sutton noted how Dorit is “gonna do what she wants to do” and that’s something the ladies might need to just accept.

“Honestly, if I could have looked like that and been on time, I would have done it in two seconds. Unfortunately, this is like a ponytail, gym clothes moment,” she noted. “Hats off to her for looking good. No, I shouldn’t say hats off. I think she had a visor on. Visors off.”

In addition to the retreat drama, Sutton is still taking Kyle’s side against the women accusing Kyle of wanting to be the center of attention.

“I don’t think that’s true at all,” Sutton explained. “I think that Kyle and I are very similar people, where we like to take care of people, and make sure everybody’s having fun. I see a lot of myself in her like that. I don’t think Kyle needs attention on her all the time at all. I don’t. If she does do that, it’s because she’s afraid that people might be like, bored or not having fun. And so, it’s a way to liven spirits, it’s not about, ‘I need attention.’”

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