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Vanderpump Rules

Scheana Shay on Why She Thought She Was Being Fired and Replaced on Vanderpump Rules, Admits to Being Jealous That Stassi “Gets to be a Celebrity” on the Show

Scheana Shay On Why She Worried About Being Fired From Vanderpump Rules, Admits to Being Jealous That Stassi Schroeder "Gets to be a Celebrity" on the Show

Scheana Shay was concerned for her job on Vanderpump Rules during filming on the eighth season of the Bravo reality series last summer.

During a recent podcast appearance, Scheana revealed why she was concerned about the potential end of her role on the show before explaining her real issues with Dayna Kathan and admitting to being jealous about the way in which Stassi Schroeder is portrayed on the series.

After insisting that she didn’t care about Dayna’s short-lived romance with Max Boyens on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast on May 26, Scheana said she began to fear that her job was on the line after seeing how production zoomed in on the life and career of her new co-star.

“What I did care about was this new girl coming on the show getting her career filmed and everyone going to her show and supporting her. It was me being butt-hurt and feeling like, ‘Is my job at risk? All these new people are coming on, you’re showing their careers [and] you’re not showing mine. You’re not showing my life.’ I was frustrated about that,” Scheana shared.

According to Scheana, she wasn’t jealous of Dayna’s relationship with Max. She was upset at her for potentially coming to Pump Rules to take her position on the show.

“I thought she was coming on to take over my job. They were so Dayna-heavy focused in the beginning of the season and I’m like, ‘What show am I on and why am I still a waitress and everyone else is moving on with their lives and now I’m stuck with these 20-year-olds filming at the restaurant?’ I was just so bitter,” she recalled.

While Scheana wasn’t happy with the direction Pump Rules seemed to be headed during season eight, she ultimately embraced her role on the series after reminding herself that the show was launched as a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff featuring Lisa Vanderpump and her employees.

“I know this is a show about Lisa Vanderpump and her restaurants. And yes, our lives outside of it, but at the end of the day, the show is called Vanderpump Rules,” Scheana explained. “This is my job and I take my job seriously. So if that means my job is to bridge the new cast with the old cast and to show up at SUR several times a week, then that’s my job.”

“And as bitter as I was, I was like, ‘This is my job. Stassi gets to be a celebrity on our show. That’s her job.’ Am I jealous of that too? Totally. I wish we were all treated evenly,” Scheana continued.

Scheana then revealed that she wished her real life was featured on Pump Rules in the way that Stassi’s has been in recent years.

“[Stassi] gets to have her podcast, her clothing line, her New York Times Bestseller book. She gets to live her real life on our show whereas I’m not a full-time waitress. Spoiler alert!” she stated.

Photos Credit: Andreas Branch/MEGA, Jason Mendez/startraksphoto.com


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