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Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump Shares What Upset Her Most About Vanderpump Rules Season 8, Plus Jax Talks About His “Break” From Tom Sandoval

Lisa Vanderpump Shares What Upset Her Most About Vanderpump Rules Season 8, Plus Jax Talks About His "Break" From Tom Sandoval

Lisa Vanderpump is proud of the growth many of the seasoned cast members of Vanderpump Rules have had. There are, however, some aspects of this season that upset her greatly.

In a recent interview, Lisa shared how saddened she is to see a few of the long-standing friendships dissolve or face extreme hardships during season 8 while Jax Taylor gave an update on his “break” from former BFF Tom Sandoval.

“What upset me about this season was I felt that it seemed the stakes were higher in the relationships,” she told producers on the Pump Rules After Show. “I’m very saddened to see that this relationship between Tom and Jax and [the relationship between] Kristen [Doute] and Stassi [Schroeder]I mean, they’re relationships that I’ve seen nurtured and they’ve fallen apart and it’s been more fickle, stupid, petty bickering but this season it seemed to be something that was more serious.”

Lisa explained how the relationships have always seemed to mend themselves throughout the years — but that all seemed to change this season.

“What I’ve seen this season … there’s a lot of frustration in the group because of accumulative behavior,” Lisa said. “And as they’re trying to move on, they’re trying to make the right choices, they’re getting irritated with people that are repeating their patterns.”

Jax, who joined her for the segment, agreed about the dynamics between the cast and how and why they’ve gotten so frustrated with each other. Commenting on his ongoing feud with Tom, he noted how the “break” the two agreed to take in the season finale episode was the best idea for now.

“I don’t hate you, I just think it’s time for us to take a little bit of a breather,” he shared. “I just need to go this way and you need to go this way for a while. That’s all. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay, you can maybe come back [or] not, but that’s growth and sometimes we take our different paths. It’s sad — of course — it’s sad when anyone does that. But … it just wasn’t working for me anymore, personally.”

Lisa, who seemed visibly upset, offered a final word for the future, hoping the cast could ultimately heal their wounds and find harmony again.

“You know, sometimes when I see them all together, I love the fact that they’re such a group and they’ve come through it thick and thin,” she stated. “And now to see these little crevices in the relationship … that kind of worries me, that ultimately we don’t come full circle. We’ve got Stassi’s wedding this year and I’m hoping that this [upcoming] season we can try and put some balm on the wounds.”

Photos Credit: Media Punch/, Tommy Garcia/Bravo


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