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Real Housewives of New York City

RHONY Recap: Luann Kicks Sonja Off Her Cabaret Show, Plus Ramona Gets Called Out!

RHONY Recap: Luann Kicks Sonja Off Her Cabaret Show and Ramona Gets Called Out!

This week on the Real Housewives of New York City, we are headed to the newly designed Bluestone Manor! Friendships will be questioned and there will most definitely be some drunken antics. Grab a cocktail because you will need it to watch this sideshow!

Dorinda is inviting the ladies to the revamped Bluestone Manor. We get to see glimpses of the new décor. I am kind of digging the purple and deep blue couches. I don’t have the eye for designing but I can appreciate others’ creative skills. Dorinda feels like a loser since she is getting sent to voicemail hell by every person she calls to invite. LOL. I think we can all relate to being sent there!

Elyse goes over to Sonja’s place to reminisce about their past and to hear more about the Morgan letters. NOT! They re-hash the party and Sonja defends how trashed she got. How does Sonja rebound from that kind of partying? She defends her coming in drunk because she was fuming over how Ramona has been treating her. They look at some old vintage Sonja Pics from the Morgan days. This is the time Sonja still lives in and will continue since that was her heyday, and I can almost hear the song “Memories” playing on loop in her condo.

Elyse shares after Lu’s party that she followed Ramona to Omar’s where she got dissed by her. Ramona basically told her she is not her friend and wasn’t invited. Elyse shares how Ramona was flirtatious with her husband while dressed in a bathing suit with her boobs hanging out. Ramona actually offers her hubby a massage. Now that would piss me off! Hands off, Singer!

Luann, Leah, and Ramona meet at a clothing store to talk smack about Dorinda. I would look like the walking dead after partying like they do. What’s their secret? Do they drink blood? I need to know their hangover cures!

Ramona waltzes into the shop like she owns it to chat about Dorinda’s bad attitude. She thinks that everyone thinks she is conceited is jealous since she has SO many friends. Ramona also thinks that Dorinda is angry that Richard died and is acting out. I don’t like to give Ramona a pass but she is right about that one. Leah says these ladies are really testing her drinking tolerance and sanity. I agree — they can look so refreshed the next morning. Side note: WTF is Leah wearing in her ITM?

Dorinda gives her housekeeper, Len, tips on how to handle her high maintenance friends. I love it! Don’t let those women specifically Ramona and Lu order her around! It is funny how Dorinda re-creates scenarios of their typical diva requests. Poor Len has to break many years of bad manners and habits over just a weekend? Len deserves combat pay for this weekend!

Leah and Sonja arrive first, but they can’t get anyone to answer the door. They have to make their grand entrance through the back door. We get to see the remodeling that she had done after the flood. Missoni carpet on the stairs? $$$$. Production shows some funny clips from each room they walk through. It is almost like each room has a story to tell and if those walls could talk! Dorinda used to feel scared to sleep there but now she has some peace. Good for her! She has to let go of her nasty demons so she can release her anger.

Ramona and Luann ride in the car together, discussing, of course, the drama with Dorinda. I love when Lu mentions Ramona’s improper use of grammar, calling them Ramona-isms. Why is there is so much attention brought to their birthdays? I get milestone days, but every year?

Ramona brings flowers hoping Dorinda will  forget why she is pissed forgive her. We will have to see how that works out for her. Ramona is going to let HER hurt feelings go since everything is always about Ms. Singer. Ramona surmises Dorinda feels like life has cheated her. There is some truth to that.

Lu gets the fish room just like the old days. That is awesome that the shark is tucked into her bed. Ramona gets to sleep with another fish so she doesn’t get lonely. For some strange reason, Ramona drags her suitcase into the foyer to get clothes out. Is she waiting for poor Len to take it to her room and unpack it for her? Who leaves their sh*t at a friend’s front door for everyone to trip over?

Dorinda shares that Ramona blocked Elyse from social media. Luann thinks it was tactical that Dorinda invited Elyse to poke the bear Ramona. Are they expecting Elyse to confront Ramona and get her to correct her bad behavior? I don’t think Elyse has the tools necessary to address this dysfunctional situation. SIGH.

Poor Elyse is walking into the lion’s den, and Ramona doesn’t even get up to greet her when she arrives. Dorinda is hoping that Elyse will fight with Ramona. She really has it out for her. Elyse does recognize that Dorinda and Sonja are sh*t stirring in hopes she will go nuclear on Ramona. Good for you, Elyse, you are going into this eyes wide open.

When Elyse tries to share how Ramona hurt her, she is beyond dismissive. Leah thinks Ramona is gaslighting her. AGREED. Elyse is correct that Ramona tries to make people feel insignificant. She also shares that Ramona bashes all of her other girlfriends to her. Ramona is the queen of deflection.

Luann is enjoying the tennis match argument between Ramona and Elyse. I also love how they have to correct Ramona’s grammar. Ramona is at the height of her hypocrisy when she claims she doesn’t like scenes. I love the #queenofscenes moniker from Luann for Ramona. Production airs lots of examples to prove otherwise. Run, Ramona, run from sincerely accepting responsibility for your actions.

Luann tries to get Dorinda to see how she was too hard on Ramona. She thought she went too dark that night. Leah makes a face at that. She refuses to participate in that conversation since she is fearful she will lose her head if she crosses that line. Luann is trying to get Dorinda to see she has extreme anger and is lashing out.

Ramona treats Elyse like all she will be is her plus one. She brought her in like she never had any friends before? I just can’t fathom why Elyse is basically begging Ramona so she can be part of her elite group of 50 close friends?

Dorinda tells Ramona she is distancing herself from the group. She feels that she only wants them around when she needs something from them. What is Ramona saying — you are drinking all of the sugar? She thinks they were upset because they were on a sugar high? No, they were upset over being dragged out to god knows where so Ramona could tap into their Instagram followers to get a promotional discount for her birthday party.

Ramona pretends to make nice with Dorinda. She changes the subject and sits in Dorinda’s lap.  When Elyse tries to sit on Ramona’s lap, she basically tells her she is heavy. Ramona makes a face like Elyse repulses her. Not nice at all.

Dorinda thinks she and Ramona just need to find a good man. She thinks a man will bring peace to their lives. Ramona is playing all Miss Posh and putting on fake airs. I love how Ramona thinks men are intimidated by her independence. She claims successful men ask her out all of the time. I call bullsh*t on that one!

Leah and Sonja discuss sex and they share their preferences. They discuss penis size. Sonja shares she has doctors that can make your vagina so tight you can only have sex with a Chihuahua. Leah just wants someone to put their tongue in her butt. TMI, Leah we don’t want that visual, please!

After Leah looks around, she sees lots of breakables so she is going to make sure she keeps her sh*t together. She doesn’t want to release Dorinda’s Kraken! Leah, you don’t want to suffer her wrath if you trash the manor!

They discuss valuable body parts. Sonja shares that her a*s has gotten her far in life. I think they can all agree on that one. Wink, wink.

Luann and Sonja discuss the cabaret show and the money becomes an issue. Sonja feels exploited since she is only paid $225, which she feels is barely enough for her hair and makeup to be done. Lu gets so pissed off she tells her to go f*ck herself and even calls her “worthless.” I think Lu is making a mistake since Sonja does bring levity to her show. Lu kicks her off her show and Sonja is brought to tears. Leah is seeing Diva Luann come out. Yep, Diva Luann is coming out to play!

Luann defends herself to Ramona. She is not backing down and Sonja will not upstage the countess! Lu is the star of her show! Dorinda shames Lu while slurring her words, saying going after Sonja is like attacking the weak and is uncool. Sonja stood by her in her journey of sobriety. TRUTH. You are not being nice, Lu, by picking on Sonja, and we now have a to-be-continued and will have to wait to till next week!

Next week, it is literally the battle of the drunken fools and Heather Thompson returns? I hope you have a great weekend and a safe week!

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