RHONY Recap: Ramona Threatens to Quit the Show and Tries to Get Production to Shut Leah Down at Her Birthday Party

by Elizabeth Comments

RHONY Recap: Ramona Tries To Get Production To Shut Leah Down At Her Birthday Party!

This week on the Real Housewives of New York City, we will be attending Ramona’s big birthday bash! Will Ramona put an end to the bad behavior that usually occurs at RHONY’s parties? We will have to watch and see!

Ramona and Leah are meeting at the birthday venue for the walkthrough. The theme is meant to resemble Ramona’s living room. Ramona claims she invited Leah since Dorinda and Sonja refused to shoot any more promotional shots embarrassed her at the last meeting  Wow! She really put a Ramona-coaster spin on that trip to meet with Larry Scott.

Ramona is already schooling Leah about what to wear at her party. You might as well have told her to come naked. Leah is like a spiteful child. You have got to love that Ramona doesn’t want her to dress with her boobs all exposed. Hypocrisy at its finest!

Ramona shares that she is afraid of being embarrassed by their behavior. It makes Leah wonder who will be there? She is picturing women from a MAGA rally. Now, that is a possibility. Ramona wants Leah to be her protector? Now, that is a turn of events.

Luann will be volunteering at a self-help club called the Fortune Society for people who are transitioning from prison to real life. Sonja is attending to show support for this valuable program. Lu is brought to tears by some of the stories that are shared. I agree with the gentleman that peace is pricele$$. Amen.

Lu describes being charged with three felonies. Now, this is the Luann that I like! She is humble and honestly telling her story. Lu can relate to the pain from the shame of being in this situation. Luann is treating the ladies there to a spa day. Bravo, Luann!

Ramona, Mario, and Avery go out to dinner at Como Primo. She knows Salvatore, who works at the restaurant. I didn’t realize Mario lives in Florida full-time? Love, love, love how Avery questions her mom having 50 friends! Call your mama out, Avery! Mario even chuckles at 50 friends. We do too, Mario. When Mario is questioned about relationships, he is rather evasive.

Avery toasts her parents and tells them she loves them. Ramona says the same and all we hear from Mario is crickets #awkward. After being pressured, he half-heartedly says, “I love you too.” I don’t see the chemistry between these two in this scene at all.

Leah and her sister Sarah meet at Spa 88. She likes the colorful people aka kooks who go there. Leah shares that she misses Tinsley. She thinks Tinsley got her rich beast. Leah wants her rich beast!

They discuss the trip to the Berkshires. Leah wants to get closer to her mom, Bunny, because she misses her. Sarah thinks her mom’s words are like static noise? She is of the opinion that her mom lives in a life of projection. Strong possibility!

Sarah shares that their mom doesn’t like them. Huh, what? Bunny thinks Leah has had too much plastic surgery? She admits to Botox and getting her lips done. I can see why these girls turned out this way. It is pretty messed up that you tell your daughters you don’t particularly like them. It sounds pretty dysfunctional and the apology is now off the table from Leah.

Dorinda has the ladies over to chat about the party. She convinced Len to leave the Berkshires and come to NYC. Why, Len, you should have taken your chance to escape! I am really enjoying getting to know Len this season.

Poor Sonja still has townhouse issues. She has leaky plumbing and a $50,000 price tag to keep this place afloat since it is literally under sewer water. They show a clip where Sonja CLAIMS she dated Billy Idol? You have got to laugh AT her enjoy her creative way of recreating her past!

Sonja is finally going to remodel the townhouse. I will believe it when I see it. I just zone out when she describes what she spent on decorating this place. We now know she invested the cash into her face.

Leah and Dorinda discuss Sonja and the article in Page Six. Sonja apparently got kicked out of a gay bar. She was singing “Hello Dolly” and offended the patrons apparently. I imagine there is more to the story than that.

Elyse joins Dorinda and Leah to discuss Sonja. The conversation changes to Ramona and her directions to Leah on what to wear. Leah thinks Ramona looks like a big ho with her boobs hanging out. Elyse the kiss a**mentions she had lunch with Ramona on her actual birthday. She definitely has Stockholm syndrome. She shares when she spends time with Ramona away from the other ladies they are good. Not anymore!

Dorinda comes out in a sexy dress with her boobs literally on display. Ramona will definitely take issue with that dress! I love how they say Ramona dictates what to wear so she can stand out in a different color.

The party for Ramona is finally here! The other ladies discuss how Ramona has changed herself to fit in with the rich crowd. I love how Ramona tells them to wear a certain color and literally no one seems to respect her wishes except Elyse, the battered friend.

Ramona’s sister Tanya even comes to the party. They almost look like twins. When Ramona greets her friends she prances around in her dress like she is the queen of fashion. IMO, the dress has puffy sleeves that are way too ’80sish. Love the ’80s but not on Ramona! I do like the color, though! I don’t care for her hairstyle either for the party. It looks rather messy and the part is off. I think she is going for an edgy look but it isn’t working for her.

Lu and Sonja ride together to the party. Sonja resents Ramona and how she claims 50 friends. She thinks that she poached her friends and claimed them as her own. Sonja, aka Sparkle Bunny, doesn’t think Ramona appreciates her true friends — aka them.

When Ramona is greeting her many guests, I love the production shade where they number her friends. Loved it! Carol Alt is even friend #4! Who knew? Some of the plastic surgery on Ramona’s girlfriends (not Carol Alt — she is still naturally beautiful) is just jarring. I wouldn’t be able to recognize my own friends if they altered their looks this drastically! Maybe that is why she claims to have 50 friends because they keep changing their looks?

Is Ramona snubbing Leah since she is wearing a see-through dress over a bodysuit? Leah feels this is a judgy group and doesn’t feel welcomed. She interjects herself into another conversation so she can wish Ramona a happy birthday. Ramona will allow her to wear that dress since there are no men there so she won’t have any competition from the younger model.

One thing I have noticed more this season is how Ramona is always sizing up the competition. She is also playing for the camera. Ramona seems to adjust herself according to where the cameraman is. I like it better when the Housewives act like they are totally unaware of the cameras. Ramona reminds me of the person at the party who is a close talker. I don’t know about you all but my friends like to refer to them as the “closer.” Just not a fan of someone invading my personal space and spitting on me when they talk!

Dorinda shares that she is planning a Mexico vacation in Cancun. Production shows the famous scene of Luann falling in bushes. Classic and hilarious!

Ramona, Mommy Dearest, is already trying to prep Leah on proper housewife behavior. No torch throwing, please! You can totally see the writing on the wall on how that will work out! Ramona might need Leah to sign a rider with all of the things she shouldn’t throw!

Ramona gives a speech and actually is honest about her depression. She didn’t think she would be alone and divorced at this age. Now, this is the Ramona I like — a person who is being honest about her current situation. If she only realized how disingenuous it is to pretend you have such a fabulous dating life. Own it, Ramona! You are drowning your sorrows with Pinot Grigio each night and trying to fit in with the “in-crowd.”

Dorinda tries to talk to Sonja to be supportive. Sonja shares the townhouse has her concerned. Luann thinks she is going off the rails with her drinking. Yep, me too.

Ramona has to interrupt this necessary conversation to share how “her girls” got her a Gucci bag. Sonja tells Ramona to go back to her superficial friends. She tells Ramona the purse is ugly as sh*t! I spit my drink out when she said that! Sorry, I have to have a cocktail to get through this.

When Leah and Sonja are overserved, things get out of hand. The dancing is beyond bad and lacking any rhythm. Leah is giving a grinding lap dance to Luann. Ramona pulls Leah aside to tell her she looks like a stripper. She is horrified these women are embarrassing her in front of her Park Avenue friends.

Sonja is stomping on a centerpiece glass mirror for some bizarre reason. Is she trying to see up her own dress? Maybe she forgot underwear and this was a more discrete way to check for panties?

Ramona has finally had enough of the other ladies taking away her limelight. She demands this MILF porn sh*t gets shut down. I think I heard that fourth wall go down with a resounding thud! Ramona now looks directly at the camera and tells them we are done and demands production to get involved! I told you guys she is always aware of their location! Ramona is threatening that she will quit the show? What? Can we put that in writing?

Next week, we are off to Mexico! Ramona thinks Sonja is a liability and she clashes with Leah over her behavior. See you next week in Mexico! Be well and take care!