RHONY Recap: Ramona Brings Up Leah’s Bipolar Disorder and They Clash in Mexico!

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RHONY Recap: Ramona Calls Leah Bipolar And The Ladies Head To Mexico!

This week on the Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona questions Leah’s sanity and the ladies head to Cancun! Are they going to take their tequila infused bad behavior to Mexico? You better believe it!

Luann has planned a spa day for the ladies from the Fortune society. Now, this looks like fun! Luann even gets into trying on some wigs. She does look good with bangs. Ramona arrives and they discuss the night before. She thinks it was the birthday party of the century. Now, that is a stretch.

Dorinda and Leah discuss the party and how awkward it was. They thought the decor was like they were filming a douche commercial or MILF porn. LOL. I thought it was more like those bad commercials for plastic surgery. They share that the guests had to donate $100 to pay for the Gucci bag. That is pretty nervy and tacky to solicit money from your guests to buy yourself a bag.

Ramona and Luann discuss how Sonja is potentially a liability. We see lots of examples of that! Luann doesn’t think Sonja is ready to quit drinking. Yep, I have to agree. Ramona is still stewing over Leah’s behavior. She is not letting it go.

The other ladies join the spa day. Dorinda shares that the glass from the table ended up in her foot. Sonja has no recollection of doing that. Now that is a problem. Blackout drunk — no bueno. Dorinda surmises that Leah possesses the unattainable for Ramona: youth. Right on the money, sister.

Luann shares the shady talk with Leah about what Ramona is saying. Leah is trying to get a rise out of Ramona by bashing her right in front of her. Ramona acts like Leah is the invisible woman!

Ramona is having a conversation with Sonja regarding her drinking. She is nothing but kind and supportive to her. Leah, on the other hand, gets no easy-pass from Ramona. We all know that the only one who has an easy-pass on her vagina is Sonja! Leah is not forgiven and she won’t even look at her. Production shows lots of examples of how Ramona behaved badly. She sees herself like a Mother Teresa.

Leah storms out and won’t let Ramona get to her. Can’t these ladies focus on what they came here for and try to do good for others? Ugh, sigh. Listen, Ramona, they forgave you for the forced birthday cash and your bad ponytail and you did the unforgivable! You are still sporting it!

It appears the ladies who came for the spa experience are getting a side-show with this group. The women are enjoying being pampered and it is nice to see this. Good job, Lu!

Sonja is checking out her location at the Century 21 store. I wonder is this just a pop-up shop like the other housewives (Kyle & Nene) have done or is this legit? Wow, she even has a display on another floor. Maybe this is the real deal? I am just glad she gave up on toaster ovens…

Dorinda shares that they will have a 12,000-square-foot house in Cancun. That should be enough space to keep Leah and Ramona separate, right? Production will probably make them roomies.

Ramona shares with Sonja that, according to her high society friends, Leah writes a blog. She disclosed in her blog she is bipolar. Ramona can’t understand why she would drink while dealing with a mental illness. Honey, Leah is probably not the first person to mix alcohol with mental illness. Look around this group for god’s sake!

Ramona is suggesting she is taking meds and drinking with them. Well, I am no doctor but most of these women should be on meds and not drinking either. When did Ramona become the psychiatrist of the group? She diagnoses Leah with mental illness and considers Sonja a liability as a result of her drinking. Okay, she has made accurate observations of both of those women, but she is definitely not the definition of sanity or sobriety herself!

The ladies — minus Elyse — head to Mexico! I am so loving seeing the sights on these RH shows since we are all homebound right now. Lol, Ramona is wearing leggings with heels. She has always been a fashion victim. Remember the crochet bathing suit from seasons’ past? Ramona also went to a beach locale after having a chemical peel. Not the wisest decision ever. Who could ever forget her working out in the yellow bikini in platform heels with hand weights? Sorry, I could go on and on.

What does Lu have in her suitcase that is vibrating? The baggage handler is getting a chuckle out of that. She claims it is a mixer for juice. Hmm, sure it is, Lu. The way I see it is, Lu should own the fact a single girl has to keep her juices flowing. Remember, she is on a manhunt and has to keep her machinery oiled.

They arrive at the gorgeous Villa home in Cancun that comes with a mariachi band? They get monogrammed welcome towels. Ramona has to offend the staff by calling them her servants. Why do these housewives make us Americans look like entitled fools? She tries to climb onto the raft and goes head-first into the pool. Love it, justice!

Ramona keeps talking about how Leah committed a mortal sin and she has been scarred for life. She had to pull her dress down or her lady bits would have been exposed. She acts like she was mortified in front of her 50 closest girlfriends. Sonja is the only one who can show her vagina in public and get no grief!

Sonja notices Ramona has no camel toe in her leggings. So, Ramona, this is appropriate conversation for breakfast? Leah feels like Sonja gets a pass when she says she has a chubby p**sy. Darling, you have a big target on your back right now and you had really big shoes to fill this season!

Dorinda has a great idea over who gets which room. It has a ’70s game theme. Luann wins the first question (guessing Sonja farting) and Leah wins the second question (Lu’s favorite word, cabaret). Acting all unbothered, Ramona and Sonja share a room near the kitchen and bar. Ramona, of course, also recruits the staff to unpack for her. The rooms are all beautiful so stop being so high maintenance.

Leah is troubled by Ramona sharing that she is showing her vagina around town. She doesn’t appreciate Ramona’s diagnosis that she is depressed and needs to be medicated. Leah does admit that she is bipolar and is not on medication. She is managing her symptoms without meds. Leah thinks Ramona has crossed a line she should never have crossed. She believes Ramona is trying to dig up dirt on her. That is a real possibility.

Dorinda thinks Ramona has two methods to destroy a potential younger rival: sophomoric narcissism and a complete smear campaign. Wow, who knew Dorinda had such astute observations?

Dorinda goes into Sonja and Ramona’s room to encourage her to make nice with Leah. Ramona acts all hurt by Leah’s behavior. She is not budging on this one and will only agree to be civil and act like a “lady”.

By 7 p.m., the ladies are getting ready for dinner in the villa. Lu questions even putting makeup on. I agree — you are on vacation. Dorinda tries to help Leah with her ensemble with a leopard cover-up. Yeah, good idea, cover that banging body, it will only provoke Ramona.

Ramona and Sonja have named the staff employee “blowdry girl” and put her to work. Sonja gets out of the bed naked to go get her hair dried. She is already smashed. Sonja was drinking Coke with rosé? Who knew Coke was a mixer for that?

Dorinda thinks Ramona is the queen of hypocrisy. She does a great impersonation in her ITM of all of the things that she accepts from most people but Leah gets gutted for.

Ramona is practicing the art of avoidance by making conversation with everyone but Leah. She is flitting around like she owns the place. I agree with Dorinda that Ramona needs a taser to calm down. I think that taser needs to be passed around this group.

Sonja finally pulls herself unstoppable pus*y together to learn how to make ceviche. I don’t even know how she is walking at this point. Sloppy Sonja claims she has had nothing to drink tonight. Delusional!

Leah tries to address the fish in the room with Ramona. She calls her on the carpet about airing her personal business. That is the most unproductive conversation ever! Deflect, deflect, deflect, ugh.

Ladies, please stop ruining these amazing trips! We now have a to-be-continued…

On a side note: Bethenny is even weighing in on this season and how it is sinking without her! Please let me know in the comments about your thoughts on that one!

Next week, we have motor-boating and camel riding? Ramona and Dorinda clash again over their drinking. Now that should be an interesting convo, again!  See you all next week!