RHOP Premiere Recap: Karen Reveals Marriage Struggles With Ray and Gizelle is Back With Ex, Plus Candiace Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

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The Real Housewives of Potomac Premiere Recap: Karen Opens Up About Her Relationship Struggles And Gizelle Is Back With Ex, Plus Candiace Celebrates Her One Year Anniversary!

The Real Housewives of Potomac are back for a new season! Let’s catch up with this lively group of ladies and see what they have been up to! This season looks like it will be a roller-coaster of dysfunction. Let’s buy a ticket for this ride and see what it has to offer!

The episode begins with a first aid kit, broken glass, spooky music, and a supposed brawl between the ladies. We then go back seven weeks to see how things went so wrong to get here…

We join Monique and Chris. Side note: I just love Chris! There is nothing sweeter than seeing a big football player with his kids. Monique is apparently an animal lover and she has a new pet bird, T’Challa. The bird likes to sit on her shoulder and she is potty training it? She shares she is an animal lover. Aw, love when the housewives share their pets with us.

Karen, the grande dame, lives right down the street from Monique. I guess it is legit this time since we are seeing the whole house. The house looks beautiful and I didn’t see any empty pizza boxes by the front door.

Karen is shocked that Monique came over with her bird instead of her new adorable baby. She shares that she and Ray are having relationship struggles over her business and traveling. She is legitimately concerned. I imagine their big age difference is playing a role since they are at different stages of their life. I like seeing this vulnerable side of Karen without the pretentiousness.

Gizelle is settling into her new home, which she is remodeling. Her girls are really growing up. Gizelle has reconciled with her ex-husband, Jamal. Gizelle’s girls have some strong opinions on their mom’s relationship with their dad. The girls feel like they are third to fifth wheels when it comes to their dad. They feel awkward with their dad back in their mom’s life too. The girls don’t think their dad trying to have a relationship with them is genuine. Hmm, that is a different dynamic.

I would have thought they would have liked having their dad back in their mom’s life. They obviously know more about how their dad treated their mom in the past. Gizelle has faith that it will work out this time and he will be faithful. Time and lots of prayers will tell. Pastor Jamal has a lot of work that needs to be done to reunite this family. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater is going to have to start eating at home in order to make this work.

Candiace and Chris are planning their first-year anniversary party. She is planning a denim and diamonds themed party at a venue with a marina view. The party planner shares the costs for the party, which will be $22k. They no longer have Dorothy to foot the bill. Candiace shares she will not accept coins from her unless she dives into the bowels of hell. How will Candiace afford her 2 million dollar future home without her mom’s coins? Watch out for that purse! It can be a weapon loaded with all of that cash!

Ashley and Michael are enjoying their new baby, Dean. Little Dean is a Michael mini-me. We are again reminded of the allegations of assault against Michael that were dismissed. Ashley seems like she is going to be an overprotective mom. Honey, don’t worry, spiders aren’t going to crawl into little Dean’s ears at night!

Robyn and Juan are having space issues in the house. It seems like their household is the same as last season. Robyn is still pushing for Team Dixon. This storyline isn’t flowing very organically. Robyn, you might want to re-think this one.

The producer asks Robyn, “When are they getting married again?” Robyn is pushing for that ring before she will make a major house purchase. How will Juan respond to that ultimatum? He just wants to keep growing as a couple. He admits he has made many mistakes and he is now willing to move in that direction. Time will tell on that one.

Candiace is food tasting for her party and Gizelle comes to join her. How awkward is this pairing? They have been sparring on Twitter over their homes. Candiace shares with Gizelle that she isn’t inviting Ashley to her party. She snarks and says it is because she is lactating. The topic of Jamal comes up and we get an idea of how everyone feels about that!

Productions gives all of the ladies in their ITMs a chance to weigh in on Gizelle taking Jamal back. Robyn thought it never would happen. Monique thinks she just wants tithes/cash. Candiace recommends condoms. Karen has no comment.

For obvious reasons, these two start talking about their homes and finances. They just start firing shady shots at each other by insulting each other’s home searches/cabin/house. Production set this random pairing up for them to tell each other shady stuff in person.

Ashley and Monique are sharing their beautiful babies with us. They have bonded over being new moms and being holistic. Candiace, for super-shady reasons, isn’t acknowledging Ashley’s new baby and they didn’t get an invite to the party with a cash bar. There still seems to be bad blood between the two couples. No surprise there after she thought Ashley wasn’t truly trying to conceive and now we have Dean!

Monique talks about being close to Candiace last season and having a sisterly relationship. They did have their differences but made up at the reunion. We now know that cease-fire didn’t last for long.

We now join the anniversary party for Candiace and Chris. Miss Dorothy arrives and they still have a very dysfunctional relationship. It is like a really bad soap opera. Dorothy needs to spend her own cash just like old times at the cash bar.

We meet Wendy Osefo, the new housewife. She is a doctor, you know, and allegedly friends with Candiace? Wendy starts out of the gate discussing Jamal with Gizelle. She implies they are good friends. How good? That is what we want to know! Gizelle gives her some side-eye so there might be something there.

Karen already knows her and isn’t impressed by the competition. There is a cash bar at the party since Mama Dorothy isn’t footing the bill. The grande dame, Karen, isn’t surprised that they couldn’t afford booze for their party.

Monique arrives and meets Wendy. Wendy has three children in the same age range as Monique’s so they have a connection. We will have to see if this friendship will have legs.

Candiace pulls Gizelle and referee Karen aside. She loves her diamond with no denim look. Gizelle expects an apology from Candiace for her bad Twitter behavior. Monique joins the convo and she immediately asks Gizelle about Jamal. It seems like this is going to be a recurring theme in this episode.

Robyn and Juan meet up with Charisse at Candiace’s party. She wonders, when did they become friends? Me too. Maybe she was trying to get back on the show but she had to befriend Candiace??? I am not feeling the multiple sparkly bobby pins in Robyn’s hair either. She is a beautiful woman but I don’t care for this hairstyle.

Monique apparently has issues with Charisse and some rumors she had been spreading. She won’t even comment on it when the producer tried to get to the bottom of it. I have to say Monique looks amazing after having her baby. She is a gorgeous woman.

Candiace thanks everyone for coming to their party. She also wants two women who can impart marital wisdom to share advice with everyone. Karen means so much to her? Dorothy, I get — she is her mom after all — but Karen? Dorothy thanks Chris for making love to her daughter. AWKWARD! Grab the mic, please, no one wants to hear Mama Dorothy talk about her daughter’s sex life!

The camera screen then goes fuzzy and we see that clip from the beginning scene. Monique and Candiace are going at it! We now get lots of previews for the season. It looks like it is going to be a crazy season.

Let me know what you think of the new housewife, Wendy! We will have to watch next week to see how the party ends! Have a great week!

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