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Real Housewives of Potomac

RHOP Recap: Gizelle Slams Candiace for Being “Mean and Nasty” and Karen Celebrates Her Housewarming Party in Grand Style!

RHOP Recap: Gizelle Slams Candiace for Being "Mean and Nasty" and Karen Celebrates Her House Warming Party in Grand Style!

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, we see if Candiace and Ashley can resolve their feud and Karen throws a bash for her housewarming party! Let’s see if they all can get their houses in order, shall we?

Gizelle and Grace are taking a dance class together. She is really embarrassed by her mom’s dance skills. Grace thinks her mom can’t dance and should stop being such an attention wh*re. Gizelle admits when she tries to put it all together, it just all falls apart, just like forcing her children to accept her broken marriage. They discuss the birthday boat ride while Grace eye-rolls through it all. They are actually having a bit of role reversal over Gizelle dating her dad again. Grace is annoyed with the dating choices her parents are making. We are not feeling it either.

Karen and her assistant Matt are talking about planning a homecoming/housewarming party. She hired a performer, Chris, who does singing telegrams. They will be recording it with Karen sitting in her grand chair. This party is allegedly a party to celebrate Ray and Karen’s coming together in their new home.

Wendy and Robyn meet up to gossip and let their kids play together at a park. Robyn already likes her since her husband went to the same college as her. They discuss what they want for their children and they are both into their kids getting athletic scholarships. Wendy, however, is pushing for more academics for her kids. No surprise there. She has four degrees, but Robyn thinks when they got locked into that room with them on the wall, they have no idea what they even signify!

Wendy is hearing the backstory about the Sip and See drama from Robyn. She doesn’t like all of the “rah, rah” behavior and sees it as a gang up. She shares with Robyn what was said about each one of them by Candiace. Gizelle is a monster and doesn’t care for Ashley. Karen is great but Wendy isn’t buying the grande dame is still “pu**y poppin'” at her age. I found it amusing that she is seeing through this facade.

Candiace and Ashley have their sit down to discuss their issues privately. She thanks Ashley for not allowing her to run off into the street after the party. In her ITM, Candiace can’t resist throwing shade about the baby looking like Michael — not nice. Ashley does call her out on the social media nastiness. Poor baby Dean tries to interject his baby talk or crying whenever Candiace is being obnoxious, which is pretty often!

Candiace didn’t realize that when she was being nasty, Ashley was in labor with Dean. She apologizes for being insensitive. That shouldn’t have been the only thing to stop her from throwing shade grenades at Ashley! Candiace talks about how upset Monique was over Charisse. She said she had no clue they had issues because they talked every day. We now know how untrue that is because they end up having a brawl over it.

The ladies are all interrupted by the ridiculous singing telegram invite to Karen’s party. It is funny to see all of the ladies’ reactions while watching this video. They are all invited to have a “kiki” moment to invite the Hugers back to Potomac. Wendy and Eddie get their invite, and he is impressed with all of the grandiose stuff, but she is surprised they were even invited. Robyn wasn’t aware you did housewarming parties for rentals. Me either. Gizelle and Robyn both think the invite is really over the top. Robyn shares with Gizelle her thoughts on Wendy. She thinks Wendy is a sharp cookie and she has read the ladies pretty well. Yes, so far so good, but she needs to put on some better readers to see Candiace in a clearer light!

Monique and Chris are having some relationship struggles. She is overwhelmed with her responsibilities and doesn’t feel she has anyone to listen to her concerns. Monique also feels like she is the one who always initiates the romance. Chris feels he is willing to pay for any help or anything she needs so he expects her to be appreciative. Monique is not all about the money and just wants some attention. She just wants Chris to not just treat her as a booty call. Chris is willing to step up his dating game but he will still be expecting some action that night! Yikes.

Candiace and Chris have a picnic to discuss having children and their future. He thinks she would be a great mom since she is good with his kids. Candiace doesn’t like change and the responsibility that comes with being a mom. She feels her experience with her mom is so unhealthy and she doesn’t feel she has healed yet from the dysfunction. TRUTH. I do think Chris gives her good advice on showing some self-control, especially when they talk about her dynamic with Ashley and the other ladies. They do a little play-acting and Chris is spot on! Bravo, Chris!

Karen is meeting with the party planner and wants it to be epic. She is hoping this will show Ray that the grande dame is back. Karen thinks this party will help her and Ray to re-connect, but it is all about Karen? I don’t think this is what is going to get Ray back to focusing on her again.

Gizelle’s friend Kal comes over to catch up and see her new place. She puts a wig on and he isn’t willing to straighten out that coochie-trash can hair! LOL. Gizelle discusses the challenges she is experiencing bringing Jamal back into their children’s lives. Kal knows Jamal too since he used to cut his hair. She thinks advice is helpful since he has been a loyal friend for some time.

Gizelle thinks her girls are worried about her and are just being protective. Kal thinks the kids have only seen their dad in the very unflattering light of social media. Gizelle remembers how they accepted Sherman so easily. She would like her kids to give their dad another chance since she has forgiven him. I think Gizelle should be taking her daughters’ feelings more seriously since they saw how their mom was hurt. They are willing to forgo having their dad live at home to avoid seeing their mom in pain. IMO, that is pretty telling. Kal thinks they need to send their kids the message that they need to lead with love and demonstrate forgiveness. Jamal has a lot of work to do to make up for those 12 years.

We are now at Karen’s fancy housewarming party! Gizelle arrives and doesn’t bring Jamal with her. Karen thinks it is because she doesn’t want to answer for Jamal’s path. Karen wants her to walk in her truth. Amen! Ashley arrives sans Michael looking great after having had a baby. She shares with Gizelle that she and Candiace made nice — for now.

Wendy and Eddie arrive at the party looking all jazzed up. We now see some sort of acrobatic performance going on in the backyard. Monique and Chris arrive so it appears everyone but Robyn is there. She comes in finally, late as usual, bringing some pizzas while eating a slice to shade Karen. Robyn asks Ray, “Why is K everywhere instead of H?” He basically shrugs and acts like he has no idea what the party is even for or even why he is there. This party is most definitely not about them as a couple — it is definitely all about Miss Karen!

Candiace and Gizelle chat and discuss their differences and house-shaming. Wendy shared some nasty tea that Candiace had said Gizelle is like a monster. Ms. Gizelle doesn’t appreciate being perceived as herself a monster. She thinks Candiace is just being plain mean and nasty. Gizelle doesn’t want anything more from her but a superficial relationship. This mean girl stuff has really become a common theme on these HW shows. I don’t know about you all, but it is getting old, Bravo!

The ladies are all chatting on the couches and discussing relationships. Karen says, “They have fun here,” and Wendy thinks like right here on this furniture. The visual would frankly gross me out too. Karen brushed her comment off like an annoying fly. Wendy thinks Karen is just dismissive and old. They discuss childcare and Wendy prefers them to be old and decrepit so there is no competition. The other ladies feel their relationships are solid and don’t worry about that stuff. Karen shares that Ray just wants to move to the Sunshine State and retire in Florida.

The MC, who Candiace also used, introduces pretty much Karen only. We then see Karen come out all decked out like the Pink Panther in her Pepto-Bismol suit. The other ladies don’t feel this is a good look for her. I can understand why they find it a little over the top. She comes out dancing alone and she thinks she is Keyonce! Ray valiantly tries to play along but is already heading upstairs to go night night!

Next week, we go to Monique’s lakehouse and Wendy and Ashley go at it. Candiace finds out some dirt on Michael involving dancers on a pole. Oh boy, just when things start to simmer down a little we go full boil and the shady pots are overflowing again! Take care everyone, see you then!


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