RHOC Recap: Braunwyn Admits to Hitting Husband Sean Multiple Times in Marriage, Plus She Digs Into Elizabeth’s Finances

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RHOC Recap: Braunwyn Admits to Hitting Husband Sean Multiple Times in Marriage, Plus She Digs Into Elizabeth's Finances

Here come the self-filmed videos from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Schools are closed. Restaurants are closed. The whole world is closed. It’s quarantine time and Bravo even went as far as photoshopping masks on the commercial transition. However, it was a bombshell dropped by Braunwyn Windham-Burke about her marriage to husband Sean Burke that was quite shocking — as she nonchalantly admitted to committing domestic violence multiple times against Sean.

Braunwyn’s confession came about midway through the episode after weeks of being in lockdown. According to Braunwyn, she smacked Sean after he belittled her over not being able to get the vacuum cleaner to work.

“I lost it. I lost my temper again. Sean belittled me over the vacuum cleaner. It’s not working. I can’t get the charger to work… Instead of helping, he made fun of me,” shared Braunwyn. “And I lost it and I smacked him. I haven’t done that since we were in Aspen [three months earlier].”

It only gets worse as Braunwyn admits these two incidents during which she physically abused Sean weren’t isolated.

“I have hit Sean a couple of times in my life but nothing like what happened in Aspen,” Braunwyn continued. “I hit him across the face and I hit him hard. I wanted to go drink. I was angry and I was lashing out… I feel trapped in my house. I feel trapped in my marriage… Emotionally and physically.”

It is quite INSANE how Braunwyn just breezed right over the fact that she smacked her husband. Over the vacuum. She like, mentioned it, as if it wasn’t a big deal. She claims she put a “happy spin” on her marriage, but it is not nearly as happy as she made it out to be. Maybe that would explain why Sean is always acting so weird and demure: He is scared of Braunwyn’s backhand.

But back to the beginning of the episode as these women are not faring well in quarantine. It’s only day four and already Braunwyn and Shannon are FaceTiming to discuss their hair and nails. On day eight, I cannot feel bad for Braunwyn, who is going without a housekeeper for the first time since high school. Instead of learning how to work a washing machine, Braunwyn is cleaning EVERYTHING and ruling over her kitchen like a boss. EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Glad to see Kelly and Emily are taking this social distancing seriously. They sit nearly shoulder to shoulder and catch up about their quarantine experience thus far, aka “upscale house arrest.” Braunwyn and Sean (why must he always tag along?!) join the girls and Kelly shares that despite the pandemic, she is still going to New York to see her man, Rick. Braunwyn gets all judgey-judgey and states she would never leave her kids during a “global pandemic,” but it’s clear that Kelly is not worried about being away from her daughter.

Elizabeth‘s Instagram post becomes the topic of conversation amidst the group. Elizabeth claims that no one freaked out over AIDS like how we are freaking out over COVID. That’s like comparing apples to oranges. Somebody better teach Elizabeth to think before she posts, but it is clear how much she is dismissing the severity of this global situation. Because of this, and a plethora of other reasons, Braunwyn is having a hard time forming a friendship with Elizabeth. She cannot seem to figure out Elizabeth’s story and thinks she better start talking in truths.

On day 12, Shannon cries to her camera about the constant stress she feels due to her compromised health. She is also p*ssed cuz her boyfriend, John, left to be with his son during quarantine. Shannon feels betrayed and hurt, especially because she is immunocompromised.

Over in New York…Why are Rick and Kelly refusing to wear masks in Times Square? She is making such a joke of this pandemic as she chows down on a dirty water dog from a street vendor. The whole segment of this couple quarantining together could have been omitted, especially the part where Rick gives Kelly a pedicure. Also, Rick didn’t know Kelly had fake boobs? Puh-lease. An in-love Kelly states, “There is nothing that’s going to separate me and my man.” Not even her kid…??

Although Emily calls it a “devastating time” for the world, fortunately, her relationship with her husband, Shane, has grown stronger and better. Wish I could say the same for Braunwyn and Sean. Their relationship is straight crumbling.

Braunwyn is unhappy. What else is new? She claims to be the “only grown-up” (yet can’t use the washing machine) in the house and she is “so tired.” Life without a housekeeper is rough, isn’t it? Interesting that Braunwyn and Sean have been together for like 20 years and have seven kids, yet quarantine pushes her over the edge.

Gina is donning a “mom” haircut and it looks a bit better than those horrible extensions she has been rocking this season. While chatting with Shannon, Gina finds out that John is BACK in Shannon’s house after the dramatic exit he made a few days earlier. Gina gets all big sister on Shannon’s a*s.  She worries about Shannon’s health and fears that she may be putting her relationship before her health.

Kelly is “stuck” in New York. She claims that it is out of her control and that she only planned on being in NYC for a week. Kelly talks to Jolie like a stranger would and it’s an awkward conversation knowing that this was completely Kelly’s choice to up and leave. Her priorities are wacked.

Elizabeth is on the same page as Kelly. She is not sure why everyone is making such a big deal about this virus. Maybe it’s cuz she can’t get out of her own way and is so self-absorbed? Elizabeth cries because her friggin divorce got postponed and cries because she is losing her money as this drags out.

Time ticks on slowly, and by May 1, the ladies get the green light to start hanging out with pals again. After weeks of isolation, they are pumped for some human contact. They take a walk over to Kelly’s house and thus begins the Shannon puppeteering session.

Of course Shannon brings up Tamra and dishes on her rumor spreading that has been occurring lately. This in turn leads to Shannon addressing her relationship with Elizabeth. Shannon is less than happy to hear that Elizabeth is also spreading rumors. At Braunwyn’s vow renewal, Jimmy went home to go to work, not because he was so upset that a drunk Shannon lashed out at him.

The women listen as Shannon attempts to orchestrate a way to get to the bottom of Elizabeth Vargas. She wants to know who Elizabeth truly is and won’t stop until someone else does the dirty work for her. Emily says, “Shannon is like the Regina George.” She wants answers, but you better believe her hands will not be dirtied.

Because Elizabeth doesn’t tell the whole truth about everything in her life and the ladies are obsessed with getting to the bottom of her REAL life, Braunwyn did some detective work in her spare time (while being a mother to seven kids during quarantine). Braunwyn found out that Elizabeth’s house was listed on VRBO and that she took two loans against her home, most likely to pay for legal fees. That’s f*cked up that Braunwyn dug up that personal stuff. How is that anyone’s business? Braunwyn eagerly shares this information with Emily.

During a Zoom call, Elizabeth and Gina are twinning in their hats. Elizabeth Zooms in front of a wrinkled white curtain (WHY) and they chit-chat about quarantine life. Elizabeth wants to pull off a girls’ trip, as long as everyone gets COVID testing beforehand, to try and get to know the ladies of this group a little better. Gina understands that Elizabeth is struggling but doesn’t hesitate to call her out for sharing various versions of her life. She suggests Elizabeth just lay it all out there once and for all.

In the meantime, Braunwyn and Shannon meet up and obsess over wanting to understand Elizabeth. For an immunocompromised person, Shannon is certainly living on the edge here sitting maskless with Braunwyn. Shannon is irked that she cannot figure Elizabeth out and Braunwyn continues to voice her dislike for Elizabeth. This is not a good way to start an upcoming girls’ trip.

As the world continues to struggle with COVID, the Black Lives Matter movement explodes when George Floyd was murdered. Gina, Elizabeth, and Emily make it clear what side of history they are on and discuss how change needs to come. Braunwyn and her family join the movement and the march. As Braunwyn marches with her children, she states, “Orange County is f*cking changing.” Showing her kids how to stand up for what is right is absolutely powerful.


It turns out that you can be very careful in the age of COVID, but sometimes it doesn’t matter. It also turns out that you can’t trust everyone. Shannon’s daughter, Stella, has tested positive for COVID. Shannon shares that her twins snuck to a party where no one was wearing a mask. WTF. Way to lay down the law, Shan. Now that COVID is in her bubble, looks like Shan won’t be partaking in Elizabeth’s girls’ trip. So much for trying to figure out who Elizabeth Vargas really is, huh?