PHOTOS: Mary Cosby Shares Pictures of the 5 Homes She Owns, Details the Only Thing She Regrets About First Season of RHOSLC

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Mary Cosby Details The Only Thing She Regrets About First Season Of RHOSLC And Reveals She Has Five Homes, See The Photos

Mary Cosby admits to regretting one thing she said on her first season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City as she also shares pictures of the five homes that she owns.

Mary has been a rather controversial figure on the inaugural season of RHOSLC, especially considering her unconventional marriage to her late grandmother’s second husband. She’s also been accused of making some rather offensive comments by her co-star Jen Shah, including telling Jen that she “smelled like hospital” after Jen spent time caring for her sick aunt, and revealing that she has a disdain for convenience stores. However, Mary claims that she only regrets one thing about the season thus far.

The new reality star recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and played a game of “Do You Regret It”? Host Andy Cohen brought up some of the rather scandalous things that Mary has said, but Mary remained unapologetic about everything except for the comments she made regarding her housekeeper.

The 46-year-old introduced her housekeeper, Charlinda, to viewers on the December 16 episode and revealed that although Charlinda has worked for her for two decades, and the two are actually related, she doesn’t know anything about her.

“Charlinda is my grandmother’s brother’s daughter, and she’s been with me for like 20-something years, Mary explained on the show. “I had Robert [Mary’s son], and she came over to give Robert a present and fell in love and didn’t leave. We’re not close at all. Like, I don’t know her life and what she does outside of what she helps me with. But at the end of the day, we’re family.”

Mary told Andy that she did regret her comment and simply “misspoke” when she was discussing her relationship with Charlinda.

“I regret not conveying that the proper way, because I know all about Charlinda,” she claimed. “So [I] maybe regret the way I expressed it. Yes, I do.”

It’s clear that Charlinda takes care of Mary’s home in Utah, but the reality star revealed that she actually has four other homes. Some fans have questioned how she and her husband, Robert Cosby, are able to afford such a lavish lifestyle since Robert is a Pentecostal pastor and Mary his First Lady, but they do claim to own other businesses.

“When my grandmother left, she left me her empire: homes, churches, daycares, a mortgage company, restaurants, including her husband,” she claimed. “So Robert Sr. does love checking on all of the homes that we own.”

According to Bravo TV,  aside from their Salt Lake City estate, the couple has a home in Orlando, Las Vegas, New York City, and Carmel, Indiana. Below are pictures of Mary’s five homes –

Salt Lake City, UT:


Orlando, FL:


Las Vegas, NV:


New York, NY:


Carmel, IN:


When she spoke about the multiple homes on the show, she made sure to clarify that they do not “share” or rent them out.

“We don’t rent our houses or anything. When we’re not there, they are empty,” she said. “We don’t share.”

Photos Credit: Bravo