RHOSLC Star Mary Cosby Accused of Lying by Cousin Who Claims Her Marriage to Her Step-Grandfather Was Not Arranged and Dishes on Family Drama, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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A Family Member Of RHOSLC's Mary Cosby Is Accusing The Star Of Lying And Claims Her Marriage To Her Step-Grandfather Was Not Arranged

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Rumors have been swirling for weeks about one of Bravo’s newest stars, Mary Cosby, of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and her marriage. Dan Cosby, who happens to be Mary’s first cousin, is now speaking out and confirming some of the alleged rumors and reports.

As fans probably already know, Mary is married to her step-grandfather, Bishop Robert C. Cosby, who she wed almost 22 years ago. The pair are co-pastors of Faith Temple Church in Utah, but the church was actually founded by Mary’s late grandmother and the former wife of Bishop Robert. On the RHOSLC premiere, Mary claimed that her grandmother, Rosemary Cosby (aka Mama), had arranged their marriage in her will. However, the star’s cousin Dan, who also happens to be a former district elder of the church, is now alleging that she and the Bishop are lying.

Dan decided to speak “his truth” after receiving hundreds of messages and calls from friends and acquaintances asking about Mary and the church. In an interview with Up and Adam, Dan claims watching the show and seeing both Mary and the Bishop claim their marriage was arranged was what finally “got him bothered.”

“No matter what, if you’re in religion or whatever, a lie is a lie [and] a sin is a sin. No matter what the sin is, it’s still sin,” he explains. “So when I heard that, that Mama told them to get married, [that] it was in the will and all this other stuff, it’s asinine!”

He claims that Rosemary did not have a will, and the family, including Mary’s own mother, spent more than 10 years locked in a court battle with the Bishop over Rosemary’s estate. Dan says that Rosemary’s children did not receive a dime of the estate when it was all said and done.

“It’s official public record. Where’s the will? Where’s the will? They went to court because there was no will and those records can be assessed by anybody, they just [have to] look into it,” he shares.

Mary’s cousin goes on to make even more shocking claims about the new reality star. He says she was actually disfellowshipped [AKA ex-communicated] from the church before their grandmother passed away.

“Mary was not only married when my grandmother passed away, but like I told you, she was disfellowshipped and specifically by Mama, I want to make that [clear],” Dan reveals. “She was disfellowshipped for selling marijuana, selling drugs, cheating, and it just built up. The church knew that. It was like common knowledge what Mary was doing. So there’s no way that Mama told her or wished for her to take her place. That’s just asinine to me.”

According to Dan, Mary and the Bishop were not very close when Mama Rosemary was alive. He claims that after she passed away, Bishop Robert “went looking for Mary,” and he wanted to “take her under his wing” and help her get to a better place spiritually. That’s when the two ended up falling in love.

Dan, who is a coach in the Salt Lake City area, says that Bishop Robert began approaching other elders and church members and asking them if God was telling them that he should marry his step-granddaughter. Dan then reveals what he told the Bishop when he was asked if the two should tie the knot.

“I said I know it’s not incest, but I think it’s weird that you’re Grandad to me, and Mary grew up, and you have 15 grandkids. It’s just weird,” Dan claims he told his step-grandfather.

Although he is no longer a member of the church, he does have several family members who still attend, including his mother. He asserts that Mary and the Bishop have allegedly only attended church services in-person approximately 20 times in the last 10 years, yet they somehow have still been able to maintain their leadership roles.

It must be noted that Dan’s allegations have not been proven, but according to him, there is documentation to back up everything he is professing.

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