RHOA Recap: Kenya Confronts Porsha Over Rescinded Invitation To Her Event, Throws Surprise Engagement Party For Cynthia

by Elizabeth

RHOA Recap: Kenya Confronts Porsha Over Rescinded Invitation To Her Event, Throws Surprise Engagement Party For Cynthia

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are celebrating Cynthia and Mike’s surprise engagement party. What are the chances that Kenya causes a scene to ruin their party? I would venture to say pretty-darn-good. Let’s watch the Kenya show play out, shall we?

Kenya is checking out the venue for Cynthia’s party. She keeps referring to the décor as mine, mine, mine. Whose party is it anyway? I feel for this poor party planner who has to deal with this difficult client.

Kandi and Mama Joyce are giving Riley a pep talk about the responsibilities involved in leaving home. Are you kidding me — she has never cleaned before? Come on now, Kandi! Teach your kid how to use some Clorox wipes for god’s sake! OMG, in Kandi’s ITM, little Ace looks adorbs in his little blue suit. Sorry, I digress, I can’t resist that level of cuteness.

There is an awkward pairing of Cynthia and Latoya visiting a lingerie shop. Cynthia mentions that Kenya and Latoya are attached at the hip. Is Cynthia, in her ITM, really trying to convince us she is getting a little unnerved by their budding friendship? I would run for the hills to escape a friendship with Kenya. Let Latoya have her!

Kenya is sending naked photos to Latoya? What is all that about? Is she that desperate since she has been starved of affection from Marc? Kenya claims that Latoya makes her feel sexy, vibrant, and desirable. This thirsty wannabe Latoya is definitely barking up the right tree to get her screen time, but at what expense?

Are they really trying on thongs? Yuck, I sure hope they buy what they try on.

Kenya is already showing concern that the ladies are going to be tardy to her event. Is production setting up a future scene to illustrate that? They are so predictable!

Cynthia thinks that Joe Biden is going to be at the white event. She gets her braids jerked when she is TRYING to do her sexy walk with her lingerie on. When Kenya and Cynthia come out in their sexy lingerie I can see where all of the extra COVID weight went to #booties.

Lauren comes over to Porsha’s house and she brings over the competitor’s hot dogs. Burn, I love it. Porsha wants everyone to keep supporting her baby daddy so she can continue to get those Chanel, AHEM, “co-parenting” gifts.

Porsha shares with Ms. Diane and Lauren that Kenya gave Pilar a Rosa Parks baby doll. That was actually a really appropriate gift for that party. Lauren feels a little bit bad that she didn’t invite her. I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over it.

Porsha is writing a book I think she called the “Pursuit of Porsha.” She is going to cover the challenges she has faced in her life such as depression and abuse.

Porsha discusses her childhood with Ms. Diane and Lauren. She shares that Lauren is her half-sister. They share a dad. Lauren was raised by their dad and she lost him when she was 10. I honestly don’t care for how Porsha makes EVERYTHING about herself and Lauren is treated almost like an afterthought. Lauren didn’t have her dad during her dating years either, but Porsha is all boo-hoo crying that she didn’t have a dad during those formative years.

Porsha thinks Dennis is a powerful father figure. Really, girl, you might want to raise your standards a little. Porsha admits she cranked her legs open more each time that Dennis checked one of her boxes. No kids, business, and thinks she is cute! Open up the baby-maker for these three qualities, REALLY?

Ms. Diane shares that she was close to Lauren’s mom. She does add that all she wanted in a step-mom for her daughter was someone who did her daughter’s hair well. Wow, now I see why Porsha has such warped superficial standards.

Porsha thinks her daddy issues come from living in a divorced household. If that is the case half of the world would have those issues. Keep moving this storyline along, please. It is really putting me to sleep.

Kenya is walking through the engagement party of HER dreams. You know she is jealous big time. Production shows a guest checklist and time clock. Kenya is fretting since the ice sculpture is melting. The venue looks really pretty and I love the winter wonderland theme. The event planner claims everyone was COVID tested and there is no need for masks. This doesn’t give me a lot of confidence for Cynthia’s wedding with these lax COVID precautions.

Tanya arrives and looks pretty in white. She finds out it isn’t actually Kandi’s event and seems genuinely excited for Cynthia.

Kandi and Todd arrive at the venue. I love how every time they show the timeclock they play the presidential music.

Cynthia and Mike arrive and they are totally clueless that this party is for them. They are too busy looking for Joe Biden and the secret service to jump out. Surprise! No Biden!

Mike and Todd chat about marriage and couple goals. I find it interesting that he is going to Todd for advice.

Cynthia asks Kenya to be a bridesmaid and she loses it. Kenya has this laugh like “huh, huh,” and a devilish giggle follows that is so grating on my nerves.

Cynthia then bursts Kenya’s jealous bubble and asks Kandi to be a bridesmaid as well. Cynthia thinks her girl Kenya has redeemed herself. Keep telling yourself that fiction, Cynthia!

Marlo arrives in this white dress with a high slit wearing furry boots. She is talking to herself, “We in the damn boonies for a little snowman?” LOL, that was pretty funny.

Kandi starts singing a little tune she calls “I just wanna chill with you.” How appropriate is that? She sounds very sultry. No wonder why she won the Masked Singer.

Porsha arrives 52 minutes late. Kenya can’t resist rolling her eyes. In Kenya’s ITM, she thinks Porsha is trash since she dared to interrupt her speech. Kenya knows a lot about disrespecting others.

Kenya starts trying to sing a “Chill, Chill, Chill” song that is just horrible. Mike and Cynthia are dancing and Mike has his hands on her a*s. He must have very large hands.

Porsha grabs the mic and decides to sing her own song, and she sounds a lot better than Kenya. Everyone kind of dances around a little, but it just seems really off and way too produced.

Porsha talks at the table about being vegan and how it intensifies the sexual experience. In her ITM, she says she thinks that there are a lot of horny people at that table. I agree with that one!

Latoya walks in one hour and 22 minutes late and sits down for dinner. She decides to share Kenya’s naked photo with the table. Marlo super shadily has to throw in, “Are you going to get your booty done too?” Kenya’s devil eyes shoot daggers at Marlo. Latoya claims this photo is body goals. Did Kenya just say, “She wants to eat my a*s?” She is so VULGAR!

Kenya, who has to be the center of attention all of the time, says there are three ladies “who could get it at the table.” Get what? Get in bed with the devil? Kandi, the dungeon sex queen, is first on her list. Latoya is the second one and Cynthia is next. I would not take being on that list as a compliment!

Kenya has to ask Porsha if she got Pilar’s gift. She has to bring this conversation up at the table. Porsha defends her sister’s decision to not invite her. This confrontation is such a non-event compared to the previews of it last week.

I am sorry — this is really an awkward dinner and party. In Mike and Cynthia’s ITM, they were wishing they would have had met Joe Biden rather than having this snooze of a dinner. ME TOO!

The next day, Riley is leaving the nest to go to NYU. She is going to miss baby Blaze. I can imagine it would be hard to leave that sweet baby. Ace wants to leave with Riley and cries when she leaves. He thinks that she is going to need help to clean and forgot her gloves. Ace is so sweet!

Kandi and Todd are going to drive Riley to college with a U-HAUL of her stuff. She is going to miss her, but she has to let her baby bird leave the nest.

Production shows a montage of Riley throughout the years. She has really changed throughout the years. I agree with little Ace. Good luck, Riley, at NYU, and buy some darn Clorox wipes, please!

Next week, Kandi gives back and does some charity work during the pandemic. Cynthia wants to invite her dad to her wedding much to her mom’s dismay. Marlo warns Latoya that Kenya will turn on her in the future so be forewarned.  Have a wonderful week everyone!