RHOD Stars Dr. Tiffany Moon and Kary Brittingham Feud on Twitter After Tiffany Makes “Bullying” Accusation Against Kary Who Suggests Tiffany’s a ‘Snake,’ See Their Back and Forth and How It Ended

by Emily Campbell Comments

RHOD Newbie Dr. Tiffany Moon Labels Kary Brittingham A “Bully” As They Engage In Twitter Feud, Did Their Beef Lead To A Charitable Donation?

Kary Brittingham and Dr. Tiffany Moon are feuding on social media!

It seems that Kary and Tiffany haven’t made up since filming season five of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Only two episodes have currently aired, and the two ladies are already going at it on Twitter. Kary and bestie Kameron Westcott recently referred to Tiffany as “bossy,” but Tiffany is labeling Kary a “bully.”

As the January 12 episode was airing,  both ladies were tweeting along with fans, and Tiffany decided to fire the first shot by calling out Kary for her comments regarding co-star D’Andra Simmons. Kary and D’Andra had previously spent a great deal of time traveling together promoting their respective businesses, leading the pair to grow tired of one another, and Kary dissing D’Andra in her confessionals. Tiffany — who is brand new to the cast — was having none of it.

“So you talking to [D’Andra Simmons] like that isn’t bullying? Bye girl. BYE,” the anesthesiologist tweeted, later admitting she was so heated she forgot to tag Kary, adding, “See y’all got me all heated and forgot to [tag] her. So [Kary] what’s good?”

Of course, Kary responded and basically called her new co-star a chicken, which would have been perfect if she would have used that exact term considering the episode.

“You are so brave behind a phone! You never said anything directly to me when we were filming. NEVER,” Kary alleged.

The ladies continued to go back and forth with Tiffany claiming that Kary repeatedly attempted to push alcohol on her while they were filming.

Then, on Wednesday, their feud went a step further. Kary tweeted a picture of a $1,400 snake necklace from her Kamo by Kary collection and suggested that Tiffany wear the necklace because it “would look great on [her].”

“Thank you for the suggestion but ummmm, it’s not really my style,” Tiffany replied.

That’s when the tables turned and their Twitter beef suddenly sparked a good deed as Tiffany donated to an animal charity. She donated the exact cost of the necklace and made sure to include a screenshot in order to prove she actually made the donation.

“In honor of my favorite Serpentine RHOD member though, I’ve donated the cost of that to the SPCA, so hopefully some animals can benefit. Have a wonderful rest of your day,” the newbie said, adding a “wouldn’t be caught dead with that on” hashtag.

Judging by the RHOD season five trailer, this particular Twitter beef will likely continue throughout the season, as Kary was seen shoving Tiffany into a pool while wearing a fancy gown. Stay tuned!