RHOD Recap: Dr. Tiffany Gets Thrown In The Pool By Kary, Plus Tiffany And Kameron Spar Over Chicken Feet Comment As Kary Parties Wild At Her 50th Birthday Bash

by Julia Comments

RHOD Recap-Tiffany And Kameron Spar Over Chicken Feet Comment As Kary Parties Wild At Her 50th Birthday Bash, Plus Tiffany Gets Thrown In The Pool By Kary

Everyone knows that grudge-holding is toxic, but when Kameron continues to harp on Tiffany for her bossiness over dim-sum, “feet-gate” gets officially coined on this episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Watching Kameron and Fanci, her dog, “workout” together really motivates me to get moving. This dog needs an hour walk a day, so Kam does her elliptical cardio while Fanci is tied to a treadmill (don’t worry — NOT on an incline… most days). Kam FaceTimes the ladies to discuss Kary‘s upcoming Saint-Tropez themed 50th birthday party that she is throwing for her. Can we all just agree that a white-themed party should be banned? The only person who throws a good one is Kyle Richards, but really, no one looks nice in a white swimsuit…

When Kam calls Tiffany, she is a bit leery since the last time she was around Tiffany, Tiffany was force-feeding her chicken feet. Kam has decided that Tiffany’s pushiness was aggressive, and she plans on letting Tiffany know her behavior was inappropriate.

Stephanie attempting to have a serious conversation about her future with Travis, her husband, is completely backfiring. Travis does not take Stephanie seriously AT ALL. It is evident that Travis is annoyed that Stephanie is not holding up her end of the deal by being a SAHM, but Stephanie needs more. Because her boys are grown up, Stephanie feels like NOW is the time to launch her charitable organization doing locker room makeovers in needy schools.

She was able to get Travis on board, because as Stephanie explains, “He’s an a*shole, but he kind of does what I want 99% of the time.” She begs Travis to stop undervaluing her, and it’s very clear: Stephanie just needs Travis’s money. Travis thinks this is all a big joke, and that is evident when he asks her what’s for dinner after Stephanie pours her heart out to him about her goals.

Tiffany explains that her mom and dad are “super quarantining.” Her father is immunocompromised and her mother is afraid of contracting COVID whilst grocery shopping. That’s where Tiffany steps in. She states that running errands with her twins is her way of spending quality time with them. Tiffany shares that her mother is very hard to please, so grabbing a few things for her at the store is a lot harder than it seems.

Interesting that Dr. Tiffany and her kids are solely wearing face shields… thought you needed a mask, too? The kids seem like they have a good relationship with Tiffany’s mom, and as Tiffany puts it, “My mother is a much better grandmother to my children than she was a mother to me.” Tiffany claims her mother was the epitome of a Tiger Mom and states that she was def the inspo behind a lot of her TikTok stories.

Fanci follows directions like Kam follows COVID protocol… horribly. Kam hugs her party planners hello and gets right down to business putting together Kary’s 50th. Kam has high hopes of making her backyard look like Saint-Tropez. She knows that her party will be much better planned than Tiffany’s (ouch) — it will have centerpieces, AND anyone can eat anything they like. Buuurn. Kam promises to make this an unforgettable event for Kary and plans to make every wish of Kary’s come true, right down to having male models spraying Kary with champagne.

Kary is having a 50th birthday photoshoot. She claims it’s for her business and her jewelry, but really, she’s doing it because she is feeling herself: “My vagina feels like it’s in its teenage years.” Huh!? Stephanie comes to cheer Kary on as she poses in thongs and open blazers… ya know, for her jewelry line.

Stephanie talks to Kary about how she wants to do a little bit more for herself now that the boys are in school full time. She shares why she is starting her charitable organization, and Kary can understand where Stephanie is coming from. Kary explains, “I feel like my childhood was taken from me because my mom was an alcoholic.” Kary is trying to make up for that lost time by living it up now, even at the age of 50.

It’s the day of Kary’s 50th, and all of the women are rifling through their closets looking for white swimsuits and cover-ups to wear. Then there’s Kam, breaking alllll the rules in her pink and white bathing suit. Kam explains that the party will be held at her father-in-law’s castle — I mean house — since her house is currently on the market.

Kam will not let the chicken foot experience go. She wants to talk with Tiffany to be sure they set boundaries in order to assist in a friendship in the future. Drama! She is also essentially forcing Brandi into a quarantining scenario as Brandi was just in Florida. Kam is concerned so she plans on sticking Brandi on the end of the table, although it doesn’t seem like Stephanie is bothered about Brandi’s recent trip. On their car ride over together, Brandi is wearing her negative test results around her neck, plastic gloves, and a shield, just so she can party with the girls.

Not sure what to think about Brandi and her measuring tape, considering the COVID death toll just hit 400,000. D’Andra puts it perfectly — pretty baffling Brandi risked her health to go to Florida, considering “you need a hazmat suit when you come back from Florida, even when it’s not a pandemic.”

Everyone seems like they are in it to win it for Kary’s party. Tiffany calls herself a Debbie Downer, and she is inspired to be more fun… like Kary. Ya know, the lady about to stand on a table and get sprayed with champagne by male models the same age as her children. LOL.

As the ladies sit down to dine, Kameron manages to slip out a dig about the food being served: “It’s a lot better than chicken feet.” And so we begin. Kam claims that saying she doesn’t like chicken feet has nothing to do with China. Kam does not like how Tiffany is trying to “stereotype” the entire situation and claims this whole argument has nothing to do with culture. Rather, she wants Tiffany to know she did not appreciate being bullied to try said chicken feet. Kameron is def reaching here. Tiffany lets Kam know she should loosen up a bit, and Kam gets offended. FOR THE LOVE.

Kam feels disrespected and doesn’t want to be pushed into doing something. Luckily, Tiffany apologizes, and this simple “I’m sorry” helps shut down the argument. With that fight behind the women, it’s time to rage. Kary is leading the posse in her white bikini. All of her dreams come true: sprayed with champagne, dancing on tables, all of it!

Evidently, Kary was so wrapped up in her partying that in an attempt to have fun, she throws Tiffany into the pool. Except… Tiffany can’t swim. Not sure, but is Kary trying to kill Tiffany?  Kary claims she just wanted to include everyone in the moment, but as Tiffany blows up her arm floaties, she decides, “I want to be more fun, but at a certain time, it’s my responsibility to go home so I can be rested and be a doctor the next day.” Touché. Bye, party animals.