Kelly Dodd Suggests Positive Beverage Should Be Canceled After They Dropped Her, Plus RHOC Star Defends Outing at Crowded Restaurant After She’s Accused of “Super-Spreader” Event

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RHOC's Kelly Dodd Encourages Ban on Positive Beverage After Firing and Defends Outing at Crowded Restaurant After She's Accused of Mocking COVID-19 During "Super-Spreader" Event

Months after slamming ‘cancel culture,’ Kelly Dodd appears to be encouraging just that as she shared a message calling for a ban on Positive Beverage on her Instagram Stories over the weekend after being fired from the company due to her “controversial views and opinions.”

Just after The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member learned she was being booted from her role within the company, she used a re-post to slam Positive Beverage as “a business to ban” before defending her recent outing at a crowded Southern California restaurant.

On Sunday, an account named Blessed Bookworm slammed Positive Beverage.

“They cut ties with [Kelly Dodd] over personal opinions. They spread positivity by banning unpopular viewpoints. The health of the world relies on us standing up to businesses like this,” their message read, according to a screenshot shared by Queens of Bravo on Instagram.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Calls on Ban of Positive Beverage

Kelly also spoke out on Sunday about her outing at Billy’s at the Beach in Newport Beach, where she and her friends were accused of mocking COVID-19 and seemingly bragging that they were “super spreaders.”

“Hey [TMZ] my goal [Saturday] was to promote the reopening of a local [business] closed since March. The crowd was celebrating finally enjoying food [and] drink in a bar [and] I don’t know the person who yelled ‘super spreader,'” Kelly wrote on Twitter in response to the allegations. “There was never an intent to harm, only to appreciate a slice of normal.”

That message was also re-shared on Instagram by the Queens of Bravo and can be seen below.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Defends Herself After Super Spreader Event

Kelly also defended herself in a video shared to her Instagram Stories in which she claimed she and her friends could not possibly be “super spreaders” because they’ve all been vaccinated.

Positive Beverage’s Head of Brand, Zach Muchnick, announced the RHOC star’s exit from his company on January 31.

“Our core values of wellness, community, diversity and inclusion should be reflected by our brand and anyone associated with it,” he wrote in a statement shared on Instagram. “It has become clear over the past few months that Kelly’s controversial views and opinions have distracted from our primary objectives, so effective today, we are no longer affiliated with Kelly Dodd-Leventhal.”

In response, Kelly shared a statement on Twitter.

“I’m glad I could help put Positive Beverage on the map and wish them well,” Kelly stated. “I’m also really excited about my next venture in the beauty industry, which is my real passion. Stay tuned!”

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