RHOD Recap: D’Andra Accuses Kary of “Bullying” Her as She Demands an Apology and Threatens to Leave Austin

by Julia Comments

RHOD Recap: D'Andra Demands An Apology from Kary and Threatens to Leave Austin; Plus, Is Kary a Bully?

A birthday trip to Austin takes a sharp turn on this episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. An unfinished fight between two old friends spirals out of control, leaving the women in the midst of something pretty intense.

It’s almost time for Austin, and all of the women are beginning to pack for the adventure. Kameron and her size 11 shoes are packing for the long haul, particularly because there will be LOTS of themes to pack for. Kam reminds Kary, “We have to be like rock stars. We are going to be on a tour bus,” which requires the perfect “rock star” outfits, whatever that means.

LOL to Tiffany’s husband pretending to be amazed by her Dior luggage. At least he continues to listen as Tiffany shares her woes about the meeting she set up with her supervisor upon her return from Austin. Luckily, Tiffany made an Excel spreadsheet for her packing purposes…

Tiffany calls D’Andra to discuss her flop of a pizza party. D’Andra explains that many of the women believe the party was just a chance for Tiffany to brag. D’Andra hopes by letting Tiffany know the deal, she can be prepared before hopping on the tour bus to Austin tomorrow. Tiffany fears that her hopes of becoming part of the “girl gang” have gone right down her Toto toilets.

D’Andra worries about being around Kary on this trip, particularly because the ladies have been beefing. Her husband, Jeremy, does a fabulous job of talking some sense into D’Andra, but it’s hard to imagine Kary and D’Andra making up in Austin.

The day has come and so has the tour bus. This thing is next level and it’s about to be inhabited by some pretty immature ladies who brought along a blowup doll named Captain Dick. Of course, “Captain Dick is inspired like Captain Brandi.” Why oh why must they continue to do things like this?

It kills me that this Austin trip is a continuation of Kary’s 50th birthday. How many parties can one woman have? The tequila starts flowing and even Tiffany is pushing herself out of her comfort zone. You know, like still being careful and wearing her face shield BUT drinking out of the shared tequila bottle. Omg, D’Andra chatting about her tour bus “tours.” Talk about a groupie…

I am cracking up that this bus cannot make it down the driveway of the estate. These women, their bags, and their 12-inch heels have to trek half a mile to the property. They are acting like they must walk uphill, in the snow, but when they get to the estate, they are thrilled with the new digs.

Kary makes an awkward toast about trying to get to know Tiffany and not seem like a bully toward her. She apologizes, and she promises that if Tiffany feels offended by her she should come talk to her right away. D’Andra is upset by this toast as she is STILL waiting for Kary’s apology to HER.

As the women get ready for dinner, Tiffany realizes D’Andra is upset over Kary and her speech. D’Andra is annoyed that there is a wedge in their friendship and Kary is not trying to make things better. The problem is, Kary and Kam are overhearing D’Andra’s complaints (aka spying). They linger in the hallway as D’Andra goes on and on about Kary and her sh*tty friendship. Tiffany tries to calm D’Andra down, but D’Andra insists the problems between her and Kary have reached a bullying level.

Of course, Kary and Kam go to Stephanie and Brandi’s room. They fill the girls in on all the sh*t D’Andra was talking (but if D’Andra’s friendship meant as much to Kary as she claims it does, WHY is Kary running to talk to all of the other women, but not D’Andra…). Birthday girl Kary starts the waterworks and Brandi recommends Kary let D’Andra know what she overheard.

Hopefully, Western Night does not get ruined by the elephant in the room. You can tell Kary is fuming internally as they play a quick game of “chicken sh*t bingo.” Before they move onto the dinner, Kary decides to make yet another toast. I am cringing as Kary talks about how she only wants to be surrounded by love and true friends. It’s essentially a total dig to D’Andra. So much for waiting to address the issues until dessert, Kary.

Kary lets D’Andra know if she doesn’t want to be there and would rather talk behind her back, then she can go home. When D’Andra claims Kary can be sometimes “very bullying” to her, the women jump right on her. D’Andra yells for Kary to stop nitpicking and Kary lets her know that she overheard what D’Andra said about her earlier. D’Andra screams at Kary, “How the hell am I supposed to know if you’re having problems if you don’t tell me?” The two of them are going back and forth, calling each other liars. Kary just wants D’Andra to be a genuine friend and D’Andra is told if she wants to be a mean girl, she can just go home. So. Off D’Andra goes…

Tiffany runs after her cuz she’s like, please don’t leave me with these crazies. Stephanie begs D’Andra to stay and reminds her that she has been friends with Kary for a long time. D’Andra continues to hold steadfast to her point that Kary owes her an apology and that she wants to go home. Cracking up about Stephanie calling D’Andra’s bluff about leaving because let’s be real — it’ll take her FOREVER to pack up.

When Tiffany makes her way back to the table, she becomes emotional over the fact that her friends are fighting. She compares this fight to watching her parents fight when she was little. Guess the tequila is hitting Tiffany. Kary is not impressed by Tiffany’s tears. She retorts, “You don’t f*cking know me. You can cry all f*cking day. I will never take a step for her. Over my dead body.” Kary is on a stubborn rampage and insists D’Andra beg to talk to her. Kary goes in HARD on Tiffany and it makes you wonder if that speech she made earlier to Tiffany was just a charade…