RHOA Recap: Kenya Claims a Costar Slept With Stripper Bolo During Cynthia’s Wild Bachelorette Party as Kenya and Marlo Call a Truce on Years-Long Feud

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: The Ladies Get Wild At Cynthia’s Dungeon-Themed Bachelorette Party With Stripper Bolo As Kenya And Marlo Call A Truce On Years Long Beef

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are going into the dungeon tonight for our super-sized stripper-gate episode! What kind of raunchy shenanigans can our Atlanta housewives get into? Let’s get down and dirty in this sex-fueled dungeon, FINALLY, shall we?

We start off with Kenya replaying the famous scene from the movie Basic Instinct. The producer asks, “What is the definition of a freak-hoe?” She is going to get to the bottom of who screwed the stripper and will then tell you who gets the freak moniker. We then go back one day earlier…

The ladies are all getting dressed up in their sexy attire in preparation for the big event. Cynthia, who is blissfully unaware of what is happening, is FaceTiming with Mike. She is getting dressed in her jammies and isn’t prepared for what will now be called stripper-gate.

Kandi shares with the ladies minus Cynthia that Bolo has been tested. Tested for COVID, good, but what about STDs? He is ready to party and prove to all of those naysayers that his junk is real. Cynthia comes downstairs and sees it has been transformed into the dungeon. Kenya, the only one clad in red, has got her legs wide open. I have never seen so many booties exposed and junk on display in every sense of the word. Porsha definitely wins the award for carrying the most luggage in her trunk.

Cynthia gets sent back upstairs to get dressed up in some sexy 50-CYNT wear. She is now all decked out in her wedding dungeon attire. Shamea brings her a vibrator for her “vibrator drawers,” and the mistress Kandi wants her to put it in her panties. Kandi is going to push the button when she needs to “amp up” the sexy.

Kandi brings everyone outside to see Bolo in the glass enclosure. Bolo is all decked out in his fake Chanel and looks like sex in a box. He is definitely well hung and ready to party.

In her ITM, production asks Cynthia about the experience. She prefers to leave it all in South/North Carolina and far away from Mike Hill. Wise move, Ms. Bailey-Hill.

Bolo comes in grooving and is dry humping and slow-rolling the table. He is built like a brick sh*thouse. Bolo is “Magic Mike-ing” all over the place. He has a tongue that could be used as a sex toy. Bolo then whips out his third arm. OH-MY-STARS, even with it being blurred you can see the size of his member.

Porsha, with her nipples on display, is rubbing all over Bolo. She is most definitely all sexed up and has a lot of pent-up sexual frustration.

Kandi brings out the sex swing for the ladies to get tethered up in that contraption. They strap Cynthia in the sex swing and she looks frankly terrified and very uncomfortable.

Kenya is rolling around on the floor with her legs splayed all over the place. She is another horny housewife. Kenya, according to Porsha, is so exposed that her uterus is on display.

Porsha decides she hasn’t gotten enough out of Bolo yet. She is also determined to have someone eating her peach tonight. Porsha is definitely all about the appetite.

Kandi asks the cameramen to shut it down. No signal, but we still have some cameras on the walls. The ladies think the cameras are all covered but there are still some live cameras and mics. This is most definitely one group of housewives that are DTF and ready to party. At one point, I heard Bolo say, “Oh my God!”

In her ITM, the producer asks Drew, “Where did you sleep?” Ms. Sidora is trying to keep those secrets. Ralph will high-tail it back to the stripper capital of the world for a week next time if he hears what really went down.

The next morning at 8:45 a.m., they all look played out. We see the aftermath of the bachelorette party on steroids, and by all accounts, it looks and smells like a whorehouse.

Kenya, aka Chocolate the Narc, is recounting what happened the next morning. LaToya and Porsha were making out. Porsha claims that she is now a lesbian. Bolo left the building very satisfied at 9 a.m. Tanya, who looked like a deer in the headlights the next morning, seems really nervous. Maybe that is why Tanya walked away after filming this episode?


Drew goes to Cynthia’s room to compare notes about what went on. Cynthia says it went all WAP last night. Drew admits to being up till the sun came up. Cynthia is happy that she got the receipts on Mr. Bolo and can testify to the fact that his member is real.

Marlo, who had to lock herself in the closet last night, is wearing some sort of crazy camo turban outfit. She decides to break into the Rosé to dull her hangover. Marlo has been up chanting with her meditation book so she can save her soul after having so many impure thoughts about Bolo. She never disappoints me with her outfits — they are always over-the-top and fun to snark on.

Kandi is proclaiming what happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon. We will have to wait and see how long that lasts. Kandi is all about protecting confidentiality — no wonder why she gets NDAs.

Cynthia and Kenya talk about all of the girl-on-girl action. She admits she was pretty turned on by what she saw for 20 minutes. Latoya gets questioned by Kenya on what went on with Bolo. She isn’t spilling any details to Kenya, aka Chocolate the Narc.

Drew, Kandi, Porsha, and Marlo decide to go on a fishing trip. On the ride over, Marlo is shocked that Kenya was participating in the festivities. She thought she would have been sprinkling antibacterial all over the room. Me too, I never thought she would have been rolling around on the floor with her nether regions on display.

They all seem to be having a good time and we have something on the line. Marlo gets a hold of the rod and there is a shark on it. She reels it in, which was pretty cool to see.

Back at the house, why is Kenya the freaking interrogator? She wants to know, “Whose p*ssy was murdered in the sheets?” Tanya isn’t giving anything up. I agree with Kenya that she is most likely the biggest freak in the sheets. Cynthia isn’t feeling this SVU poolside edition. Me either. LaToya, who doesn’t realize that exonerated means not-guilty, gets clearance since she was on Instagram in bed at 6 a.m. I don’t know if I am buying that she wasn’t partaking in any of the debauchery.

In Porsha’s ITM, she admits to having a lot of fun. She also acknowledges that she partook in a lot of scandalous behavior.

Kandi gets a turn in the interrogation chair. She isn’t telling anything. Ms. Kandi is a vault filled with some sexy gossip.

Kenya and Kandi compare notes on where the moaning was coming from. She is really grasping to find out what went on. Kenya is claiming that she heard moaning sounds for 45 minutes. She claims she heard a certified freak show. Kenya claims Bolo wasn’t alone and she heard Porsha’s voice and another unidentified voice yelling out, “F*ck me harder!” Oh my, what are all of your bets on who else was in the room? Would Ms. Tanya go to the lengths of Bolo’s penis to capture the coveted Atlanta peach?

Cynthia calls Marlo to her room. She is still trying to force Marlo and Kenya to call a truce. Cynthia is willing to mediate this sh*tshow. Marlo isn’t doing it without crab cakes and a cocktail. She is going to need a lot more than that. Kenya can’t forgive what she said about her mom not wanting a relationship with her. Her face looks awful in this scene and it is really distracting me right now. Kenya, what happened to Miss USA?

Marlo apologizes for the nasty things she has said and done to Kenya. They both decide to play nice and get along. I can’t believe how gorgeous Kenya used to be. Marlo and Kenya agree to make a concerted effort to get along.

Production calls for Porsha to get interrogated. She is a no-show and she has pled the fifth. Coward!

Tanya, Porsha, and Shamea are talking about what happened with Bolo. They all frankly look a little concerned about what was heard. Tanya and Porsha are upset that Kenya is running her mouth. They should be. Kenya will sell your dirty secrets in a heartbeat!

LaToya finally finds out how Kenya operates. She is getting a dose of her nasty medicine. Marlo did try to warn her, but I guess sometimes you have to find out for yourself.

OMG, did Kenya and Marlo hug? They come downstairs together showing their unified front. We end this episode with some gospel music and a to-be-continued…

Next week, we experience the aftermath of this scandalous girls’ weekend. Will all of their relationships survive getting down to business with Bolo? Have a wonderful week and be safe!