Kelly Dodd Shows “Receipt” to Prove She Didn’t Dine and Dash at PUMP Restaurant as Lisa Vanderpump Apologizes to RHOC Star, Plus Kelly Responds to Lisa’s Apology

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'RHOC' Kelly Dodd Accuses Lisa Vanderpump of 'Lying' About Her Not Paying Restaurant Bill, Disses Her Restaurants as She Explains Her Side

Kelly Dodd fired back at Lisa Vanderpump‘s claim that the Real Housewives of Orange County star had been banned from her restaurants… which ultimately led to an apology from Lisa.

Lisa dropped the bombshell on her new E! show, Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum claimed Kelly dined at her PUMP restaurant and skipped out on paying the bill.

Following Reality Blurb‘s story yesterday, Kelly first took to her Twitter page to fire back at the Vanderpump Rules boss as she accused Lisa of lying and having “revisionist history.”

“THIS IS A LIE,” Kelly tweeted on March 27, along with a link to our story. She continued,”a) it was 6yrs ago. b) I was a guest of Vicki & her friends c) I paid my share & have the receipt & showed it back then on social media. It was the others who didn’t pay! No wonder Villa Blanca went under. #RevisionistHistory.”

Kelly Dodd accuses Lisa Vanderpump of Lying

Kelly wasn’t done yet as she also took a shot at the food from Lisa’s restaurant, saying it “sucked” and claiming the service was “poor.”

She wrote, “Oh & by the way @LisaVanderpump your food sucks & so does your service. Check your Yelp reviews. I wouldn’t come back anyway.”

Kelly Dodd disses Lisa Vanderpump restaurants

Kelly then shared a screenshot of her receipt from when she dined at Lisa’s restaurant to prove she did indeed pay for her meal.

Later, Lisa responded to Kelly by apologizing, writing: “Gosh of course I was told there was a problem and you didn’t pay, i was away but of course whatever you say,… I apologize if there was such a fiasco and apologize on behalf of all my staff. Would love to host you.”

Kelly accepted Lisa’s apology but did request that the restaurant mogul post it on her main feed.

Kelly tweeted: “Thanks for your apology. I’m just confused why you’d say I was banned when in fact I was the subject of false and defamatory allegations and cleared this up five years ago. I’d appreciate a post on your feeds to clear this up.”

Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump airs Thursdays at 10/9c on the E! Network.

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