RHOP Recap: Mia Sends Shady Text to Gizelle and Robyn as Candiace Throws a Peace Out PJ Party and Ashley Goes into Labor

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOP Recap: Mia Sends Shady Text to Gizelle and Robyn as Candiace Throws a Peace Out PJ Party and Ashley Goes into Labor

Our ladies from the Real Housewives of Potomac will be attending a pajama party. The episode will conclude with Ashley going into labor. Well, how do these radically different events make for an episode? Let’s break it down and see!

Gizelle and Robyn have supposedly now teamed up for a podcast that is aptly called the Reasonably Shady podcast. They have arranged a photoshoot for their podcast. Another housewife podcast, how original! Gizelle has shown up on time, but Robyn is late — again. She is most likely snoring away totally oblivious to the fact she has this work obligation. Robyn finally graces us with her presence, and in her ITM, Gizelle shades her BFF by saying, “Robyn doesn’t share my work ethic.”

Robyn very casually submissively asks Gizelle about her fraud of a relationship with preacher extraordinaire Jamal. Gizelle gives the absurd excuse that they couldn’t see each other because of the pandemic. She very poorly acts like they would have stood a chance if they lived close by.

Side note: What bugs the crap out of me is that only the Potomac Queen Karen will call Gizelle out on this ridiculous farce of a relationship. Gizelle and Jamal have the means to make it happen, so they can see each other even during a pandemic. Have they heard of possibly driving? I checked in case you are wondering, and it is an eight-and-a-half-hour drive so this nonsense Gizelle is spewing is a load of crap.

Gizelle asks her hairdresser Kal if he knows anything about clitoral surgery. Kal hilariously proclaims, “I haven’t seen one of those since the ’90s!” Robyn thinks that they should get together for drinks with Mia to get to know her better. Karen is persona non grata. I must give it to these two — they don’t have a lot of tools in their shed and make horrible fashion choices, but they are both very beautiful women.

The very pregnant Ashley and Michael head out to dinner pre-baby. Ashley thinks Michael is trying to cover his shady tracks keep the romance alive even though he isn’t getting any action from her. Michael has decided to go into the movie production business. Ashley has concerns over the financing of this endeavor. She wants to make sure that there is money leftover when baby number two arrives and she has met the terms of their prenup. Michael claims to not do anything without fully understanding the issues that may arise. Hmm, sure you ALWAYS think things through, Michael.

Karen FaceTimes with her daughter Rayvin, who is living in NY and working as a corporate executive. She is getting sworn in as the Ambassador of Surrey County. Karen thinks receiving the ambassador honor will help revive her rural community. Rayvin is really a nice, poised young woman, and I can see why Karen is so proud of her. Karen burns up Ray’s dinner while chatting with her daughter. I am sure she will be forgiven by Ray.

Mia arrives at her business, The Joint Chiropractic. She has 14 locations and has others in development. Mia is responsible for the operations management of the business. She gets a call from her son Joshua, and she must tell him that she can’t take him to an extracurricular activity. Gordon jumps on the call and reminds her that she has canceled on her son three times already. He reminds her of the importance of being with her son. Mia is struggling with work-life balance, and that is a challenge all of us moms have had to experience.

Robyn is meeting up with a trainer, and she has invited Askale and Wendy to join in for the burn. She needs to get moving or Juan is going to lose even more interest in her. Robyn decides to take a walk with them and Candiace calls during their walk. Candiace shares that she has a peace-out pajama jam at her old townhome. OMG, Did Candiace turn into a Rainbow High cheer doll in her ITM!!! Full disclosure: I only recognize this similarity since I have granddaughters who love them. I don’t want you all to think I am some creepy doll collector! Candiace’s ITM looks went from bad to worse. She will need to not only fire her makeup artist for that gold eyeliner but now the hairstylist must go as well!

Mia and Karen chat about Gizelle and how Robyn does Gizelle’s bidding. Robyn has climbed up Gizelle’s stovepipe legs and inserted herself into her fiery bush. Gizelle has summoned Mia to come for drinks and dictated who is included in their get-together. Mia isn’t going to take direction from anyone since she is a boss too. She texts Gizelle, “Unless you want to discuss business there’s nothing I have time to talk to you about. Would you like for me to connect you with my assistant to pencil you in this week?” BOOM, I love when Gizelle gets a big dose of shade since she LOVES giving out huge doses to everyone else.

I love these parallel discussions when Robyn is reading Mia’s super shady text. Robyn calls Mia out on her rude response. She doesn’t realize that Mia has already figured these two out. Robyn thinks that Karen has led Mia astray with her comments about them.

Candiace arrives at the recording studio sans Chris since he has a catering job. She acknowledges that she hasn’t been very appreciative of his help. Candiace starts singing her part, but she is missing some swag according to the producers. She was supposed to sign onto Chuckie Thompson’s label, but that scene was a staged scene to imply he was interested in signing her it wasn’t a good fit. Candiace is looking for the respect of the greats in the music industry. Darling, that is most likely never going to happen.

Gizelle is taking Grace for her driving test along with Adore and Angel. She tries testing her in the car and Grace isn’t having it. Gizelle is terrified that Grace is going to fail because she has part of Jamal’s DNA. Grace failed her exam again, and you can tell this is rough on her with the cameras present. I really feel for her — it is hard enough to be a teenager, but to live it out on TV has got to be extra rough.

Candiace reflects on all the drama that played out in her townhome, including the fights with pretty much everyone. She thinks she has evolved from the person who lived in that house and escaped Dorothy’s clutches. Candiace acknowledges that she was a different person when she lived there.

Karen arrives in her pretty pink pajamas but must first be initiated with a shot. She must take a shot of fireball before entering so she can transform into my beloved Kurn. Woo-hoo Kurn is going to come out to play!

Robyn arrives with her boring pajamas and a random blue headband. Karen snidely asks about her wedding plans. Robyn acts like she doesn’t want to be short-changed. She pretends like she is socially conscious and doesn’t want a super-spreader wedding like her BFF Gizelle attended in Atlanta. OMG, what is happening to these ladies this episode in their ITMs! Robyn is sporting a Pebbles from the Flintstone hairstyle with a hideous giant gold ruffle top!

Gizelle arrives in her psychedelic robe and is acting like it protects her from Karen’s knowing eyes. Candiace hasn’t invited Ashley to the party — shocker! She not-so-innocently forgot to invite her since she assumed rather correctly that her cervix is dilating.

Ashley is at home and her water has broken. She looks terrified, and I am unsure if Michael has made it home yet from his side-piece’s house to take her to the hospital. Taxi!

Wendy comes in all pretty and pink and flaunting her new body parts. She really has become a different person this season with all her cosmetic surgery. Wendy seems to have so much confidence EXCEPT around Mia, who brings out the jelly devil in her. Askale arrives looking lovely in her sexy black negligee.

Karen talks about the text Mia sent and how it was perceived. Mia is here to clear this nonsense up now. Karen gives Mia the lowdown on how the text was received by the other ladies. Mia thinks her response was a little aggressive, but she won’t allow someone to dictate who she hangs out with.

Mia tells Gizelle that they got off on the wrong foot. She will try with her deliverance next time when dealing with Gizelle. Askale isn’t buying Mia’s argument of putting on stipulations. Candiace tries to shut this down since she wants to play a game of Prosecco pong. The ladies do a conga line into the living room.

Candiace proposes they play the never have I ever game. She must explain the game since they think you drink if you haven’t done something. Candiace starts off with, “Have you had your clit done?” Mia is guzzling her drink since she thinks that she just won the game. We then get into a debate over what the procedure is. Mia now correctly calls it a vaginal rejuvenation. Robyn, our medical professional, thought that she had a “clitoronamy.”  The topic of threesomes is next, and too bad Ashley isn’t there since Mia would have had an ally. Wendy, of course, personally has never had a threesome. She thinks the only other person in her bed with Eddie is her wig.

Mia is proud to admit that she has had a threesome. She was only a watcher while Gordon got it on with another lady. Wow, this lady likes to share! I am digging the honesty since it is severely lacking within this group.

Back at home, Ashley is getting emotional over going to the hospital and leaving Dean. She realizes that she will no longer have just one child. Ashley is having contractions, and Michael makes it home from his extracurricular activities just in time!

Next week, Gizelle and Karen go at it over the Ray comments. Mia is trying to find her place among this group of strong women. I hope everyone is well, and have a fabulous week!