Love is Blind’s Giannina Gibelli Reveals Relationship Status Following ‘After the Altar’ Drama With Damian Powers and Francesca Farago, Talks Lack of “Trust”

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Love is Blind's Giannina Gibelli Reveals Relationship Status Following 'After the Altar' Drama With Damian Powers and Francesca Farago

Credit:, Instagram/FrancescaFarago

Giannina Gibelli is opening up about her relationship status.

After the 28-year-old was confronted with shocking details regarding the time Damian Powers, 27, spent with Too Hot to Handle‘s Francesca Farago, 27, in August 2020 on the three-part “After the Altar” special of Love is Blind, she confirmed where the two of them stand today.

“I am officially single,” Giannina told Entertainment Tonight on August 2. “Me and Damian haven’t been dating for a couple of months now. I’ve moved on. I feel really, really good. I’m definitely at a really good place in my life.”

“For the first time in like three years I feel like I don’t have to keep some sort of my life private anymore,” she continued. “We were just under wraps about everything. I was still trying to figure out, how does my life look without him in it? It’s been a long time but I feel really good.”

Giannina met Damian on the set of the Netflix series in 2018. And, while Damian left her at the altar during the finale episode of the show, which aired in 2020, they continued to date.

“I don’t regret anything. You definitely learn from all different kinds of love. I definitely learned from that,” Giannina explained.

Although Giannina admitted that she and Damian had a lot of “really great moments” together, they weren’t as compatible as she felt they should be after two years of dating.

“We were just very different,” she continued. “The way that we communicated, we didn’t really understand what the other was trying to say. It was constantly like that.”

In addition to their communication struggles, Giannina and Damian also faced controversy in summer 2020 after he was photographed with Francesca in Los Angeles.

As fans may recall, both Giannina and Damian spoke out against rumors of a romance between Damian and Francesca before Francesca made a shocking appearance on the “After the Altar” special by showing up as Damian’s date for the party and catching Giannina completely “off guard.”

“My blood boils just thinking about that. I also wasn’t expecting to be treated that way either. You know, if you’re going to bring someone as a friend, then why am I the one being treated like the stranger?” she wondered.

Following the filming of the special, Giannina and Damian attempted to make it work before ultimately calling it quits.

“It was a lot to process and it was a very long breakup,” she explained. “I have never been one to just, like, not peel off the Band-Aid so this was new … it was just like that trust wasn’t really there [anymore].”