RHOP Recap: Gizelle Brings Up Eddie Cheating Rumors as Ashley Introduces Baby Dylan, Plus Gizelle Rehashes Old Feud With Karen on Girls’ Trip

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RHOP Recap: Gizelle Brings Up Eddie Cheating Rumors as Ashley Introduces Baby Dylan, Plus Gizelle Rehashes Old Feud With Karen on Girls’ Trip

The Real Housewives of Potomac are headed this week on a girls’ trip to Williamsburg! We also get to meet baby Dylan! Babies always cheer everyone up, unless they poop on you! Let’s see what our RHOP ladies are delivering this week other than babies, shall we?

I must forewarn you all that this is a rather tame episode, but we do get to start out with some adorableness. It is almost like they are spoon-feeding us this episode before they drop the gauntlet, and the reality games will commence!

Ashley and Michael bring home the new baby! Let’s meet two-day-old Dylan Matthew Darby! Little Dean is being so sweet with his little brother. How freaking adorable are these two sweet babies? These scenes are the best and cannot be forced or overly produced.

Mia and Gordon are taking their beautiful family to the park for a picnic. Phew, little JuJu took a stumble, but she is okay thank goodness. Mia asks Joshua about school and how he feels about her working all the time. Joshua expresses she must do that so they can have a big, beautiful home.

Mia wants more for her kids than she had growing up. She thinks her mom lacked motherly instincts. Gordon asks, “Why isn’t she here?” Mia has not even had a lunch date with her mom. Gordon encourages her to keep reaching out. I like Gordon, and he seems to be a good dad and husband except for the threesome thing, but to each his own! Sorry, I just don’t play well with others in my bed!

Candiace is packing for her girls’ trip to Williamsburg. Her grandparents lived there, and they need a place to film due to all the travel restrictions. Candiace is super excited since she has missed getting together so she can allow everyone, including herself, a chance to fuss a little bit. Chris is bringing her coffee since we all know who the boss is around this house. He lets her know that she must get back to work when she returns.

Candiace is filming a music video and she’s filming a pilot. She thinks it is a strange dynamic since he is in coach/manager mode. Chris with obvious producer influence then urges Candiace to invite Ashley even though she just had Dylan. Are we supposed to believe that Chris is worried about Ashley being left out? Come on now!

Gizelle comes over to meet baby Dylan bearing gifts of Corona. She does not see the resemblance between him and Michael, and you almost see her sigh of relief. Gizelle tolerates Michael but is secretly glad he doesn’t resemble Michael as much. They discuss the challenges of having more than one child.

Baby Dean walks in with the nanny, and he is just super cute. Gizelle starts sharing the deets about the pajama party and it brings out a poop explosion by baby Dylan. Ashley thinks her friends should be honored that they release their bowels when they visit, and the timing of that was hilarious! They commiserate over pooping after delivery. The producer super-shadily asks if that was the undoing of her relationship with Jamal. Gizelle laughs that off because she knows that he was, ahem, mentoring other ladies for some time.

Gizelle spills that there is a ladies’ trip, and she invites Ashley to come. We then pivot to Candiace, who discusses why Ashley was uninvited — again. In her ITM, Candiace says her head wrap was too tight and she forgot to extend the filming invitation. Gizelle shares that Mia was trying to make nice with her. She thinks that she needs to tell her girls that Mia’s life is not something they should aspire to. Good for you, Gizelle, since they already KNOW your relationships should not be emulated either.

Gizelle is confused by the new Wendy. She does not think it aligns with the professor image from before. Ashley concludes that Wendy is “Miss Wendy if you are nasty!” all the time. Gizelle is already throwing out the rumor about Eddie having a side piece. She could not wait to spill the alleged cheating tea so that the blaring reunion light can be turned off her. She thinks that Wendy did the body overhaul to try to hang on to her man. In real-time, Karen is weighing in on Gizelle’s actions regarding the affair rumors.

Wendy is trying to do her Policy and Politics class session recording but having lots of interruptions. Eddie sits down with her, and they discuss her new sexy image. Wendy is struggling with her new identity and trying to branch out into other businesses. She is a professor who listens to trap music. True confession: I had to Google that since I hadn’t heard of that! Sorry, I am just uncool.

Eddie is trying to get her to realize that you cannot just start a business without a proper business mission. He thinks that she is not prepared, and he is not allowing her to take any more coins out of his pocket. Wendy just wants Eddie to have a little grace. Eddie is trying to get her to understand that there are steps you must take to operate a successful business. Wendy acknowledges that she did not realize the level of commitment it took.

Gizelle, Robyn, and Mia meet up for a dinner thing at a bar. Robyn must hobble in since her bodysuit is sucked up into her crotch. Mia comes in a fancy dress with a fur coat that really seems out of place here. In Robyn’s ITM, she wonders if she wore this get-up to score Gordon. I would venture to guess she wore a lot less than that!

Gizelle wants them all to start out fresh after their bumpy start. She wants to know more about her. Mia shares her story and how she ended up in the foster care system. Gizelle likes this Mia since she is being vulnerable with them. She is impressed with where she came from and what she has accomplished.

Karen is pumped over being sworn in as the Ambassador to Surry County. She is still going on the girls’ trip, but with Candiace’s blessing, she can step away for her ceremony. Side note: Not much of our Grande Dame in this episode, but wait till the end and she doesn’t disappoint!

Candiace is taking the ladies on a huge white bus with a stripper pole. Mia should feel at home, and I would like to see how she navigates the pole. Wendy arrives in an outfit with all these cutouts and nothing left to the imagination. The other ladies are perplexed over the revamped Wendy.

Karen arrives and Gizelle is staring daggers into her. Askale joins in so the gang is all there — except Ashley. Candiace thinks Ashley should sit this out since her coochie is healing. She also grabs the microphone and turns everything into a song. Would someone please grab that mic and lock it down, please?

Mia shares that Gordon is being super-dad. She knows this since the house has a surveillance system and she is always watching. For some crazy reason, the other ladies want Robyn to have another anchor baby with Juan. Wendy starts grinding and grooving in excitement over Juan shooting up the club. Askale looks taken aback and clearly was shocked, and none of us were prepared for those dance moves!?! OMG, who kidnapped our illustrious professor from last season? It is like an episode of the Body Snatchers!

The ladies all take their turn on the pole to embarrassing proportions. Mia does not disappoint, and her shady tip counter does not lie. She insists she personally never worked a pole but had some friends who clued her in. Candiace is convinced Mia’s booty crack has ridden a pole before. Yep, me too.

We then hear more about the accommodations. There is a main house where Candiace, Mia, and the green-eyed bandits will cohabitate. Wendy, Askale, and Karen are relegated to the “CUTE” cottage. Karen invites Mia and Wendy to her ceremony. Gizelle is wondering, when did this friendship form? They arrive in Williamsburg and the house is beautiful and very grand. The battle for the rooms starts, and they are all beautiful. Fun fact: President Obama slept in one of the main suites. Candiace refers to him as her “Boss,” which is a bit of a stretch since wasn’t she just a campaign staffer?

Robyn wants to kick Mia out of the upstairs so she can be near her BFF. Karen thinks that was not a subtle move at all. She is clearly appalled at that blatant diss of Mia. Gizelle not-so-innocently asks, “Does anyone have any apologies to make?” Karen will not engage with Gizelle in a group setting. She still thinks that Gizelle wished Ray dead. Karen espouses that Gizelle has lived a life as a fraud and a fake. Gizelle proclaims, “I want Ray to live, I just want him to pay his bills.” We then get a to-be-continued…

Next week, Robyn is still struggling with Juan. Wendy and Gizelle go at it over the Eddie rumors. Things are starting to get super spicy in Potomac! Let me know in the comments, what do you think is behind Wendy’s transformation this season? Have a wonderful week, everyone!