Austen Kroll Reacts To Rumors He’s Dating Lindsay Hubbard As Craig Reveals Where He Stands With Austen And Shep, Plus What To Expect On Southern Charm Season 8

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Austen Kroll Reacts to Rumors He's Dating Lindsay Hubbard as Craig Reveals Where He Stands With Austen and Shep, Plus What to Expect on Southern Charm Season 8

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Austen Kroll reacts to rumors that he’s dating Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard, plus he and Craig Conover share what they’re hoping for when filming begins on season eight of Southern Charm.

After photos of Austen and Craig hanging out with the Summer House crew began to make the rounds online, many fans began to speculate that Austen and Lindsay may be more than friends. Then, once Austen shared his own photo from Lindsay’s birthday weekend, the Bravolebs raised even more eyebrows.

“Now that I have a moment to catch my breath back in [Charleston], quick little photo dump from the Hamptons/NY for [Lindsay’s] bday weekend,” he captioned the photo.

Soon after, Lindsay dropped a flirty little comment, writing, “Miss you already,” along with a kissy face emoji, which was captured by Queens of Bravo on Instagram.

After a fan took notice of the blonde beauty’s comment, they went straight to the source and asked Lindsay if she and Austen are dating. Though she didn’t respond to the question, Austen did, writing, “What a sh*t show that would be.”

Meanwhile, Austen also joked about the online rumors when he, Craig, and Shep Rose joined an Instagram Live on August 18 and discussed what they’ve been up to in recent months.

“Just follow Deuxmoi [on Instagram] if you want to know about our lives. Kidding, everyone unfollow that and never post on it ever again,” he joked while referring to recent photos and gossip that the popular account has shared regarding his relationship with Lindsay.

Nevertheless, the Trop Hop creator and Craig also shared that they’re gearing up to film the eighth season of Southern Charm “soon,” and dished on what they’re expecting once they reunite with their other co-stars.

“I think we’re all in pretty good places. I mean, the three of us [are],” Craig said of his relationship with Austen and Shep. “You know, carrying around resentment requires a lot of energy. So, I think we’ve had a lot of time since we all last saw each other, so it kind of like goes to the wayside. But again, when we all see each other, we’ll see what happens. But I would never stress about seeing someone. I would just throw a hissy fit and not show up.”

Austen chimed in, adding, “When everyone comes back, everyone’s gonna have a bunch of things going on, which should excite fans 1,000 percent. Everyone’s gonna have a bunch of stuff to talk about. We’re gonna let some things go that need to be let go, and then everyone can move forward in a positive way, hopefully. I really hope that everyone just comes back and goes, ‘Guys we’re friends, let’s be friends!’ Please!”

If fans recall of last season, Austen and Madison LeCroy went through a messy breakup, and the drama subsequently exploded during the season seven reunion after Craig accused Madison of having an affair with Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez while he was still engaged to Jennifer “J-Lo” Lopez.

Though Austen has seemingly moved past all of that drama, he said, “I mean I hope that everyone’s gonna [get along], but with us, that’s doubtful.”