RHOP Recap: Wendy Drags Gizelle Over Eddie Rumors: “Don’t F**K With My Family” and Candiace Throws Ashley Out of the House for Stirring Up Drama

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RHOP Recap: Wendy Blasts Gizelle Over Eddie Rumors: “Don’t F**K With My Family” and Candiace Throws Ashley Out of the House for Stirring Up Drama

What happens when Gizelle gets Ashley to do her dirty work and confront Wendy over the cheating rumors? If you want to watch Wendy unleash her fury on Gizelle, this is the Real Housewives of Potomac episode for you! Let’s do a whiskey shot and watch it unfold!

Candiace, who has dreams of being the next Beyonce, shares with Gizelle that she was up all night reviewing the content for her music video. She received choreography and she could not sleep. Mia basically floats into the kitchen all happy and content. She is enjoying her time in the big house.

Karen, Askale, and Wendy are trying to head over to the big house in their golf cart. They try to get it to start, and Karen must chase down another ride. When they arrive at the big house, Candiace not-so-innocently asks, “How did you sleep across the way?” Our Grande Dame Karen says the company was awesome, and she won’t let these b*tches get under her skin for relegating them to the servants’ quarters.

Gizelle hears from Mia that Karen is upset that she called her a troll. She thinks if Karen is troubled by this childish comment that she should get screwed up the butt. First Lady Gizelle, is that any way to talk when you were formerly a preacher’s wife? Was this good therapy for you when everyone called you a blind fool when you stood by Pastor Holy Wh*re? Just asking for a friend!

Wendy is emboldened by Karen telling her to dress the way she prefers. She claims if her breasts bother you get out of their way. Wendy has walked into the house today showing all her assets and not letting those wenches destroy her faux Zen Wen persona.

Gizelle pulls Robyn away to chat and have a secret meeting. How beautiful is the view there? Gizelle thinks it is the Chesapeake Bay. These two are green-eyed dumb bandits. Gizelle tries to get Robyn to see she is winning and can’t understand why she can’t pull herself out of her rut for her hot fiancé. Robyn just doesn’t see herself the way others do. Uh, yeah, we do see you the way you obviously see yourself, and I can promise you it is not a mogul that we envision.

Gizelle thinks that Juan telling her that she is unattractive should motivate her to get out of bed. She acts like she is being a good friend by showing her tough love.

Robyn shares how troubling it was when they lost everything. She is terrified of the climb and then falling back further than before. Robyn was signing up for any focus group just to keep food on the table. Gizelle wants her to build her brand. Robyn has retailers like Macy’s, T.J. Maxx, and QVC, and she doesn’t phone them back? She doesn’t have the confidence to be a business owner. Robyn needs more than help.

In the other room, Karen is telling the other ladies how hurtful Gizelle has been with her negativity. Candiace thinks that Gizelle can’t pull off “being couth” 24 hours a day. She isn’t surprised that the First Lady has been behaving badly but is secretly thankful she isn’t in her shady line of vision.

Here is a novel idea: Put everyone in the pool and let them work out their aggressions or drown each other — whichever comes first! Miss Karen isn’t partaking in this activity since she knows Gizelle would let her and her new wig sink like the titanic! Wendy isn’t enjoying this at all. She doesn’t think she needs this exercise since her body has been stapled as tight as a drum. Wendy does see the benefit of having two water wings attached to her chest to serve as flotation devices.

Ashley arrives to earn her filming coin, and she comes babyless. She won’t go in the water, and she reminds us that she took her placenta pills. Ashley is singing the praises of this process. The producer and Karen in her ITM are gagging when the process is described. ???? Me too.

Karen tells Ashley that Gizelle failed at her coup attempt. Ashley hears how Wendy was targeted but she thinks the normally honest Karen is telling some tall tales now.

Gizelle and Ashley talk off to the side and try to plan how are they going to humiliate our illustrious professor. They debate if they should keep it quiet or chat about it with the ladies. Gizelle thinks she caused enough bloodshed the night before. She is desperate to use the last weapon she has got in her arsenal. Gizelle wants someone else on this show to feel the heat when your life is revealed as an utter fraud.

Gizelle and Ashley chat about the drama between Karen and her. She shares with Ashley why she was questioning Wendy on her new look. Gizelle just wants to understand why she is covering up her true feelings and letting her body parts just hang out all over the place.

The ladies head out to lunch together. WTF is Gizelle wearing? She resembles a Holstein cow with hot pink shoes. Askale tries desperately to remain relevant and brings up the drama from the day before. Side note: How funny was it when poor Askale kept getting locked out of the house?

Ashley thinks there is a disconnect between what she has been hearing. Gizelle then pivots and asks Wendy, “Are we good?” Wendy thinks that Gizelle has been body-shaming her. She resents that she said she had no substance. Gizelle acts like she has been appointed this season as the queen of truth-telling. She will never get over the humiliation she felt at the last reunion. Wendy admits that she cried when Karen “poured into her.” She is in a love affair with Karen now. Gizelle thinks that Wendy is going to fall into the Mother Goose trap.

Candiace wants Ashley and her receding hairline to butt out of the conversation. Gizelle DEMANDS that Wendy stop talking to them like she is interviewing them on CNN. She thinks that Wendy is making this a combative contest. Mia with her big old feet calls Wendy out on wearing that vagina-sucking bodysuit. Wendy, who usually has a calm exterior, is fuming and calls Mia out on being a stripper.

In her defense, Mia did what she had to do to feed her kids. She isn’t going to apologize for what she had to do. Wendy gets emotional and claims Eddie is proud of the new Wendy and they are being extremely judgmental. Eddie probably has enjoyed the new additions, but perhaps he also enjoyed the recovery time from all these surgeries where she was laid up.

In her ITM, Candiace hilariously states that Gizelle would be sentenced to jail over her fashion crimes. She has no business being the fashion police on this show. Guilty as charged!

Rick from Copper Fox distilleries is there to pass out some whiskey shots and hopefully sedate this group. Robyn is downing her shots to drown out her sorrows. She will take one for team Ashley since she showed up even though she has two babies at home. Wow, these cocktails are making me crave a drink!

Ashley pulls Wendy aside to talk to her. Wendy is instantly suspicious of her and for good reason. Ashley pretends like she is doing an act of kindness. She tries to convince us that she was appreciative when they brought Michael’s dirty secrets to light.

Ashley tells Wendy that there was a blog post about Eddie cheating. Wendy gets instantly defensive, and she finds that it came from Gizelle laughable. Ashley blatantly lies that they had no malicious intent. Wendy thinks that Gizelle is the spawn of the devil. She reads negative articles about Gizelle, and she said Ashley doesn’t discuss them. Wendy wants to bring this crap out of the dark into the light.

Ashley does Gizelle’s bidding while Gizelle sits there like a deaf-mute. She pretends not to believe the cheating rumors. Okay, then why bring them up other than to stir the shady pot? Wendy doesn’t appreciate this from her alleged friends.

Wendy discusses with the other ladies what Ashley shared about Eddie. Gizelle is slurping on her drink not owning up to spreading that story. She looks to Ashley for confirmation that she spilled that news and acts all nonplussed. Wendy won’t allow Gizelle to f*ck with her family or play games with Eddie’s name. She won’t allow this shade to be exposed while on camera.

Gizelle pretends like she doesn’t believe the rumors. Wendy is furious that this was shared on these mother*cking cameras. Robyn tries to ask a question and Wendy tells her to eat a cracker. Wendy is totally dismissive of Robyn and shoos her away like an annoying gnat. Gizelle pretends like she was just trying to check on Wendy.

Wendy sees Gizelle for who she is and won’t back down from her attacks. She thinks Gizelle is living with the repercussions of all her bad behavior. Wendy is bringing out the big guns coming for the bandit who can sit there so smugly when she has HUGE skeletons in her closet. God is paying her back and she has the bazookas locked and loaded gunning for Gizelle. Wendy will drag Gizelle down the street if she comes for her husband.

Gizelle acts like she has been a victim of blogs in the past too. Sorry, Gizelle, those weren’t blog posts — they were paternity tests proving that Jamal had a sexy side hustle at the church. Wendy is going in hard on Gizelle and shaming her over bringing her daughters around this mess. She knew Jamal in Baltimore and it is common knowledge that he has been swinging his d*ck around for a long time.

Candiace confronts Ashley, who is feverishly grabbing her milk jugs out of the fridge so she can escape before Mount Wendy erupts on her. Candiace shames her for bringing something up from a blog. Ashley takes her milk and runs home to try to catch Michael and maybe Juan under the sheets!

Wendy reminds Gizelle that she wanted to have sex with Eddie, who, according to her, looks just like Idris Elba. Hmm, that is a bit of a stretch since Idris is one hot man. Eddie is attractive but not in that category.

Professor Wendy and Zen Wen have left the premises! PHEW, I am intrigued by her sudden loss of control, and I am here for it!

Next week, Karen gets sworn in and Candiace is looking for extras for her video. Gizelle gets confronted again by Wendy. Have a great week, Blurbers, and be well, my friends!