RHOP Recap: Wendy Brings Up Shocking Rumor About Gizelle After She Mentions Eddie Rumor Again, Plus Candiace Confronts Mia for Asking if “Husbandger” is on Payroll as “Reasonably Shady” Launch Goes Awry

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RHOP Recap: Wendy Brings Up Shocking Rumor About Gizelle After She Mentions Eddie Rumor Again, Plus Candiace Confronts Mia for Asking if “Husbandger” is on Payroll as “Reasonably Shady” Launch Goes Awry

Our ladies of the Real Housewives of Potomac will be questioning the quality of Candiace’s music video and Gizelle’s party locale, which both happen to occur in a parking area. The lines will be drawn and we will find out who will fare better in the parking wars.

Gizelle is teaching Grace again how to navigate her way around the cones, and it is not going well. She still has her home under construction, and now she is working on her entryway. Gizelle is having a party to launch her “Reasonably Shady” podcast at her home, which she refers to as “Hotel Gizelle,” but it will be held outside since the inside is not finished. This gives me Sheree vibes about the whole house thing. LOL, production shows clips of Karen calling her house the Ronald McDonald house.

Gizelle calls Robyn and invites her to the party. Robyn does not understand why she is having a party outside and we do not either. She has to convince Gizelle to allow Karen and Wendy to pee in her bathroom. Gizelle could have just rented the port-a-potty from the job site outside if she were truly trying to be shady to these two. She should be happy Sonja is not in this crew. She would just pop a squat in the driveway and let loose.

Karen is having her publicist Karen come over to bring the prototypes of her candles. She is proud of her home essential line, which includes candles and aromatherapy. Karen plans to gift the other ladies a product sample. She does not see any likeness with her candle line and Wendy’s. Karen shares that she thinks the other ladies are interested in the expansion of her line. My Potomac Queen, I love when you are delusional amongst this shady crew. They cannot wait for you to fall off of your throne so they can snatch your crown.

Ray conveniently gets a text saying “Hello handsome” from a pretty woman. Karen snatches that phone and calls this woman and lets her know who Mrs. Huger is. She is not playing when she contemplates Ray being up to any funny business with another lady.

Candiace and Dorothy are discussing how they will decorate the kitchen. Dorothy is happy that she got a cameo in her music video. Candiace is annoyed that her mother is still there and giving her unsolicited advice. She then asks her about the conversation with Mia. Dorothy plays it off like it was an innocent conversation and she cannot remember what was said. She was not coming from a place of malice. Mama Dot does not have any other way to react other than maliciously when it involves her daughter or her brown-d*ck husband.

Chris then strolls into the kitchen and hears that the town crier Mia has been questioning his employment. He thinks they do not understand their relationship nor his contractual obligations. Dorothy thinks Mia is concerned since Chris is not getting paid. Candiace, in her ITM, wants Mia to take her cracking backs self back to chiropractic strippers LLC. Dorothy is simply happy that they have a prenup since she can only tolerate this situation for so long. She looks taken aback when Chris says that Dorothy does not pay his bills, nor does he ask her for money. Side note: I hate to admit this, but I agree with Dorothy’s disgusted look on her face when Chris said that.

Mia and Gordon take the kids for ice cream and Valerie joins them. She shares that Valerie is like her sister’s live-in nanny. Mia thinks Valerie does not spread herself around to the rest of her kids. Valerie was in prison for six years, but she was originally sentenced for 20 years. Mia does not want to respond to the producer when asked what the charges were. Hmm, what could she possibly have done to be sentenced to 20 years in PRISON? Mia is struggling since she still needs her mom and wants her to make Mia’s family a priority too.

Karen visits Wendy’s house for some coffee. Wendy shares how her business meeting went with Eddie. She leaves out the part where Eddie tells her how ill-prepared her business plan is. Wendy wants Karen and Askale to help her with the charity that gives teachers book bags with essential supplies. It is wonderful to give back to teachers, but why do they need three people to fill 10 bags?

Askale then shares what Mia asked Dorothy regarding Chris. Wendy and Karen would not engage in that conversation since they are both fully aware of Candiace’s wrath. Askale then mentions the shady invitation. Who pens an invite to their haters and friends?

Wendy wants to get away before Karen’s vow renewal. She wants the guys invited since she wants the rest of this crew to see that she and Eddie are copasetic. Gizelle’s plus one will be her luggage, and I loved that shady comment.

Gizelle and Robyn are getting ready for the party. She messed up her foot while clearing the backyard for the party. Gizelle got some charcuterie!?! Grace has to tell her mom to chew with her mouth closed before she eats up all of the food for the party.

Ashley arrives and compliments Gizelle’s addition. She is impressed that she can see the west wing now. Ashley recognizes that Gizelle’s hotel has a long way to go.

Mia arrives and is not impressed that there is not a valet, and it looks more like a broken-down motel. Wendy arrives and is really unimpressed with the tent on the construction site. Karen arrives bearing gifts and announces that she was just vaccinated.

Robyn shares how she was reluctant to have the party in the driveway and not allow certain guests to use the facilities. Karen and Wendy are told they were originally denied access to use the Bryant potty. Gizelle says that Wendy has trashed her home, and she adamantly denies that. Wendy will admit that Gizelle’s fashion is a total disaster, and she relies on her good looks too much. Maybe she just focuses on her pretty face in the mirror and doesn’t look down? Karen pulls Mia aside to chat about what she said about Chris. She wants to find out why she engaged with Mama Dot.

They decide to play a game where you put up paddles if you think the comment is reasonable or shady. Gizelle, of course, talks about holding onto things when you have received an apology. She is laser-focused on Karen. Candiace finally arrives wearing her feathered heels and is swatting away the bugs. Gizelle should have told them to bring some bug spray. Everyone is being divebombed by bugs, probably from the construction port-a-potty. She should have invested in a bug zapper, which might serve a dual purpose and get rid of annoying gnats/ housewives!

Karen is starting to hallucinate after having her vaccine, and she is listening to this nonsense and is zoning out. Production does an excellent job of showing Karen seeing a slow-motion altered view of this group.

Wendy and Mia have so much tension between them and can barely tolerate each other’s presence. Mia touches Wendy when making a point and Wendy recoils and tells her to keep her distance. Wendy wore shoulder pads to protect herself from this crew.

Candiace questions Mia about what she asked her mom about. Mia did not want to participate in something low-budget. Candiace calls Mia’s mom low budget. Now that was seriously uncool and nasty. Ashley tries to weigh in and Candiace does not want her input. Candiace is pissed at Mia for talking shady with her mom. Gizelle and Robyn talk then about how Karen likes to drunk dial people and spill her truths. Karen, please call me when you are loaded! I would love to hear your honest take on this crew.

Robyn then asks the shadiest question: “Is it reasonable or shady to be concerned when a ‘friend’ makes dramatic changes to their appearances if their husband was accused of cheating?” Wendy then deliciously shades Gizelle saying that same blog said Gizelle had an STD. Is that why Karen said Gizelle has a hot box?

Wendy does not appreciate them confronting her — if they were so concerned, they would have called. Askale jumps in to defend Wendy. Karen, who is obviously out of it, insists, “I got vassinated so I can be around you heifers!”

Karen then pivots and prompts Wendy to tell everyone about the trip she wants to plan. Wendy wants to go to Chesapeake Bay—but it is a couple’s trip. Robyn does not appreciate that she and Juan are not invited since Wendy does not see them as a real couple.

In her ITM, Gizelle thinks Wendy needs to take her stank self and leave. She is rather bold in her ITMs, but is she intimidated by the so-educated one in person? Gizelle takes Candiace to see her closet in the house, but the walkway is a little precarious. Karen is trying to leave and cannot get out, and she needs to get Candiace to move her car. Candiace gives the keys for her Champagne Lexus to Grace to move it and Robyn assists. Grace scrapes the sidewall of Candiace’s tire while moving it, and it could not have happened to a better person.

Gizelle is happy this sh*tshow is over and that Grace did not wreck Candiace’s car. Candiace finds some damage to her tires. Gizelle will hopefully learn it is never a clever idea to pitch a tent on a construction site and call it a classy party.

Next week, we have our getaway, and Gordon is overserved. We will get to learn more about the butt-naked club that he and Mia have joined. Candiace and Mia have a food fight—with salad. Enjoy your week, Blurbers, and hopefully I will see you all in the comment section!