RHOP: Candiace Dillard’s Mom Dorothy Shares Update With Chris Bassett, Claps Back at Fan Who Calls Her Out for Shady Response

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RHOP: Candiace Dillard’s Mom Dorothy Reveals Where She Stands With Chris Bassett, Claps Back at Fan Who Calls Her Out Over Shady Response

After an awkward season between Candiace Dillard and her mother Dorothy Dillard, Dorothy recently updated fans about her current stance on son-in-law Chris Bassett. The family was in an uncomfortable place after Dorothy made negative comments about Chris on the Real Housewives of Potomac.

During the reunion, Candiace opened up about how the comments affected her as well as her husband. The situation is now difficult because she doesn’t feel like she belongs in her own family.

On Twitter this week, Dorothy gave the update on where she stands with Chris. The tweet was short and direct: “Chris and I are fine. Thank you.” She then went on to say, “He is looking for a job.”

After the post, Twitter user @RitaRita_I_am made the comment: “This is why Candiace is why she is how she is & why is this woman still embarrassing her child? Can’t convince me she’s not a bit jealous of her daughter & uses money to ‘keep her in check.’”

Dorothy then clapped back by saying, “Hey Rita, did your mother drop you on your head? Is that’s why you are the way you are?? Why are you attacking someone’s mother.”

The entire rift with Dorothy stemmed from a music video shoot that aired early in the season. Behind the scenes, when Candiace’s co-stars were talking with Dorothy, the mother unleashed her true thoughts about Chris (including her claim that Chris was a “husbandger”).

When host Andy Cohen asked about the unkind comments spoken behind her back, Candiace initially did not respond. Instead, she asked Andy for a tissue. She eventually revealed that she cussed Dorothy out about it.

Candiace also claimed that her family would never be the same again because of the dispute. This caused a reaction of surprise from Wendy Osefo, who didn’t realize the full extent of the drama.

During the reunion, Andy had many things to say about Candiace’s behavior on the show. At one point, Candiace threw it back at him, and she asked if he felt it was her fault that she was attacked last year. Andy responded, “Well, you’re the common denominator.” Other castmates also chimed in, asserting that Candiace needed to own her words.

Candiace, however, maintained that she never started fights. She only responded to the negative words of others.