RHOP Recap: Trouble Abounds as Candiace Shoots Her Music Video, Plus Dorothy Talks Smack About Chris’ “Husbandger” Role to the Ladies

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RHOP Recap: Candiace shoots her music video and trouble abounds Plus Dorothy questions if Chris is a good choice for a manager/husband?

This week on Real Housewives of Potomac, we will be dealing with some mommy issues among our ladies. One housewife desperately wants to cultivate a relationship with her mama, and the other one needs to cut the apron purse strings — STAT. How will our RHOP ladies tread these delicate waters? Grab a paddle and come see!

Candiace has Dorothy over, who is basically being hypercritical of her house and its furnishings. Why does she need another manager when she already has her mom to do it? Dorothy acts like she owns the place, literally and figuratively. She is walking around making little snide comments about the décor and suggests that Candiace’s furniture looks like dorm furnishings. Candiace thinks since she gave her mom a room in her home that is decked out and includes a lifesize picture of her she will get off her back, but darling Candiace you know your mama she is not done with you yet.

Dorothy allegedly only came to town to support her during her music video, but she obviously knows how to rattle her daughter like no other. Dorothy reminds me of an army sergeant checking the barracks to make sure everything is neat and tidy since appearances are everything, right? Candiace cannot even plump her own pillows correctly. When I see their dynamic, it explains so much about the behavior Candiace exhibits and why she throws tantrums at a moment’s notice.

Gizelle is taking Grace for a driving lesson in a parking lot since she finally passed her learners’ test after five times. She will obviously have her hands full teaching Grace how to drive, but thankfully, she is driving Jamal’s car, which hopefully is fully insured. Oh no, thank goodness the cameraman is quick on his feet — he almost got run over by a Mini. We can all relate to teaching our kids to drive, and it is incredibly stressful. Yikes, I swear my hair went gray after letting my daughter drive my car.

We now get another glimpse into Mia and Gordon’s relationship. Mia lets us know that Gordon has allowed her to take the helm of their business, and he has become Mr. Mom. Gordon does seem to be very patient with their kids, and I am liking him, but future sneak peeks show another side of him — he likes to visit the Butt-Naked club.

Mia is now chatting with her mom, Veronica, about getting together with her kids for some ice cream. She is working to reconnect with her mom after they were able to have a lunch to talk out their painful past. Mia feels like she is missing spending time with her mom since Veronica lives with her sister, who has no help with her children. She is afraid her mom and sister have developed a codependent relationship, and there probably is some truth to that.

Mia shares with Gordon what is going on with Candiace’s relationship with Chris. She does not think you can have two CEOs in a relationship. Mia does not want Candiace to be a one-hit-wonder if she keeps going down this path. She knows how it complicated her relationship, and she does not think this is healthy for their marriage — neither do we.

Karen is chatting with her publicist about her new three-wick candle. She does not feel like her product is competing with Wendy’s one-wick candle. Did anyone see Karen on WWHL when Andy asked her to share five compelling reasons why her candle was different than Wendy’s? Our Grande Dame has done her homework on how to differentiate her product from others.

Wendy and Eddie are chatting about her home essential line that basically has just one product — a candle. She is so proud to admit that she has produced her business plan by searching on Google. Eddie looks like he is in the principal’s office, and he is being lectured. He tries to remain focused, but she is just droning on and on and his eyes are glazing over. Eddie asks some practical questions that she does not have an answer for. Wendy still does not know how to hit the sum button on Excel to let him know what she has spent thus far. She is so far over her head, just like Robyn, who also has no business acumen.

Ashley brings her kids over to her mom’s house to visit. She starts sharing how her lady parts are slipping out after the delivery due to uterine prolapse. Ashley is sharing these intimate details with her uncle Lump and her brother in attendance. They both look like they want to jump up from the table just in case she starts dropping body parts. In her ITM, Ashley talks about how Michael and Uncle Lump are still not cool with each other, and we can ALL understand why. She is also not cool with Candiace with all of her body-shaming comments that still continue to this day.

Ashley tells the family that Michael wants to get into the movie business. Uncle Lump is worried about Ashley and Michael starting another business venture together. Remember the restaurant business and how well that went?!? Why wouldn’t it work out with the movie business? Uncle Lump is probably fearful his beloved niece is going to be producing some explicit content, especially with Michael at the helm of this ship. Michael will convince Ashley it is just “acting.”

Robyn is working on the list her life coach has given her to get her back on track. She has brought Juan with her for his opinion on purchasing warehouse space. Robyn produces some numbers on her sales and profits, and it literally makes no sense. She cannot even stay within a budget on their house, which is already $100k over budget.

Robyn is desperately trying to get Juan to change his approach with her and stop coaching her. She would prefer that he use the soft approach and lose the whistle. Juan states he would have been softer had they had a baby girl. Robyn does not need more children — she needs therapy to cope with the family she has now. Come on now, you two cannot even get along. Why would you bring another baby into this dysfunctional mess of a relationship?

Candiace is having her dance rehearsal for her music video. She wants the video to include a scene where they have fancy cars in the end. Candiace is struggling with the dance technique, and she is no JLO. She has spent $10k to film this video. Candiace still has not been signed with a record label, and she is hoping this video will help her get a record deal. Candiace talks with Chris, and she is worried that he will miss the “Drive Back” video. She is already telling him that he works for her and reports to her.

Mia and Wendy arrive for the music video shoot, and it appears to be in the middle of a deserted parking lot where a green tractor keeps circling. Gizelle, with her perpetual pout, is wearing her aviator shades to protect her from Wendy’s shade, and she looks ridiculous. Dorothy arrives before Candiace does since she has a lot to share, and the plot thickens.

Mia asks Dorothy if she is proud of Candiace. Dorothy mentions how Candiace used to love performing since she was in first grade. She really should be Candiace’s manager since no one but her can get our dear Candiace to listen.

Candiace is now waiting for the cars, and Chris hasn’t come through with the luxury cars. No surprise there! Candiace does not have the props she needs to film this final scene and must borrow Askale’s car since there are not any cars for the shoot. How embarrassing would that be, and I would be screwed since my friends do not drive Land Rovers and Bentleys either!

Karen concurs with Dorothy that it might not be a good idea to have your husband manage you. Dorothy acts like she likes Chris, but she is obviously not a fan of his. Karen does not want to participate in this conversation since she and Candiace are not in a good place. Mia asks Dorothy, “Is Chris getting paid to be her manager?” Dorothy tells Karen and Mia that Chris quit his job to be her manager. Wendy overhears the conversation and does not want any part of this conversation about family.

Candiace hears that Mia is questioning her mom about Chris being on the payroll. She does not want the trophy wife with the bubble lips and big feet to weigh in on her relationship. Chris has now arrived wearing his apron and looking pissed. Dorothy super-shadily says he was just cooking at the house. She shares with Robyn that she helped buy that big, beautiful house. Oh my, Ms. Dorothy needs to be crowned the Queen of Pot Stirring!

Candiace sees Chris coming up to her, and she is worried that he has that pissed-off look. Chris tells her how wonderful she looks, and she jumps into his arms in excitement. Candiace just wants to be praised and loved by those closest to her. Dorothy gives her son-in-law some serious side-eye since she does not see him as a suitable choice for her daughter and she will NEVER let him forget it!

Next week, Mia is confronted about her comments on Chris, and Candiace will not let that one go. Have a wonderful week, Blurbers, and see you next week!