Jen Shah’s Employee Addresses Meredith Marks’ Theft Claims, Claims RHOSLC Star Has “Skeletons in Her Closet” and Accuses Her of Deflecting, Plus Jen Weighs in

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Jen Shah's Employee Addresses Meredith Marks' Theft Claims, Says RHOSLC Star Has "Skeletons in Her Closet" and Accuses Her of DeflectingJen Shah‘s employee, Murilo Bueno, is speaking out after being accused of stealing from Meredith Marks‘ store.

After Meredith claimed on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City that Murilo had taken a green snakeskin clutch from her store, Murilo took to his Twitter page, where he offered a lengthy response to her allegations as Jen weighed in with a post of her own on Instagram.

“I’d like to address a false accusation made last night by one of the cast members of RHOSLC,” Murilo began on Twitter. “The footage she brought up is twisted and chopped.”

According to Murilo, no one who is stealing a bag would hold it in their hand and flaunt it as the footage made it seem like he had done. And if viewers look closely at the highlighted clip, he believes they will see that what was in his hand as he left the store wasn’t green.

“That green clutch was inside the bag wrapped in paper,” he explained. “When the manager reached out I was confused because Jen had only looked at white ones, so I looked inside the bag and found the green clutch I said I could bring it by if she was still there but said I could just bring it the next day, like I did. There was no hesitation just confusion on our part on how that happened.”

Looking back at the statements Meredith made against him, Murilo said she was trying to “reach from all sides like her life depends on it for a TV show.” He then cryptically said that the RHOSLC star has”skeletons in her closet” and accused her of using the incident to deflect from her own life.

“I would never steal anything in my life for myself or for anyone. I was raised to be honest, humble, hard worker and to love and respect the people that love me back. I would never disrespect Jen by stealing from one of her friends,” he insisted.

RHOSLC Jen Shah Employee Denies Stealing From Meredith Marks' STore

After her employee shared his statement, Jen reposted his message on her Instagram page.

Following her post, the RHOSLC cast member was met with a comment from a fan who said they were confused, as the alleged theft appeared to be caught “on tape.”

Going into detail about what actually went down, Jen explained, “Meredith accuses him of stealing a ‘green snakeskin clutch.’ She claims he walked out [with] it. If you look at the footage, he is not walking out with a ‘green snakeskin clutch.’ He is carrying the cream one that I bought (I bought two cream snakeskin clutches – one for me and one for my friend I was meeting for brunch). The store employee accidentally wrapped the ‘green snakeskin clutch’ in tissue paper and placed it in the bag along [with] other items I purchased.”

“We had no idea until the store employee called Murilo and we checked the bag. Murilo then offered to take it back to her, which he didn’t have to do. But he was being nice,” she added.

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