Married at First Sight’s Myrla Feria Reveals What Led to Breakup From Gil Cuero

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Married at First Sight's Myrla Feria Finally Reveals the Cause of She And Gil Cuero's Surprise Split

Married at First Sight season 13’s Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero made for a rock-solid couple… or so everyone thought.

The couple’s surprise split caused experts and fans alike to question what could have gone so wrong with a couple that started off so right.

In an exclusive interview, Myrla finally revealed some additional details as to what really happened between her and her picture-perfect husband, Gil.

In the tell-all, which can be found here, Myrla revealed there was more to the story than met the eye — or the cameras.

Myrla explained that many of the conversations that caused things with Gil to end occurred off-camera. She also explained that due to editing even some of the things that were said on camera did not make it to the final cut.

Many fans were very confused by the couple’s sudden split as the last we left these two they were gushing over each other on Decision Day, and they were one of the only two couples of the entire season to choose to stay married.

But during the MAFS reunion special, Gil revealed that only two short weeks after Decision Day, Myrla unceremoniously broke up with him and asked him to move out.

Not only was Gil completely taken off guard, but he was also completely homeless. Gil revealed on the special that he had ended his lease and sold almost everything he owned. During the special, Myrla sat quiet and was seemingly emotionless as Gil told his side of the story. Although she rebuked a few of his points, she refused to continue to discuss it further or “go back and forth” with him during the special.

While Gil tearfully recounted his version of events, Myrla provided no additional information as to what may have contributed to the couple’s split.

But Myrla has finally broken her silence around what really happened.

While the couple had few disagreements during the season, one that did consistently come up was the question of finances. Myrla made significantly more than her new hubby, and she had a very different money mindset than Gil. While Gil liked to keep it simple, Myrla appreciated the finer things in life, and she lined her closet with expensive shoes and her life with exotic trips.

Gil often called Myrla a “brat” and a “diva,” and while during the season she appeared to brush off the names, in her tell-all interview, she revealed the names actually bothered her more than she let on.

Myrla explains she actually did not appreciate the name-calling, and she added that when she found out he had been doing it with other castmates behind her back, that also upset her greatly. She felt she worked hard for her lifestyle and that did not make her a “brat.” She felt Gil was not financially stable enough for her lifestyle and long-term goals.

Myrla also revealed that while her attraction to Gil had grown over the season, it had never developed into full-on chemistry. She went on to say that when all of these things were expressed to Gil post-Decision Day, he did not take them seriously or respond well, which led her to feel unsafe in the marriage. While she did not go into details, she did loop back again to the finances and how she found out some things about them that had not been revealed to her during the season.

Could Gil have some debt he did not disclose?

Myrla did not elaborate. But she did touch on one final piece of the puzzle, adding that the rumors surrounding her and castmate Johnny Lam having a relationship were completely false and that they were just good friends.

She explained Gil knew about her and Johnny’s bond and he should not be surprised the two remained close now.

While it seems all the nitty-gritty details of what ended things between Myrla and Gil will still remain somewhat of a mystery, it is nice to at least have some closure surrounding what caused the sudden split between the MAFS season 13 golden couple.

With Myrla and Gil’s split, the couple count for season 13 dropped to half of one, with the couple Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel no longer living together but allegedly still working on their marriage. But at least we have season 14 to look forward to and a whole new set of marriage hopefuls. Let’s just hope their endings turn out a little better than Gil and Myrla’s did.