Bethenny Frankel Would Return to RHONY Under This One Condition, Plus She Compares Franchise to a “Battlefield”

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Bethenny Frankel Says She Would Return to RHONY Under This One Condition, Suggests Drama is Manufactured and Compares Franchise to a “Battlefield”

After Bethenny Frankel left the Real Housewives of New York, diehard fans have begged for her return. The Bravo star has stayed in the press throughout the years, and still gives her two cents about the show.

RHONY has changed in recent seasons. The series is somewhat more relaxed now (with castmates like Leah McSweeney, who often chooses positivity over bickering). Some feel the cast isn’t as ‘hard’ as it used to be, and miss the old hostility.

In her podcast, Just B with Bethenny Frankel, Bethenny discussed the show’s changes, hinting that the current cast is fake. She said, “Give me real and authentic, somewhat authentic [series].” According to the Bravo star, the women weren’t spending thousands of dollars on glam in her first season.

Bethenny might even consider returning to the show if certain conditions are met: “If could there be some element of authenticity that I could cling onto,” she said. “And not feel like I’m gonna go shoot for four months and make a f**kton of money.”

Bethenny believes the women deserve every penny of their salaries, because the franchise is a “battlefield.” The castmates, she said, are being destroyed in the press.

She also misses the humor RHONY once had. “Even right now, it’s a different type of outlook, it’s a different type of humor that I miss,” said Bethenny. “It’s running commentary. You can be judgmental. Humor always wins with the exception of saying something inappropriate or racist or off-color or something politically incorrect. Correct humor wins.”

Bethenny mentioned the projects she worked on outside of the show, and explained why they weren’t for her. “I didn’t like to do a talk show,” she said. “I don’t like to do a lot of formatting, a lot of formatted shows. And it’s not the women not supporting women because, frankly, it’s every woman for themselves on those shows. And when people leave the shows, they’re not friends with each other anymore. You have to have allies.”

In Bethenny’s opinion, some of the drama on RHONY is manufactured: “You end up having enemies you would never have had, were you not on that show. You have cross-franchise enemies because of things you’re commenting on. This is a challenging workplace thing.”

“I’ve had people that I used to be friends with air something about me on Watch What Happens Live,” said Bethenny. “I’m reading it for the first time in print. It happened recently twice. That’s the name of this game. You get into it. If you have a friend who’s also in this league, it’s going to be challenging . . . Find me somebody who’s gone the distance.”

In order to prove her point, Bethenny referred to relationships on other franchises. “Teresa [Giudice] is enemies with Danielle [Staub], then she became a friend of Danielle. Teresa was good friends with Dina [Manzo]. And then that broke up. Best friends of Caroline Manzo that broke up. NeNe [Leakes] came in with Kim Zolciak that broke up.”

“I came in with Jill [Zarin] that broke up. I became friends with Carole [Radziwill] that broke up,” she said. “Carole’s best friends with Tinsley [Mortimer]. That broke up . . . Let’s just not disguise it as women supporting women.”

The 51-year-old, however, said this is “the nature of this beast.”

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