Ariana Madix Defends Tom Sandoval Amid Backlash From Vanderpump Rules Fans, Reveals If LVP Owns TomTom Brand and Denies Drug Use at Birthday Party

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Pump Rules' Ariana Madix Defends Sandoval as He's Accused of Wearing "More Makeup" Than Her, Denies Drug Use at Birthday Party, and Reveals If LVP Owns TomTom BrandAriana Madix is firing back at a number of Twitter users who have taken aim at her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, and their relationship.

Before confirming whether or not Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Vanderpump owned Sandoval and Tom Schwartz‘s TomTom brand, the Vanderpump Rules cast member clapped back at someone who shaded Sandoval’s use of makeup.

“Being with Sandoval at this point must be a business deal or a kidney you may need? Girl there is no way you stay with a man who wears more makeup than you,” a Twitter user wrote on December 14.

“There’s not one true word in your entire tweet,” Ariana replied.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Denies Rumors About Tom Sandoval Relationship

During the latest episode of Pump Rules, Ariana’s birthday party was featured. And, during the event, she was seen growing increasingly intoxicated. That said, she was not on drugs, as at least one Twitter user suspected.

“I feel like Ariana was on Molly at that party,” someone said.

But Ariana denied any such thing.

“Nope,” Ariana stated.

Ariana Madix Denies Being on Molly During Vanderpump Rules Birthday

Another Pump Rules viewer wondered if Lisa owns the rights to TomTom after she was seen on the show declaring that she had created the moniker.

“Does [Lisa Vanderpump] own the Tom brand?” the fan asked. “Could she sue them for basically coping them? Probs not but [I’m] also not a lawyer. Random thought.”

“No,” Ariana confirmed.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Denies Lisa Vanderpump Owns TomTom Brand

As the tweets continued to flood into Ariana amid the episode, someone else took aim at the amount of time it was taking Sandoval to get ready for Ariana’s birthday bash.

“[Tom Sandoval] seems to need more time to get ready than [Ariana Madix],” the person stated.

“I take about 2 hrs. He takes 10 min,” Ariana clarified in response.

Then, after the same person said it was “sneaky” editing, “as usual,” Ariana revealed she actually took far longer to get glammed up because she had a team of professionals.

“I had professionals come to glam me up! Sat in the chair for hours,” she admitted.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Denies Tom Sandoval Takes Longer to Get Ready

“I don’t care what people think or say.. [Tom Sandoval] is a very thoughtful and creative guy! That birthday party looks awesome!! Yas!” another Twitter user wrote.

But one fan wasn’t so convinced and suggested Sandoval was only “thinking about himself,” despite the party being for Ariana.

“He literally planned an engagement party for his friend,” the first fan argued.

“Ya the dude has been thoughtful and considerate for [eight] years and y’all don’t even see him [nine] months out of the year so enjoy the show I guess,” Ariana tweeted, adding, “lmao some people.. I swear.”

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Defends Tom Sandoval's Thoughtfulness

Also on Twitter, Ariana reacted to a fan who wanted to know when she and Scheana Shay became “best buds again.”

“Never stopped,” she replied.

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Defends Scheana Shay Friendship

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