Stephanie Matto Says 90 Day: The Single Life is a “Bit Manipulated” by Producers, and Mentions “Sex Dream” She Had About Big Ed Brown

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Stephanie Matto Says 90 Day: The Single Life Is “A Little Bit Manipulated” by Producers, and Mentions "Sex Dream" She Had About Big Ed BrownStephanie Matto opened up about her experiences on 90 Day: The Single Life. The Discovery+ series includes stars from 90 Day Fiancé, who are now navigating the world of dating.

The castmates who were unsuccessful in their previous relationships on the show are trying to find love again, on camera.

In an interview with The Domenick Nati Show, Stephanie was asked if the show was staged. While she didn’t express that it was fake, she admitted producers tried to influence the cast.

“I will not do anything the producers want me to do,” she said. “And if they ask me to do something… if I don’t wanna do it, if it’s not something that I would do, I won’t do it.”

She then gave an example of producers’ behavior: “Sometimes you know with alcohol, suggesting to you things to talk about during like dinner for example, like ‘hey you should mention that…’ so it is a little bit manipulated.”

On the dates, producers would ask her to discuss uncomfortable topics, and Stephanie explained, “That’s what’s expected of me tonight, that’s what I will do.” But she also expressed, “Normally these are not conversations I would want to be having with somebody three days after meeting them for the first time.”

The 31-year-old also mentioned a sex dream she had about Big Ed Brown. She described it as a “sexual fantasy nightmare.”

“I met Big Ed and I’ll be honest, he has a sex appeal,” she said. The host asked Stephanie if she’d sleep with him, to which she responded, “I had a sex dream about him once, but I would never, no!… I mean it was more of a sexual fantasy nightmare but yeah it happened. It was really weird.”

But she also understands “why women would want him.” She added, “Aside from his physical appearance, there’s a sexiness. I see it, I sense it. There’s a Scorpio energy there… Ed is charismatic. He’s got like a way about him. He walks into a room, people notice him.”

Stephanie then addressed the viewers who can’t appreciate his attractiveness, saying, “People are like ‘oh my God I can’t imagine Liz [Woods] would be with him,’ I’m like, ‘I can see it,’ and like I said he’s a sexy man.”

She eventually said, “Oh my God, I feel like his fiancée, if she ever hears this, she’s gonna f**king kill me.”