MAFS Ryan Oubre Breaks Silence on Divorce From Clara Berghaus as She Claps Back at His Accusations

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MAFS Ryan Oubre Breaks Silence on Divorce From Clara Berghaus as She Claps Back at His AccusationsWell, it seems like the gloves are off as Married at First Sight Season 12’s Clara Berghaus and her ex-husband, Ryan Oubre goes head to head as Ryan speaks out for the first time since the couple announced their divorce, and Clara claps back.

MAFS Ryan posted to his social media this week not only for the first time publicly about his failed marriage but for the first time since the couple announced their divorce.

The couple’s divorce announcement shocked fans as the couple had seemed rock solid. The pair had few disagreements and little drama throughout their season, especially compared to some of their costars like the Season 12 bad boy Chris Williams and his seemingly neverending supply of drama.

But Ryan and Clara sailed through their season, and both glowingly said “yes” to staying married on Decision Day. So it was no surprise that fans were shocked when the couple announced their split and impending divorce over social media.

Despite ongoing questions and fan appeals, Ryan kept silent about any details of his split with Clara until finally releasing a 9 slide post to his Instagram this week, revealing his side of the story.

Less than a day later, Clara posted her response to Ryan, right before the airing of her “tell-all” that premiered on Thursday night on Lifetime, starting the post with the cryptic line of “every story has two sides.’

True to form, Clara ended the post with Taylor Swift lyrics, as Clara has admitted she relied heavily on Taylor Swift’s music to get her through her breakup with Ryan.

Clara’s tell-all aired during the Season 14 kick-off special, and Clara revealed many juicy details about her marriage and divorce from Ryan. Clara revealed that the two, despite claiming otherwise during filming, had been intimate during the entire second half of the show and Ryan had asked Clara to lie about it.

Clara also revealed that one of the clips from the show itself had been what ended their marriage! In the clip caught on one of the show’s apartment cams, Clara vents to the fellow MAFS Season 12 wives, that she and Ryan had yet to be fully intimate and expresses how frustrating that was for her. On the tell-all special, Clara admits after Ryan saw the clip aired, their relationship never fully recovered and in fact, that was one of the main reasons he ended things with her, claiming he could never trust her again.

Clara said that the two had been looking at homes together and planning a vow renewal ceremony for New Year’s Eve and that one day after returning home from looking at a house, Ryan had simply told her he did not see a future with her and things were over. According to Clara, she was just as shocked as fans were by the sudden decision on Ryan’s part. Clara did explain that after Decision Day the two had begun fighting and had sought counseling at that time, which they had been in for months prior to the breakup, but that the sudden end to the marriage was still a surprise.

With Clara’s post and tell all being released, it is anyone’s guess how Ryan will react to her “side of the story.” Will Ryan respond to Clara’s rebuttal? Or is this the last we hear of the two previous MAFS fan favorites?

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