Are 90 Day Fiancé Stars Memphis and Hamza Still Together? Here’s What We Found

by Bethany Nicole
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Are 90 Day Fiancé Stars Memphis and Hamza Still Together? Here's What We Found

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Memphis Smith and Monknii Hamza aka Hamza are one of the season’s more controversial couples.

Between the massive language barrier, the lackluster bedroom chemistry, and the vast cultural differences the two are working to overcome, many fans do not think these couples are destined for a happily ever after.

While there is no doubt the two have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, we think their journey becomes more smooth with time because, from everything we are seeing on the two’s social media, it seems these two are still together, still going strong.

Memphis is a 34-year-old Michigan native who fell head over heels for her Tunisian fiance, 28-year-old Hamza. The two met on a dating app and after just a few short months of getting to know each other over video calls and chats,  Hamza popped the question and Memphis said “yes.” Memphis is divorced with two children and has had a rocky road of romance, so she is hopeful that the connection between her and Hamza will be lifelong.  But so far the two have not quite been on the same page.

In the footsteps of season 3’s Amanda and Zied, Memphis decided to head to Tunisia to be with Hamza. But after arriving in Tunisia, Memphis realized that the cultural traditions in Tunisia were a little different than she had anticipated. Hamza still lived at home with his mother, who would not allow the unmarried couple to sleep in the same room. But it seemed the two just couldn’t wait as the next morning, Hamza’s mother stumbled upon Memphis and Hamza in the same bed. It caused quite a lot of tension in the home, but the real problem came a little later in the day as Memphis revealed to Hamza that she felt he was a little too fast in bed.

90 Day Fiance Memphis and Hamza have a serious talk.

90 Day Fiance’s Memphis doesn’t hold back. Credit: TLC

The two’s language barrier is difficult to overcome but finally, Memphis seemed to get her point across and Hamza assured her that their bedroom life would get better. And it seems that that is the case as the two definitely look like they are still together.

Memphis posted a video to her Instagram this month of her and Hamza’s first day together in Tunisia. The couple cuddled and kissed in the video and the caption read “The long travel and anticipated wait was well worth it!”

The two certainly seem cozy in the video and the glowing caption makes it seem like the two have overcome whatever initial obstacles they may have had.

Also, the fact the two follow each other on social media, is already a good start, as we’ve seen with previous 90 Day couples, the minute things go south, the couple almost immediately unfollows each other on social media. So to see them still following each other is a good sign in and of itself. And the glowing photos and captions also tend to make us feel like these two are still together.

As for Hamza, he knows very limited English so his captions on social media are not as gushing however, he also posted a picture of him and Memphis being filmed. Memphis makes a funny face in the background while Hamza smiles while he takes the picture. The two look like they are having fun and in the caption, Hamza put lots of hearts and a hand holding up the peace sign.

Another interesting piece that popped up on Hamza’s social media, was found in the comments on one of his posts. A disgruntled fan commented that she liked Hamza but did not feel that Memphis was a good fit for him and called Memphis “demanding and rude.” The fan went on to say she hoped the marriage didn’t happen because she felt it would end in divorce. Ouch.  Memphis instantly responded to the comment on Hamza’s post and called the fan a “Karen” for commenting on “our personal page.” So it looks like the two might be sharing Hamza’s social media page too, which definitely indicates the two are still together.

90 Day Fiance's Memphis claps back at disgruntled fan.

Memphis claps back at fan. Credit: @hamza90day/Instagram

Things are definitely looking good for these two. And although the first few episodes of the season, showed the couple off to a rocky start, it seems they may have been able to overcome the obstacles. By the end of the last episode, Memphis sat down with Hamza’s mother, and using Hamza as a translator the two hashed out their differences. His mother asked if Memphis intended to divorce her son like she had divorced her ex’s. Memphis assured Hamza’s mother that she would not divorce Hamza and that she had good intentions for him and their marriage. His mother tearfully shared how Hamza’s father had left their family for another woman and how difficult that had been for them. Memphis comforted her and assured her that would not happen between her and Hamza. So it seems all’s well that ends well as the two seemed to come together and bond.

90 Day Fiance bonds with Hamza's mother.

Memphis and Hamza’s mom bond. Credit: TLC

All of this bodes well for the future of the couple as they begin to create bonds with each other and their families. But how will Hamza do as a new stepfather to Memphis’s two children waiting back in the states? Only time will tell but if their social media is any indication, it seems he adjusts to his new life and role very well. As far as we can see it is smooth sailing for this couple at least currently.

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