RHOC: Emily Simpson Shades Jen as “Hypocritical” and Calls Noella “Contradicting,” Weighs in on Heather and Noella’s Drama and Says Shannon “Knew” Terry’s Lawsuit Would Be Brought on Camera, Plus Talks Reunion Receipts

by Adam Ragsdale
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RHOC: Emily Simpson Shades Dr. Jen Armstrong as “Hypocritical,” Weighs in on Heather and Noella’s Drama and Says Shannon “Knew” Terry’s Lawsuit Would Be Brought on Camera, Plus Talks Reunion Receipts

This season on Real Housewives of Orange County, Emily Simpson is seemingly a different person. Viewers are falling in love with her new spirit and energy.

In a recent episode, the Bravo star let loose at a party, taking several shots. During the evening, she questioned Dr. Jennifer Armstrong‘s past relationship.

In an interview with ET, Emily explained why she cross-examined Jen, who dated a billionaire (who later sued her).

“You know where that came from?” said Emily. “Jen always likes to give Noella [Bergener] a hard time about meeting her husband on SeekingArrangements.com. And I just find it hypocritical… because I know that [Jennifer] dated this guy and I’m thinking he’s an older guy, he was married. I mean, he sued her and won a judgment against her for a bunch of money. To me, I don’t know, I just felt like digging in there.”

Emily then addressed the Noella/Heather drama: “I don’t really understand it. I know Noella thinks that she saw something [happen at Heather’s house] but that’s the part that I don’t understand, because she contradicts herself a lot. She says, ‘I saw it.’ Then she says, ‘No, I heard. No, somebody told me. No, I saw it.’ …When you tell the truth you don’t contradict yourself over and over again.”

According to Emily, Noella initially acted like a “fangirl” toward Heather. It was “not normal,” she said, “not how you would act if you were just out to lunch with friends. I mean, she was very like, ‘I can’t believe I’m sitting next to Heather Dubrow!’ And there’s another time in the season where she says weird stuff about Heather and calls Heather her hero. I don’t know, it’s all very bizarre to me.”

The star also spoke about the dramatic argument when Heather accused Noella of giving her daughter pornography. “Yeah… that’s a good dinner scene,” she said. “I remember being right in there … and I was trying to get Noella to be reasonable. I don’t think that’ll ever happen.”

Emily then explained her beef with Shannon at the beginning of the season, when Gina and Emily repeated a rumor (about a lawsuit regarding Dr. Terry Dubrow) that Shannon shared off-camera.

“The way it looks in the episode is like she told us something off-camera and then as soon as we found out and we were with Heather, we just ran and told Heather. That’s not what happened,” said Emily. “I will make a timeline, and I will show up at the reunion, and I will tell you what happened and people, I think, will have a better understanding of why Gina and I — or really, it was Gina, but obviously I was there and I knew she was doing it — but why it happened like that.”

She stated there are “pieces of this puzzle that are missing… There were phone calls that took place that weren’t on camera. There were texts that were… there’s just more to this story.”

“My gut feeling and based upon what I know… [Shannon] knew it was going to come up,” said Emily. “Because she does things that make it come up. She’s been on this show for eight years now, she knows you can’t shut a camera down and then drunkenly tell people things and then think that at no point during the rest of the four months of filming that it’s never going to come up.”

On a different episode, Shannon reacted negatively to Emily’s claim that Shannon was jealous of Heather and Gina’s friendship. Shannon also told ET it was “ludicrous.”

Emily addressed this reaction, saying, “When she’s so extreme like, ‘That’s ludicrous, I would never think that!’ then it just makes me think, I feel like you’re overreacting a little.” In the interview, Emily imitated Shannon’s voice, then immediately thought better of it.

“She’s not going to be happy about that,” said Emily. “But it’s imitation as a form of flattery, right?”

The star then expressed, “I think maybe there’s a little bit of jealousy there just because Shannon does suffer from FOMO. She does really always want to know what everybody else is doing and why she wasn’t invited.”

Photos Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo