Married at First Sight Season 14 Predictions – Who Will Stay Together and Who Will End In Divorce?

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Married at First Sight Season 13 Update: Find Out Who Stayed Together and Who Split

Here we go again! The Married at First Sight season 14 couples are officially married and off on their collective honeymoon. But will marriage actually feel like a honeymoon for all the couples, or will some of them experience some serious trouble in paradise?

Lifetime’s official Married at First Sight Instagram page posted the couples bracket this week, and they asked fans to weigh in on who they thought would make it to Decision Day and who would say “I don’t” before the honeymoon was even over.

With MAFS season 13’s couple count coming out to a big fat zero, fans are hopeful this season will at least bring a few perfect pairs to root for. But so far, it seems like some of the couples are off to a rough start, to say the least.

But with the weddings completed and the honeymoons underway, we have a few predictions of our own.

Jasmina and Michael — Get Divorced  

MAFS Jasmina and Michael glow

MAFS Jasmina and Michael Credit: Lifetime

Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency certainly make one good-looking couple! But the compatibility with these two seems to end there. While the two look great together their chemistry is just… off. From awkward post-wedding conversations to honeymoon disagreements over what constitutes an apology, these two are just not hitting it off.

Michael brought up on the honeymoon that he felt they were already experiencing problems in their relationship and that it wasn’t progressing fast enough. Jasmina did not agree, and the two talked about Michael’s tendency to overthink things. But before long, Michael was back at it as he thought during a boozy boat ride that Jasmina had interrupted him when he was speaking. When the footage was played back, however, it certainly did not seem that way. When Jasmina disagreed but apologized if Michael felt that way, Michael relayed that he did not consider that a real apology. And the two once again had to agree to disagree, which appears to be an all too common thread with these two.

But aside from their “agree to disagreements,” these two are boooring. There seems to be little chemistry and certainly no passion between the two. So we say this couple will walk placidly but awkwardly through the process with maybe a minor explosion here or there, and then they’ll ultimately call it quits on Decision Day.

Steve and Noi — Stay Married 

MAFS Steve and Noi

MAFS Steve and Noi Credit: Lifetime

Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak are definitely a cute couple, but even better, these two have all the makings of long-term compatibility. The two seem to have good chemistry and compatibility and have already spent some steamy pool time together. Noi expressed she was already feeling the stirrings of love for Steve, and while Steve wasn’t quite ready to say it back, he did admit to having strong feelings for her.

Steve was also very open and accepting of Noi’s cultural background and her family, and Noi in return was understanding of Steve’s work situation. The two seem like they have their eye on the prize of a long-term marriage, and it seems like they are both ready for a commitment.

The only hiccup they have hit so far is Steve’s love of camping versus Noi’s hatred of sleeping outdoors. But perhaps with some high-end camping equipment and access to a nice shower facility, the two could overcome their little nature-based obstacle.

We say these two are destined for Decision Day… and beyond!

Katina and Olajuwon — Stay Married 

MAFS Katina and Olajowan

MAFS Katina and Olajuwan Credit: Lifetime

We can probably all agree that if we have to hear about Olajuwon Dickerson’s playboy alter ego “Isaac” and his shameless shenanigans one more time, we are going to lose it. But regardless, it seems Olajuwon may have truly changed his ways and said goodbye to the manchild formerly known as “Isaac” in order to fully embrace his marriage.

Olajuwon and Katina Goode could both easily be models, and together they make one good-looking pair, but their compatibility seems to be more than skin deep. Katina and Olajuwon both share a partying past, but both seem much more centered and focused now. The couple shares a love of religion and family, and both are very focused on success and careers. The two seem committed to each other and to the marriage. If Olajuwon can truly keep “Isaac” at bay, then he and Katina have a real shot at success.

But as we have seen with other “reformed playboys and serial daters”, such as season 13’s Johnny Lam and Ryan Ignasiak, the reform can be short-lived.

But with a strong woman like Katina by his side, maybe Olajuwon truly has seen the last of his party boy days.

Chris and Alyssa — Get Divorced 

MAFS Chris and Alyssa

MAFS Chris and Alyssa Credit: Lifetime

Let’s be real — these two are not even making it off the honeymoon together.  Alyssa Elman has stated multiple times that the experts “made a mistake” by pairing them and that she and Chris Collette were “too different.” How she got that from the total of three conversations she’s had with the guy, we aren’t sure, but it was clear from the wedding that these two are doomed.

In fact, on night one, Alyssa even spent the night in a separate room, and she and Chris have not shared a room together yet. Alyssa stated that some things had been said that “didn’t sit right” with her, but she could not provide examples. She repeated over and over that Chris was not physically her type, and she has made it clear she feels his personality isn’t so hot either.

Chris continues to show up and make an effort as he continues to get shot down by Alyssa. Although we have seen couples get off to very rocky starts and then make a comeback, such as season one‘s Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, these two do not seem like any Jamie and Doug. We mean, at least Jamie stayed in the same room as Doug on the honeymoon.

So we are seeing Chris and Alyssa not even making it out of the honeymoon in one piece. We say Decision Day will come early for these two and it will be a big fat NO.

Lindsay and Mark — Get Divorced  

MAFS Lindsey and Mark

MAFS Lindsey and Mark Credit: Lifetime

Things are not looking good for Boston’s own “Mark the Shark” and his new bride Lindsey Georgoulis.

The couple’s wedding day was a little less than picture-perfect as Lindsey had a little (or a lot) too much champagne beforehand and had to take a little power nap on a local bench following the ceremony. Lindsey also had a very interesting and loud reaction to the information that Mark Maher had three cats since she also had two cats, and her yelling seemed to make Mark uncomfortable.

And the discomfort just kept coming. Once the pair arrived in Puerto Rico, Lindsey started a fight with fellow castmate Olajuwon and his new bride, Katina, on the plane. The fight escalated to the point that Mark and Lindsey had to ride in a separate bus from the rest of the cast to the hotel.

Mark later revealed the fight had been fueled by three wine bottles Lindsey had consumed, and he asked that she be a little more moderate throughout the trip so no more fights would break out.

But alcohol-fueled or not, the next fight was between Mark and Lindsey. Mark asked to slow things down, and Lindsey did not agree and hurled embarrassing insults at Mark the rest of the evening. Yikes.

Our prediction is that Mark will get tired of the behavior and decide to start being on the lookout for the next Mrs. Mark the Shark.

So there you have it, our predictions for this exciting season of Married at First Sight season 14. But if we have learned anything from previous seasons, we know that things can change overnight for couples, and at this point, it really is anyone’s game.

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