Pump Rules: Katie Maloney on Worst Troll Comment About Tom Schwartz, Explains His Absence, and Talks Being Sick With COVID During Reunion

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Pump Rules: Katie Maloney Reveals Worst Troll Comment About Tom Schwartz, Explains His Absence, and Talks Being Sick With COVID During Reunion

Katie Maloney has received countless messages from social media users in the years since Vanderpump Rules began. And, not surprisingly, a number of those messages have come from trolls. However, during a recent episode of her podcast, Katie admitted that one particular comment stung far worse than the rest.

While speaking with her co-star Lala Kent about her experience with haters, Katie revealed it was a claim someone made against Tom Schwartz that she deemed as the worst thing she’s seen online.

“There was speculation that Tom was hooked on heroin,” Katie revealed on Dear Media’s You’re Gonna Love Me. “[And] that’s just dangerous allegations.”

According to Katie, the false rumor came after fans began to notice that Tom was spending more time away from home. However, while that may be true, his absence is for a good reason.

“Tom has been traveling back to see his dad who’s been in the hospital and really struggling with his health,” Katie shared, noting that the mean trolls were “blaming his absence on heavy drug use.”

Also on the podcast episode, Katie looked back on the Pump Rules season nine reunion, which was filmed in early December 2021 and aired last month.

“Unfortunately I had COVID,” Katie recalled.

Because Katie tested negative two days prior to the taping, she invited Lala over to her home to have her nails done. But ultimately, she learned that not only would she be missing out on the taping, but Lala would also be kept from set due to the exposure.

“That evening I just started to not feel too well. And I was like, ‘F-ck. Everything is just telling me that this is not looking good,’” Katie explained.

While Katie appeared to be annoyed at several points during the reunion, she told Lala and her listeners that she was actually just feeling unwell and not in the mood to be faced with drama from her cast mates.

“I [looked] like I [couldn’t] deal because my body hurt so bad and my head [felt bad as well],” she revealed. “Towards the end, when all of the medicine started to wear off, my whole body started to hurt. I sort of sat back and pulled a blanket in my lap and I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.'”

A 10th season of Vanderpump Rules has not yet been confirmed.

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