VIDEO: Vanderpump Rules Reunion Trailer! LVP and Brock Shade Lala Over Randall, and Lala Cries Over Split, Plus Ariana Lashes Out at Katie and Raquel Returns Ring to James

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The Vanderpump Rules season nine reunion is here, and not surprisingly, the latest cast breakups seem to be at the center of the drama.

Months after Lala Kent called it quits with Randall Emmett due to his alleged cheating and Raquel Leviss ended her engagement to James Kennedy for a number of reasons, Lala, who filmed the reunion special virtually from her new home in Los Angeles, was seen breaking down as she discussed the apparent misdeeds of the man she nearly married.

“This is definitely going to be unlike any season we’ve ever had before,” Ariana tells Charli backstage as the sneak peek begins.

Then, as she takes to the stage, Ariana lashes out at Katie Maloney, who she previously planned to go into business with.

“Who gives a flying f-ck what I want to do with my life, Katie? That’s ridiculous,” Ariana says.

And, just as they did amid the season, Katie goes head-to-head with Tom Sandoval over his partnership with her husband, Tom Schwartz, and their new bar. Even Schwartz seemingly suggests Sandoval has been “patronizing and condescending.” Meanwhile, Sandoval defends himself, saying he’s been a “target.”

“You can’t take credit for an entire human being,” Katie, who also filmed virtually with Schwartz, replies.

After Charli Burnett then accuses Scheana of needing attention and Andy Cohen calls out James for grimacing at him for repeating things he’s said, Lala tells her castmates that Randall’s rumored cheating should have been brought up.

“Randall Emmett creeping around on me, that should have been brought to my attention,” she says.

“I heard like, sexual rumors,” James admits.

But Scheana insists, “I thought he was a standup man.”

“The fact that this man, he made me feel safe enough to bring a child into this world, I feel disgusted,” Lala replies, as she breaks down in tears.

While many of Lala’s castmates were horrified by what she’s been through, Brock Davies was unmoved.

“Because you’re too busy flying around on private jets and hanging out with Machine Gun Kelly,” he explains, also shading her financial situation with Randall by complaining, “I don’t have a sugar daddy.”

Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t too sensitive to the split either, telling Lala, “Sometimes the way you get them is the way you lose them.”

At the end of the Pump Rules reunion trailer, Raquel admits she’s “been having nightmares about [her and James’] wedding day” before removing her engagement ring and handing it back to James.

“Did you know?” Scheana asks Ariana as the breakup plays out.

“No idea,” Ariana admits.

As for what will be discussed of the split, Lisa hints that lies were told.

“We believed what you were showing us was the truth!” she says to James.

“It was!” he replies.

“But it wasn’t!” she fires back.

Vanderpump Rules season nine reunion begins airing Tuesday, January 25, at 9/8c on Bravo.