Tom Sandoval Claims Katie Used Him For Storyline on Vanderpump Rules, Blames Schwartz for Feud and Reveals When New Bar Will Open

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Tom Sandoval Blames Schwartz for Katie Feud, Claims She Hoped to Use Bar for Pump Rules Storyline, and Reveals When It Will Open

Tom Sandoval opened up about his ongoing feud with Katie Maloney during a podcast appearance on Wednesday.

After he and Katie were seen engaging in a number of tense moments with one another amid Vanderpump Rules season nine, Sandoval admitted that he feels Tom Schwartz is responsible for the two of them being at odds.

“I feel like Schwartz kind of put Katie and I against each other. He kind of played both sides,” Sandoval said on the December 1 episode of #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast. “We had a deal two years ago and he went back on that. And then he’s, like, telling Katie one thing, and getting her all gassed up. And then telling me another. So obviously that’s going to create friction. So I think that if it’s anybody’s fault we’re in this situation, it’s Tom Schwartz’s.”

According to Sandoval, he and Schwartz spoke to one another a couple of years ago about their “expectations” for their business endeavors. And, during the chat, Sandoval recalled that “one of the biggest things that were brought up [was] our significant others,” including Katie and Ariana Madix, and said they agreed the ladies wouldn’t be involved.

“We decided and made a deal that that was not going to happen moving forward,” he explained.

But during season nine, Katie was very much involved, even attending a meeting with their business partners.

Looking back, Sandoval said Katie decided to get involved in his and Schwartz’s business in an effort to solidify her storyline for the season and noted that she had called to inform him of such prior to her pre-season meeting with production.

“This was probably the first phone call I had gotten from her in just a very long time… I understand what she was asking and it was basically, like, ‘I know you guys are going to be filming, talking about this and I want to be able to film,’” he revealed.

During one particular moment on season nine, Sandoval and Katie butted heads over the name of his and Schwartz’s new bar after Sandoval was accused of forcing his idea on Schwartz.

Although Katie seemed to be speaking up on behalf of Schwartz, Sandoval felt he and Schwartz had agreed on the name — and that Katie simply had it out for him.

“I was like, ‘Dude, what’s up with like [Katie?’] He’s like, ‘I don’t know man, but I feel like she’s got it out for you this season.’ And I’m like, ‘Why?’ I’m like, what the f-ck? But I told him, like, ‘Look man, like, I don’t care, you can name the place, doesn’t matter, like whatever, just incorporate our name in it,” he shared.

Amid their dispute, Katie suggested the Toms name their new place Once Upon a Tom, rather than Schwartz and Sandy’s.

“When she opens up her own spot, she can name it that,” Sandoval said of the moniker.

“Look, I haven’t had him have to go back on anything,” he continued. “All the promises that we’ve made — I told him at one point that he could name the bar. He said okay, and then literally when we got to Palm Springs, he told me I could name the bar! So I mean, like, I gave him first dibs on that.”

As for the opening date of Schwartz and Sandy’s, Sandoval said things are “moving along.”

“Things are happening. We’re hoping earlier in 2022. That’s the goal!” he stated.

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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