Ariana Madix Explains How Jax Sucked the Life Out of Pump Rules, Accuses Tom Schwartz of Pitting Katie Against Sandoval, and Talks Lala Feud

by Lindsay Cronin
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Ariana Madix Suggests Jax's Behavior Sucked Life Out of Pump Rules Cast, Accuses Schwartz of Pitting Katie and Sandoval Against Each Other and Talks Lala Kent Feud

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Ariana Madix doesn’t seem to appreciate what Jax Taylor brought to Vanderpump Rules for season eight.

During a new interview, Ariana looked back on Jax’s diva antics, addressed the tension between her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, and Katie Maloney, and spoke about her “ongoing” feud with Lala Kent, who she slammed for promoting the OGs on premiere night last month.

“We all tend to take things for granted, right? It’s human nature. Season 8, there were definitely moments. We used to have Jax be like, ‘I’m not driving to a beach cleanup,'” Ariana revealed on In the Know‘s “We Should Talk” series.

While Jax wasn’t willing to do whatever he was told during season eight, Ariana said that when it came to the post-COVID ninth season, she became even more grateful, thinking, “Oh, my God. I get to do this!”

Looking back on Jax’s final moments on the show, Ariana said she was “bored” with his constant attacks.

“He would say whatever he wants about anybody, then you would spend three and four days talking about it. It just sucks all the life out of everything else,” she admitted.

Currently on the show, in addition to her drama with Lala, fans are continuing to witness tense moments between Sandoval and Katie as Sandoval and Tom Schwartz prepare to open a new bar.

“Tom Schwartz is basically pitting the two of them against each other in private,” Ariana said of her thoughts on the situation.

“When Tom and Tom first started doing this project of opening a new bar together, they agreed that me and Katie — they literally shook hands — that [we] wouldn’t be involved. And I think that that’s honestly for good reason! With the personal aspects of our relationships, for me I think it would be detrimental to the business and also our personal relationships with each other,” she explained.

Moving on to her drama with Lala, Ariana said, “I don’t appreciate someone just talking s*** about me.”

According to Ariana, Lala has said a lot of things about her since season eight that she “never really apologized for” and because of that, she began to feel that Lala was “full of sh-t.”

“It got to a point where I was just being gaslit until the frickin’ cows come home,” Ariana continued. “What really gets me going… is the saying something horrible about someone and then refusing to even acknowledge that you said something that may have hurt that person, and then expecting that person to apologize for making you mad.”

In other Pump Rules news, Ariana addressed the reported split between Lala and Randall, which came after he was seemingly photographed at a Nashville hotel with two other women, on Watch What Happens Live, saying that while the two of them have been in touch, she’s not sure what’s happening.

“I have spoken to her. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. I really don’t know what she’s planning on doing. It certainly has been a crazy week but I have spoken to her and I support whatever decision she makes,” Ariana said.

“I think up and down, maybe. I don’t want to speak for her too much. You know?”

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.