Ariana Madix Addresses Tom Taking Out Home Equity Loan to Finance New Bar, Talks Deleted Scene With Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules

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Pump Rules's Ariana Madix Responds to Potential Financial Negligence Amid Tom Sandoval's Home Equity Loan, Talks Deleted Scene With Lala Kent

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Ariana Madix took to her Twitter page on Tuesday night to fight back against backlash over comments made on the October 5 episode of Vanderpump Rules.

After Ariana was seen assuring a very concerned Lisa Vanderpump that her equity in the $2 million home she and Tom Sandoval share would not be impacted if Sandoval were to default on the home equity loan he was taking out to finance his and Tom Schwartz‘s new bar, she responded to some critics online.

Following a tweet from a fan, who stated that Sandoval “clearly doesn’t understand how sharing finances works” and had “convinced Ariana that the bank taking her home wouldn’t affect her at all,” a second person said that while Lisa gave good advice to Ariana, she hopes the restaurant owner encouraged Ariana to educate herself further in terms of her finances.

“Loved Lisa’s commentary but hoping she advised Ariana to look into the finances more. I’m a little surprised [because] of all [Pump Rules] cast, Ariana would be [first] to pull a [Sutton Stracke] and have her OWN lawyer make sure she wouldn’t be liable or lose her house,” the person had written.

“I already do,” Ariana replied. “Accountants and lawyers. They do their job very well.”

vanderpump rules ariana madix confirms she has lawyers and accountants

Then, after a third fan mocked Ariana’s comment about keeping “half of the equity” in her and Sandoval’s home, even if he were to default on the loan, the reality star said that when it comes to her finances, she leaves them in the hands of the experts.

“Ummm I’ll keep my half of the equity? Oh my. Finance 101 was obviously not taken in high school,” the person tweeted.

“I pay accountants for this reason,” Ariana responded. “That’s kind of their job.”

vanderpump rules ariana madix reacts to not knowing a lot about finance

During Tuesday night’s episode, Ariana told Lisa, “He’s doing that loan, but it’s only against his own equity. It doesn’t affect me at all. ”

She later said in a confessional, “All of that financial responsibility is on him and him alone, and my financial responsibilities are remaining intact.”

Also on Twitter, Ariana responded to a fan who complained about the length of her and her castmates’ fashion show on the episode.

“This fashion show is lasting 1 minute too long. Idgaf,” the viewer shared.

“It’s an interesting editing choice,” Ariana agreed.

Then, in the same tweet, Ariana revealed that a seemingly important scene between her and Lala Kent, who had come to blows at a party on the premiere episode, was cut from the episode.

“Me and Lala had a whole sit-down that night. Just interesting!” Ariana said of the producers’ decision.

vanderpump rules ariana madix reveals lala kent conversation was cut from episode

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.