Are Love is Blind’s Deepti and Kyle Dating? Spotted Together as Deepti Reveals Where They Stand After Reunion, Plus Reacts to Claim of Shake Not Trusting Him

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Are Love is Blind’s Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams Dating? Deepti Reveals Where They Stands After Reunion, Plus Reacts to Claim of Shake Not Trusting Him

Deepti Vempati may not have found love with Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee on season two of Netflix’s Love is Blind. But did she hit it off with someone else?

During last week’s reunion, Kyle Abrams sparked major romance rumors between the two of them when he admitted he regretted not proposing to her during their time on the show. And now, Deepti is weighing in on what exactly is going on between them.

But first, the Netflix stars were seen hanging out in Chicago last weekend in a video shared by TMZ, as they looked rather cozy walking through the Wicker Park neighborhood. And at one point during the outing, Kyle placed his hand on Deepti’s back as they entered a restaurant.

In a new interview, Deepti was asked about her relationship status with Kyle.

“I thought that was very sweet,” Deepti said of Kyle’s regret during an interview with E! News on March 7. “We built a strong foundation in the pods…So you know, it’s not just out of nowhere.”

According to Deepti, Kyle was actually her number two person in the pods, although footage of them together was left out of the show.

“I was really on the fence about if I should choose Shake or go with Kyle,” she admitted.

That said, she doesn’t regret choosing Shake as she believes she and Kyle have a better chance at solidifying a healthy relationship with one another off the show.

“I actually have no regrets,” she explained. “Who knows, if I did pick Kyle what if—because we were under a microscope—maybe we wouldn’t have worked out. I think we can do things our own way now. So, we’ll see where it goes.”

Then responding to Shake’s recent claim to E! News that he no longer trusts Kyle, Deepti made it clear that Shake has no reason to have ill feelings towards their castmate.

“Kyle has never done anything to Shake,” she explained. “Kyle and I were close, so I don’t know if that’s where it stemmed from, but he knew that we were close this entire time, so it’s nothing new for him. It was confusing to me just like the rest of the world, honestly.”

Last week, during an appearance on The Viall Files, Deepti addressed swirling rumors linking her to another cast member, Salvador Perez.

“Sal and I are not together,” she confirmed. “We’re just friends. All I can say is tune into the reunion, and maybe you’ll find out a little more.”

Deepti also looked back at the time she spent with Shake on Love is Blind.

“I actually cared and took care of Shake so much during filming,” she revealed. “His anxiety levels were so high, I like, calmed him down, I would walk his dog, make him breakfast, pack his lunches, I just put so much of my time and energy into that relationship and so to see that he treated me that way and talked about me that way, it’s just disheartening and kind of sad.”

“I thought this was my friend,” she added. “And you don’t talk about your friend this way, let alone your fiancé.. I think it solidifies that my approach of leaving him alone and letting him live his life is the best choice that I ever made.”

Love is Blind season two is currently streaming on Netflix.