Kyle Richards Reveals Her “Most Stressful Time” on RHOBH, Why Working With Sisters is Hard, Plus Talks Mom’s “Strict” Upbringing

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Kyle Richards Discusses Her “Most Stressful Time” on RHOBH, Why Working With Sisters is Hard, Plus Talks Mom’s “Strict” Upbringing

Kyle Richards has an interesting history with her sisters Kathy and Kim. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember who is feuding with whom.

Kathy is the latest sister to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Kyle’s original drama was with Kim (after Kyle exposed her substance abuse issues in a limousine).

In an interview for Melissa Gorga’s On Display podcast, Kyle talked about working with her sisters on the franchise.

At first, producers didn’t want Kim to join the show, so Kyle had to convince them. It helped when they realized Kim was the actress from Escape to Witch Mountain.

In Kyle’s opinion, working with sisters is harder than working with other ‘Housewives’. “You know them too well,” she said. “They know you too well.”

Her season 1 drama with Kim (which culminated in the infamous limo ride) was “the most stressful time ever for me in the show.”

Kathy and Kyle, however, have also had their problems on the franchise. Kyle said Kathy “was just not used” to the show’s dynamics at first. “She’s looking to me for every single thing … like, ‘Where’s this? I need this. Can you get me this?’” shared Kyle. “I’m like, ‘Kathy, figure it out … Leave me alone.'”

Kyle recalled a time in her childhood when she dyed her hair “dark,” as a way of “separating myself from my sisters and having my own identity.” Still to this day, she dyes it darker than its natural color.

The star also discussed their late mother Kathleen, who was “very strict” throughout their upbringing. According to Kyle, Kathleen wouldn’t allow her or her friends to chew gum.

“My friends and I would walk in [the house],” said Kyle. “And they’d say ‘hi’ and they were chewing gum. My mom would put her hand out and say, ‘spit it out.’ I don’t care if you were 16, 21, 23 years old. My mom would make [them] spit it out.”

“You can’t shake those things you grow up with, as much as I try,” she explained. “Now, I feel like I can chew gum in my car, or whatever, before I get to some place, but I spit it out as soon as I get there, or [I think] my mom is gonna come down from heaven and make me spit it out in her hand.”

As many fans know, Kathy and Kyle had a years-long feud, because Kyle created a sitcom about their unconventional upbringing.

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