Karen Huger Shades RHOP Cast and Reveals Which Costars Supported Her, Talks Bringing “Succession” Spinoff to Bravo, Plus Teases Season 7

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Karen Huger Talks Bringing “succession” to Bravo With New Spinoff, Shades RHOP Cast and Reveals Which Costars Supported Her, Plus Teases Season 7

Karen Huger, The Real Housewives of Potomac’s Grande Dame herself, is ready for her and her family’s close-up as the OG snags the first-ever RHOP two-part spinoff show, which is entitled, Karen’s Grande Dame Reunion.

The show revolves around Karen returning to the Surrey County-adjacent town of Henrico, Virginia, where her family reunites to delve into their history and the future fate of the family estate, the 80-acre Wooden Farm, calling it a story of “succession.”

In an interview with ETOnline, Karen sounded off on the show and its potential. “I thought this was brilliantly done… giving a powerful message at a very important time in this country, sharing this conversation about Black history, when we’re often encouraged not to talk about it right now,” Karen said. “The timing could not have been more perfect, and my family and I are honored to share our struggle about how we got here. And I thank Bravo for being that platform that allowed me to shine the light on Black history in my family. It’s a powerful story.”

Karen says that like most families, they have all secrets, and some of the moments get dark and ugly. But she makes sure to mention that “family is blood.”

“Family is blood,” Karen told the outlet. “We can love each other. We fight, we disagree, but we always have blood with us, just forgiving each other and working it out.”

Karen’s daughter, Rayvin Huger, also enjoyed being a part of the show, especially being able to learn about her family’s long history and where she came from.

“There’s moments that are certainly disheartening and an ugly part of history to look at, but nonetheless needed to be viewed and needed to be seen and discussed,” she said. “So, it was really important for me, because knowing who I am now and where I come from, I’m all the more powerful in my moving forward and so grateful that I had the opportunity.”

“We just had such a good time, and you can see [it],” Rayvin continued. “We’re always poking fun, each other’s having something to say, and it is just a wild time when we’re in all in the same room. And in the same house together?!”

Of course, mom Karen couldn’t let the interview get away without throwing some shady comments at her RHOP costars.

Karen said that even though she considers her co-stars to be friends and sometimes family, she can put them in “timeout” for as long as she wants to.

“RHOP, they’re my friends. I can put them in timeout for as long as I want, hello! As long as necessary.”

However, she also admits that she has gotten some support from her RHOP ladies, and she made sure to let them know they can thank her anytime for their success on the show.

“I’ve got huge support from Mia [Thornton]. Wendy [Osefo] has supported me, and that’s what I focus on. And actually, Ashley [Darby], absolutely super proud of me. And that means a lot to me. But those who don’t have anything to say, I think that’s best kept to themselves, because it’s not necessary because it’s not going to stop the Karen Huger train…because let’s talk about this. When I do well, RHOP will do well. So, when I open a door, perhaps another one of my colleagues can walk through that door. So, you’re welcome!”

Filming for season seven of The Real Housewives of Potomac has reportedly begun, and although Karen didn’t divulge very much about what has been going down, she is “optimistic” as rumors of feuds have been circling the blogs for a while now, including one between her and Candiace Dillard-Bassett and another between Candiace and Gizelle Bryant. (I see a common denominator here…)

“Until you do me wrong, I’m good with you,” she said. “I actually feel very hopeful about moving forward, so we’ll see. You’ve got to stay tuned… I know you want to know, don’t you? I want to tell you so bad!”

You know what else she wants to tell us? We may see some of the cast’s old faces come back with newer ones.

“You might see some lifted faces, some injected faces,” she laughed. “Nothing’s wrong with that! I love a good tweak. I’m all for that. But yeah, hopefully you’ll see all those things.”

Until then, be sure to check out Karen’s Grande Dame Reunion, which premiered on Sunday, April 17, but can be streamed on BravoTV.com.