RHOC Alum Jim Edmonds Shares Wedding Date and Plans for Kids With Fiancée Kortnie O’Connor as They Prepare For Italy Wedding

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RHOC Alum Jim Edmonds Shares Wedding Date and Plans for Kids With Fiancée Kortnie O'Connor as They Prepare For Italy Wedding

In August of 2021, Jim Edmonds and Kortnie O’Connor announced their engagement to the masses, just a year after they disclosed their relationship.

In a faraway era (13 months ago), Jim was legally married to Meghan King, the mother of his three kids, and castmate on The Real Housewives of Orange County. After finalizing their divorce, the exes drifted into different worlds (aka Meghan got hitched with the president’s nephew, but separated two months later).

Jim, with his new wife-to-be, recently teased their upcoming wedding. The couple told PEOPLE that the ceremony is on September 25 – at Villa D’Este in Lake Como, Italy. The event will be “very small,” and the theme is “All Roads Lead to Amore.”

Kortnie told the outlet, “As I’m sure everyone knows, this isn’t Jim’s first time around. So we just wanted to make it about enjoying everybody — all of our close friends and family. An adventure for everybody to enjoy, not another wedding in the church.

She added, “I planned it in Italy for that reason … Jim’s never been there. I thought it might be an experience for his kids, and just to celebrate our relationship and let everybody enjoy it as well. So that was the focus, as well as Lake Como is a really beautiful destination.”

Right now, Kortnie is “just doing everything on the fly” as she prepares for the wedding. “It’s a challenge, but it’s really fun,” she said. “So I’m excited.” The 37-year-old’s dress is from the bridal designer Lee Petra Grebenau.

Jim said the location could be “wherever” Kortnie wished. “Italy was the first thought, actually,” she shared. “And it all started coming together. It just seemed like it was meant to be.”

On the big day, after a garden ceremony, the guests will have dinner which overlooks Lake Como. The day before, attendees will experience a welcome cruise on the water.

As the couple plans their festivities, one obstacle keeps popping up – the time difference (Italy is nine hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time).

“We’re getting calls at 5 in the morning and having to respond, and they’re about, basically, done with their day,” he said. “So it’s not a challenge, but … your normal phone call or your email chain might take a couple of days to get something across. And I think it’s like anything, if you embrace, it’s the fun part as long as far as it is the challenge, too.”

It seems the couple did the dirty work of narrowing the guest list. As of now, they’re inviting 30 “tight friends and family,” which includes each of Jim’s kids. The baseball pro wants the children to “be involved” on the wedding day.

“We want them to enjoy our day, our special day, our relationship, and then the area,” he said. “Like [Kortnie] said, I’ve never been there, and I thought it was pretty special that if we can get all there and comfortable and let them see stuff that they’ve never seen — I’ve never seen — I think that’s a big deal. My dad always instilled, ‘Hey, when you travel, pay attention and look around, and buy a shirt.’ When I worked, playing baseball, I never got a chance to really do too much of that.”

What are the couple’s plans after the wedding? “I think that we’ve been looking maybe to moving more towards Tennessee a little bit to look for a farm. Either that or somewhere out away from everyone,” shared Jim. He likes the idea of “getting off the beaten path for at least a portion of the time and not being in the mainstream.”

Kortnie agreed that “a little more privacy” is good.

In terms of the future, Jim and Kortnie have “talked about everything,” including the possibility of more children.

“From having another one to maybe adopting,” Jim revealed. “Everything is open and on the table right now for us. We’re having such a good time, there’s really no pull back on anything.”