Teresa Guidice Shares Update With Brother Joe Gorga After RHONJ Reunion Outburst, Is “Torn” On Filming Wedding to Luis Ruelas, Plus Live Viewing Thread

by Josh Ramsey
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RHONJ’s Teresa Guidice is “Torn” On Filming Wedding to Luis Ruelas, Plus Where She Stands With Brother Joe Gorga After Reunion Outburst

Ahead of the third installment of the RHONJ reunion, Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice is spilling more details about her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Luis Ruela. She’s also discussing where she stands with her brother, Joe Gorga, after the tumultuous blowup between the pair.

Speaking at NBCUniversal’s Upfront Presentations in NYC on Monday, Teresa confirmed that her wedding to Luis will not be filmed for RHONJ cameras, but she did, however, hint that it may be filmed in the form of a spinoff special.

“No, it’s not going on… not on housewives, no. So, we’ll see what happens,” she told ET Online, before adding that there could be a potential wedding special.

“I mean, we don’t know. I haven’t decided, so we’ll see,” Teresa said. She did add that she wants her fans to see it as they have been with her on her RHONJ journey from the beginning and through thick and thin.

“Of course, I want my fans to see it, because they’ve been on this journey with me. So, of course I want them to see it. I really do,” Teresa said.

On the flip side, Teresa also wants her wedding to be something intimate that remains just between her and her loved ones, and she is still “torn” on the idea.

“It’s [also] something I want for myself, and I don’t know, I’m torn,” she confessed.

Teresa also added that it’s “[her] wedding” and filming it would create certain restrictions that she doesn’t necessarily want to have to adhere to.

“It’s my wedding and I want to have a great time,” Teresa said, explaining that while filming a wedding for a TV show, you “can’t play certain music. So, I don’t know, I’m very torn.”

Teresa is also suiting up for the third installment of the RHONJ reunion airing May 17 on Bravo. She is addressing where she and her brother, Joe, are at after Teresa called him a “b*tch boy,” saying they didn’t get “much resolved” but that she would never want to intentionally hurt Joe.

“I feel like we didn’t get a lot resolved and, yeah, I didn’t mean to call my brother what I called him,” Teresa said.

“I don’t even want to say it again. I love my brother and I don’t want to insult him in any way,” the RHONJ OG shared. “We’re good, I apologized to him. But you know, brothers and sisters call each other names all the time, right? We haven’t done that in a while. He’s called me names in the past that, you know, I didn’t like either. But I wasn’t trying to say that I was just trying to make a point. I wouldn’t hurt my brother.”

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