Teresa Giudice Apologizes for Calling Joe Gorga a “B-tch Boy,” Explains Lashing Out at RHONJ Reunion After Getting Called Out as Joe Speaks

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Teresa Giudice Apologizes for Calling Joe Gorga a "B-tch Boy," Explains Lashing Out at RHONJ Reunion After Getting Called Out as Joe Speaks

Teresa Giudice is speaking out about her controversial comment to Joe Gorga at the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

After the series’ longest-running cast member was seen agreeing with Jennifer Aydin and calling her younger brother a “b-tch boy” on part one of the three-part special, she offered an unexpected apology to Joe in the comments section of a video of Michael Rapaport calling her out on The Wendy Williams Show.

Following Joe’s claim of being “done” with the series, which was made amid his feud with Teresa, Michael begged him not to leave.

“No, no, no! Don’t you do that, Joe Gorga. Don’t you dare quit,” Michael told him. “I understand why you wanna quit but don’t you do that. Listen, I love this show so much. I’m not overselling or overstating how good the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion part one was. I am Team Joe Gorga and I love the queen of all things New Jersey, Teresa Giudice.”

“But Teresa Giudice, where in Jersey, New York, Idaho, is bitch boy not a bad thing?” he continued, telling her, “It’s always a bad thing, especially in New Jersey.”

Michael then enlisted the help of show producer Norman Baker to break down why Joe is so important to RHONJ and should be so beloved by everyone, including Teresa.

“[He’s] one of the greatest househusbands of all time, the greatest househusband of all time. I stand corrected. He is. He has his own interview. Like, they cut to him breaking down the stories. He’s involved in the mix. He’s so good,” Norman explained.

Michael went on to defend Joe against Teresa’s diss and proclaim him as the man behind one of the greatest moments in reality show history.

“He’s so good and it’s a low blow to say that when husbands are involved in the wives’ business they’re b-tch boys. Joe Gorga ain’t no b-tch boy. Joe Gorga is great for the show. And Teresa and Joe have been going at it for, it’s gotta be 12 years,” he stated.

“And Joe, he brought one of the greatest moments in all of reality show TV… At the communion, a child’s communion,” Michael recalled. “Joe had hair. But him and her former husband and the brother and the mother and the father, they got into a fight and I’m telling you something, no disrespect to The Sopranos… It’s better than any scene they’ve ever shot on The Sopranos. They were screaming, yelling fighting, talking in Italian, talking in broken English. It was just, it was like Godfather-worthy.”

After seeing what Michael had to say, Joe shared the clip on his own Instagram page, which prompted a comment from his sister.

“Love you,” Joe captioned the post, along with a praying hands emoji.

And, in her response, Teresa wrote, “I am so sorry did not mean that at all there was so much going on during the taping that I lost myself. Love you tons XOXO.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 reunion, part two, airs Tuesday, May 10, at 8/7c on Bravo.